The #1 ManyChat Alternative with More Channels and Transparent Pricing.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and 6 More channels. All Included in One Price.
Be the first to respond with ​​24/7 AI-powered chatbot
Better Pricing. Easy Setup. No extra cost for integrations.
Get the fastest and most cost-effective WhatsApp API for your business
24/5 customer support via chat and email. No more long waits!
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ManyChat vs Team Plan
ManyChat Pro Plan
Number of users for the $99 plan
Messaging Channels
Broadcast Channels
Dialogflow integration
AI-powered Chatbot
AI-powered mobile app
Conversation Routing
One-click translation
Native Website Widget
Customer Support
24/5 Chat and Email

Why ex-ManyChat users prefer ✨

All-in-one Inbox View

From Snippets to our one-thread conversation view, quit wasting time gathering context and juggling different channel inboxes and get straight to responding.

Chat + AI

Respond AI and AI Agent give your team superpowers. Automate all your business processes with workflows, set up triggered broadcasts, and route conversations based on advanced rules.

Straightforward pricing

Avoid monthly billing surprises. Pay only for an inbox-as-you-go, not for conversation. Get Integrations, all the channels, and an AI-powered chatbot for as many use cases as you want, all included in one price.

Cross-platform Integrations in a click

Using Zendesk, Salesforce or Hubspot and the likes? Create deals or tickets at a click of a button using our Shortcuts button so you never have to leave the inbox.

Automation for all your use cases

Automate customer support, sales & marketing through WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger & more. Make it easier to follow up with people or respond to sales leads.

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Increase Productivity with Our Respond AI-Enhanced Inbox

Get more done with one shared inbox that merges chats from different channels, combines contact lists and offers AI productivity tools

All Your Messaging Channels in 1 Inbox

Never miss a customer message from WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, WeChat, SMS, Viber, & More

Maximize Productivity with AI Prompts & Assist

Work smarter with AI Prompts that translate, fix spelling & grammar, change tone and simplify your messages. Use AI Assist to generate answers based on your website & documents

Work Together With Your Team To Help Customers

Collaborate with your team by tagging them in internal comments and passing conversations to your teammates.

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Resolve Customer Questions Quickly and Save Time for Your Agents with Automations

Use Respond AI and AI Agent to deliver safe, accurate answers that resolve customer inquiries. Automate all your business processes, eliminating manual work for your agents

AI-Powered Chatbot

AI Agent provides responses to customer inquiries based on relevant content. No misleading answers or off-topic conversations

Automate Everything Else with Workflows

Easily build powerful, no-code automations using triggers, conditions and rules—all in one place. Set up triggered broadcasts, FAQs, and route conversations based on rules & more

Create Automations by Integrating with Your Existing Tools

Connect to your CRM, ecommerce tools, appointment schedulers and more

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Gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions to enhance your sales and marketing effectiveness. enables managers to monitor agents’ conversations, performance and workload - all in real time


Get a comprehensive overview of team, conversation and messaging metrics in one glance. Track the effectiveness of your ad spend, sales agents’ performances, conversation response and resolution time trends and more

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