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How Sport Center Los Naranjos Gained 20% More Conversions from Sales Inquiries

With Ricardo Molina, Director at Sport Center Los Naranjos


Faster response times


Faster resolutions


More conversions



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Enable multiuser access to all messaging channels
Centralize all customer information and communication
Develop a method to handle a high volume of inquiries systematically
Gain insights into agents’ conversations and performance
Connected all messaging channels to a shared inbox for multiteam access
Integrated third-party systems to centralize customer data and communication
Automated FAQs and routine tasks
Enabled agent monitoring and performance tracking
A success story: Sport Center Los Naranjos combines automation and human support to convert 20% more customers

Sport Center Los Naranjos is a wellness center in Caracas with facilities such as a gym, swimming pools, hair salon and restaurants. It also has karate, fitness and dance classes, as well as a swimming academy for students of all ages.

The Problem

Sport Center Los Naranjos was handling customer inquiries over multiple channels, especially WhatsApp Business App. However, limited multiuser access on the app meant only a few agents could chat with customers at a time, which delayed responses.

To efficiently handle and supervise inquiries, it wanted to integrate its wellness management software with a business messaging solution. This would centralize customer conversations and data, and enable multiuser access to all channels.

The Solution

To establish customer communication over instant messaging, Sport Center Los Naranjos approached Venezuelan business solutions provider and partner They implemented the following solutions.

Messaging Channels were Connected to a Central Inbox

While messaging apps are immensely popular in Venezuela, local restrictions sometimes interrupt service. To guarantee consistent operations, hosts these channels on

Sport Center Los Naranjos upgraded its WhatsApp Business App to WhatsApp API for better multiuser access. It then connected WhatsApp API, Facebook Messenger and Instagram to so agents can respond to omnichannel inquiries without switching between messaging apps.

To attract customers, Sport Center Los Naranjos runs click-to-Messenger ads. These encourage potential subscribers to immediately find out more or address any concerns they might have with an agent, increasing their chances of converting.

Teams and Data were Consolidated for a Single Reference Point

At Sport Center Los Naranjos, the sales, administration and coordination teams work together on customer cases. Previously, interdepartmental collaboration was tedious as teams were siloed and had to find and share relevant resources manually.

To increase efficiency, the center onboarded these teams, or 10 agents collectively, onto It also integrated its wellness service software Fitco and Google Sheets with via HTTP requests to collect and manage customer data automatically.

Now, the teams share a single Workspace to consolidate customer profiles, data and conversations. Agents can retrieve and update data on the same platform while chatting with customers. Shared access to data ensures everyone has the same information, which increases the ability to collaborate among teams seamlessly.

Automation was Implemented to Handle Inquiries Efficiently

The sport center receives over 1,000 inquiries a month. Previously, it had no way to route conversations. Agents read each inquiry and passed them to the correct person for response manually. It needed a method to process these inquiries automatically. introduced the center to Workflows, its flagship automation builder. As most inquiries are predictable or surround the same topics, Sport Center Los Naranjos could automate frequently asked questions (FAQs) and responses.

However, it still needed to escalate complex inquiries to a human agent. Workflows routes these to the sales team and assigns them to an available agent. The center now uses these conversations as an opportunity to enter customers into a sales funnel.

Conversations are Monitored to Standardize Messaging

As agents were initially working on their personal devices, managers had no insights into what they were saying. By centralizing all customer communication on a single platform, managers now have an eagle-eye view over conversations.

They monitor and guide ongoing chats, and can view chat histories to see if the correct conversion strategies are applied. They can also access metrics such as first response and resolution times to ensure agents are performing to expectations.

“It’s important to us that we provide great customer service. This includes being able to be there for clients from the start of their interest in our gym and accompanying them throughout their decision-making process. helps us create that experience. The results speak for themselves.” - Ricardo Molina, Director at Sport Center Los Naranjos
“Working with has been invaluable. With one platform, we can offer clients a contact database, an inbox and automation. It has improved the way they talk to customers and the outcomes of those interactions. As a result, we’re now able to move on to the next phase and develop strategies for higher conversions and even better service.” – Jaime Molina, CEO at


Centering all teams, customer data and conversations on one platform translates to smoother operations and a better customer experience. Sport Center Los Naranjos has shaved first response times from 20 minutes to 5 minutes and cut down resolution times from 5 minutes to 1 minute for inquiries.

Meanwhile, automated FAQs ensure that only serious customers reach the sales team. The team’s lighter load allows them to focus on converting these customers while live guidance from managers helps nudge these conversations in favourable directions.

As a result, Sport Center Los Naranjos converts 20% more subscribers from inquiries.

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