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Respond.io is the platform that powers the future of business communications. Enabling messages from any channel to be responded from one centralized dashboard by teams of all sizes. Respond.io makes communication with customers easier, faster, and more satisfactory.

Who are we?

In high school our parents scolded us for running up on SMS bill. University projects were the names of our Facebook Messenger groups. We swiped our way to love and slacked our way to success. We are the messaging generation.

You think you understand messaging, but you merely adopted it. We were born into it, moulded by it. We understand messaging like you understand your native language. We're here to take what's intuitive to us and apply it to the next generation of business.

We're respond.io, welcome to the party.

Why respond.io?

We stand before you not as a company, we come to you as a team. A team with the humility to build not only for executives & analysts. But to build for the voices that cannot be heard - the support agents, the sales people, the marketers and the engineers.

Platform buyer, we are at war. We must send the entire team to fight not just to lower response times, but to accelerate deal flow and preserve the sanctity of instant messaging with highly relevant marketing and timely notifications.

Most importantly we build for hope, hope that our tech teams code commits are not wasted to the repositories of github, and that the choices we make are reflected in the success of our customers.

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