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How Breakthrough Maths Halved Response Times to Boost Sales by 35%

With TJ Hegarty, Founder of Breakthrough Maths


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Scale the number of WhatsApp conversations with ease
Centralize all customer conversations in a single inbox
Conversation numbers were scaled with WhatsApp API
A centralized inbox was used for agent efficiency
Bulk messaging was made possible with WhatsApp API Broadcast
Breakthrough Maths saw a 35% sales surge by streamlining lead responses. Read this success story to learn how.

Breakthrough Maths Boosts Sales by 35% by Halving Their Lead Response Times

Breakthrough Maths specializes in providing high-quality math coaching and education to students. Operating primarily online in Ireland and the UK, they offer online courses to help students improve their math skills and excel academically. Through personalized instruction and engaging learning materials, Breakthrough Maths aims to make math more accessible and enjoyable for students of all levels.

The Problem

Before integrating, Breakthrough Maths heavily relied on the WhatsApp app to handle leads. However, this approach posed challenges in scaling up the number of WhatsApp conversations to meet the needs of a growing student base.

Also, the absence of a business messaging platform with a centralized inbox made it difficult to organize interactions and follow-ups efficiently. Consequently, this often resulted in delayed customer interactions and potential lead loss, with suboptimal response times averaging 54 minutes.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a scalable solution and a centralized inbox, the business turned to The following solutions were implemented.

Conversation Numbers were Scaled with and WhatsApp API

As Breakthrough Maths scaled its conversations month by month, the limitations of the WhatsApp app became apparent, prompting a transition to the WhatsApp Business API and a Business plan. Now, equipped with these tools, the business can efficiently handle up to 3,000 monthly active contacts, with the flexibility to scale even further if necessary.

This transition helped Breakthrough Maths process a larger volume of WhatsApp sales inquiries without difficulty. Currently, the business adeptly manages an average of 2,360 monthly incoming messages while upholding lower response times and nurturing leads.

A Centralized Inbox was Used for Agent Efficiency

By centralizing all customer conversations in the inbox, Breakthrough Maths gained more visibility into chats and fostered collaboration between agents. A new, streamlined process, combined with better oversight, further contributed to the business's communication efficiency.

Bulk Messaging was Made Possible with WhatsApp API Broadcast

Thanks to the WhatsApp API, Breakthrough Maths now sends an average of 12,800 monthly bulk messages, encompassing promotions, transactional messages, notifications and updates. This allowed the business to foster relationships with students on a larger scale, enhancing engagement and nurturing connections. has improved a lot since last year. I really like it now. There are no delays or interruptions. It's really good! - TJ Hegarty, founder of Breakthrough Maths.

The Results

Since transitioning to for scalability, Breakthrough Maths has achieved an impressive reduction in response times, slashing the average from 54 minutes to just 26 minutes—a remarkable 50% decrease.

This notable improvement has had a positive ripple effect on sales metrics, with Breakthrough Maths experiencing a substantial 35% increase in sales, bolstered by's scalability. Moreover, the business has witnessed a 21% rise in lead conversion rates, driven by more efficient and structured communication processes.

Finally, with the capability to reach an average of 5,000 leads per broadcast, Breakthrough Maths is primed for sustained growth and continued success.

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