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How Qobolak Used Broadcasts to Double Student Lead Conversions

With Waddaa Aboulatta, Head of IT of Qobolak


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Eliminate communication gaps in the student placement journey
Monitor agents’ performance in following up with students
Increase student lead conversions
Combined multiple personal WhatsApp numbers into a single number
Connected WhatsApp API, Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM to one inbox
Enabled managers to monitor agents’ performance
Increased lead generation with promotional WhatsApp broadcasts
Discover how Qobolak leveraged to double its lead conversion rates, enhancing student engagement and employee performance.

How Qobolak Used Broadcasts to Double Student Lead Conversions

Qobolak, an education placement company, plays a pivotal role in linking students in the Gulf Coast Countries, especially Saudi Arabia, with universities in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. Its services include assistance in submitting university applications, onboarding students in the host countries and assisting with student accommodation.

The Problem

Qobolak faced significant challenges in increasing the number of student leads, monitoring employee performance and managing the complex follow-up processes with students after securing university offers. These issues impacted the number of lead conversions and the quality of student consultation services, both of which are essential for successful student placements.

The Solution

Qobolak was searching for solutions that could streamline its communication processes, enhance employee performance monitoring and boost its overall student engagement strategies.

It needed a system that could integrate various communication channels into a single platform, making it easier to manage student interactions efficiently. Moreover, Qobolak sought advanced tools to monitor and improve its team's responsiveness and effectiveness in dealing with student inquiries and follow-ups.

This led Qobolak to adopt's robust functionalities, which promised to optimize service delivery in the educational placement sector by addressing these critical areas.

Consolidate Multiple Channels into One Unified Platform

Qobolak previously relied on decentralized and uncoordinated communication methods. It used Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM, and had 20 agents who were using their personal WhatsApp numbers to communicate with students. This led to difficulty in tracking conversations and documents sent by students. provided a centralized communication platform, consolidating conversations across multiple WhatsApp numbers and channels into one streamlined system. This shift allowed Qobolak to move from using many WhatsApp numbers to just one with WhatsApp API connected to

The centralized inbox also improved interactions between students and agents, including better organization and tracking of essential documents.

Comprehensive Monitoring of Agent Performance

Previously, there was a lack of visibility into how effectively agents were following up on leads and closing sales, which is crucial in the educational placement sector.

Through the Reports Module, managers can track detailed employee metrics such as the number of conversations handled, first response times and resolution times.

With these in-depth insights, managers can now accurately assess how efficiently each agent responds to students and how successfully agents place them in universities. They can also review individual conversations in detail to spot quality gaps for improved service.

This not only improves accountability but also identifies areas for performance enhancement, driving overall team productivity and effectiveness in the education placement market.

Increase Event Attendance Through Broadcasts

Qobolak successfully generates most of its leads at education fairs yet faces challenges in effectively communicating its participation at these events to potential students.

Sending WhatsApp broadcasts via served as a direct channel to deliver such announcements and updates to a wide audience efficiently.

This new approach has led to significant improvements in event visibility and attendance. Compared to previous education fairs, Qobolak has reached a larger audience more effectively, increasing attendance and overall student engagement to enhance its outreach and impact in the educational placement sector.

We're thrilled with the transformation in our student engagement and lead conversions since implementing It has been a game-changer, streamlining our communication and boosting our team's results so well. — Waddaa Aboulatta, Qobolak’s Head of IT

The Results

Implementing significantly enhanced Qobolak's operations. The shift to a single WhatsApp account for student communications improved the company's professional image and allowed for better quality control and follow-up supervision by managers.

This strategic change led to more consistent and reliable student interactions, effectively closing gaps in the placement process and reducing potential revenue losses.

Additionally, the use of WhatsApp broadcasts proved highly effective. With 49,800 messages sent over eight months, Qobolak significantly increased its lead generation. This resulted in a 95% increase in lead conversions. This approach kept Qobolak at the forefront of students' minds, boosting engagement and rapidly improving lead generation and conversion rates.

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