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How To Automate Chat Contact Onboarding

Iaroslav Kudritskiy
Chief Operating Officer,
April 12, 2019

You've probably seen this referred to the greeting message, welcome message, or welcome sequence in other articles. We call it contact onboarding. Whether you are entirely new to chat automation or a veteran of it, this is probably going to be the most critical automation you'll need to set up and optimize.

Why is contact onboarding important? Simple. It is the first interaction a visitor, user or customer may have with your business and just as first impressions are important in real life, so are first impressions over chat. In fact, this may be this contacts first interaction with any business over chat.

This image shows how the potential leads or customers are automatically onboarded and converted into contacts.
Handling First Impressions

In this first interaction, there is a short window of time to set expectations for the nature of the chat conversation to come. In this article we're going to cover:

How To Setup Simple Chat Onboarding

If you're just getting started with chat automation and you don't have much traffic flowing through your chat app business accounts this simple onboarding strategy is going to work for you.

To set this up you're are going to need:

This onboarding is so simple it's not even a flow at all, it is just a simple greeting message that is going to be sent to every new contact that chats with you. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Navigate to Settings on the platform.

This image displays the Rocketbots Settings Menu, Chanel Panel here you're able to connect a Facebook Page, WhatsApp Account, WeChat Official Account, Telegram Bot, Viber Bot, Kik Bot, Line@ Account & Twitter Dms.
Settings - Channel Panel

Press edit on the channel you want to add a greeting message to. On the platform, it is possible to set up an individual greeting message for each channel.

This image display how to change your greeting message for a Facebook Messenger channel type on Rocketbots
Settings - Edit Facebook Channel

Add or change the greeting message you would like new contacts to receive when they first speak to you. Once you're finished press done and you'll see a message that shows your channel has been updated.

That's it your done! If you have additional channels added you'll need to add your change the greeting messages for those as well, but the process to do so is the same.

How To Onboard Contacts With A Form That Collects Information

Once you have more traffic flowing through your messaging app business accounts, you're going to want to be able to collect some information from your new chat contacts before you chat with them.

This image shows how a contact form can be used to collect and store information from the contact.
Collecting Contact Information

Below we're going to discuss how to:

In our example, we're going to be collecting three pieces of information. The contacts preferred language, preferred time zone & email.

We collect the preferred language because we offer support in three languages English, Spanish & Chinese. We collect the preferred time zone because it is rather annoying to receive a message in the middle of the night. We collect the email because accounts are created with an email & it's much easier for us to provide support if we know the email.

Decide where you want to collect your information first. We're going to collect language information in a custom field. We're going to collect the preferred time zone as a tag. We'll collect emails in the standard email address field.

Create a Custom Field to Store Data

Navigate to Settings > Custom Fields. Here you can create fields that will be displayed in the details panel in the contacts module or the messages module.

This image shows the custom fields that have been created on the Rocketbots platform.
Settings - Custom Fields

Click add field then add a name, description & choose a field type.

This image displays how we to add a new custom field on the Rocketbots platform.
Custom Fields - Add Field

We use the list custom field type because we want to limit the number of languages that can be added (even manually by platform users) to the field to four different options. We also check set default value and set it to unknown.

Now that you're done creating the custom fields needed it's time to create a survey that will ask the required questions and collect the information.

Create a Survey to Prompt Questions & Collect Data

Now that we've decided on where we are going to store the information we collect, it's time to create the survey to collect that information.

Navigate to Surveys > Add Survey. Here you'll be able to create a brand new survey.

This image shows the new survey dialog on the Rocketbots platform.
Surveys - Add Survey

Add a Survey Name, Success Message & Failure Message. The success message is the message that will be given to the contact if they complete the survey correctly. The failure message will be given, if they the provided questions incorrectly too many times and the survey is canceled.

This image shows how we fill in success and failure messages when creating surveys on the Rocketbots platform.
Surveys - Success & Failure Messages

Since this is the first interaction a contact will have with us, we set up the success message to prompt them to ask their desired question after survey completion. If the user fails the survey they may be confused, so we want to reassure them that someone will be there to chat with them soon.

Add the first question. Since we want users to choose one of the three languages we support them in we are going to use the multiple choice question type.

This image shows how to create a multiple choice question type on the Rocketbots platform.
Surveys - Multiple Choice Question Type

Now fill in the question, options, and fallback message. The options will be given to your contact as quick replies, and the fallback message will be delivered if the contact tries to type something that is not one of the options.

This questions explains how to fill in the details required to create a multiple choice question type and save as tag on the Rocketbots platform.
Surveys - Multiple Choice Question Type

We've added three languages we can chat in to the options and created a fallback message indicating one of the three options must be chosen to proceed. Since we want to save the answer as a custom field - we've checked save as custom field and chosen preferred language from the dropdown.

Add the second question. Our second question is about timezone.

This questions explains how to fill in the details required to create a multiple choice question type and save as custom field on the Rocketbots platform.
Surveys - Multiple Choice Question Type

We want to save the information the contact gives us as a tag, so we check the save as tag checkbox.

Add the third question. Our third question is designed to collect the contact's email, so we select the email question type.

This questions explains how to fill in the details required to create a email question type and save in the email field on the Rocketbots platform.
Surveys - Multiple Choice Email Question Type

This time we use the save as custom field checkbox option and chose the email field from the dropdown.

Now that you've created a survey, there is one last step, create an automation rule.

Create an Automation Rule to Start the Survey Automatically

You don't want to manually start the survey every time a contact enters the chat. To do so automatically we create a rule that starts it for you.

Navigate to Automation > New Rule to create the rules that starts the survey.

Use the welcome trigger to make sure every new contact receives the survey.

This image shows how to create a rule with a welcome trigger on the Rocketbots Platform.
Automation - Setting Up a Welcome Event Trigger

Every time a brand new contact is added, there is a Welcome Event. This is why we choose the welcome event to start the survey.

Use the Send Survey Action.

This image shows how to create a rule with a send survey action on the Rocketbots Platform.
Automation - Setting Up a Send Survey Action

We've selected the survey we just created as the action.

Click Create. That's it now you're done. Now every new contact that chats with you will have to complete the survey you created.

Further Reading

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We're going to be updating this post with more complex onboarding flows in the future so make sure to subscribe.

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