Streamline Support Across Channels

Multichannel support doesn’t have to be difficult. Centralize customer conversations, agent activity and CRM data into a single platform for faster resolutions and higher customer satisfaction.


Faster responses

with automated messaging and canned responses

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Faster resolutions

when on-point routing assigns the right agent for each issue instantly

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Better CSAT and NPS Scores

when improved response and resolution times boost customer satisfaction

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*Based on our best client benchmarks
Inbound Conversations

A single customer story containing every message, email, web chat and internal discussion. All the functionality you expect and some you won’t find anywhere else.

All Your Channels in One Place

Yes, really. All your channels.

Consolidate Instant Messaging

Juggling between WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, LINE and multiple Facebook Pages? Organize messaging into a single inbox, analytics stack and automation engine.

Retain Conventional Contact Points

Still need to maintain relationships over SMS, email and webchat? Add all your existing channels to work seamlessly together with instant messaging.

Integrate Specialized Channels

Have unique channels for your business niche? Add regional messaging apps, e-commerce platforms or others to work together with the rest of your support infrastructure.


Conversational Support via Automated Workflows

Support as a Competitive Advantage

Using customer support as a competitive advantage? Build routing and assignment workflows that reduce max agent loads, send VIP customers to high-priority queues and give precedence to high-quality resolutions.

Low-Cost Support

Need to provide efficient, speedy support? Build and optimize workflows to deflect common customer concerns and ensure only critical issues get passed to support agents.

Route by Shift

Whether you provide multi-shift support or require additional agents during peak hours, create the optimal agent load every time

Route by Skill

Keep customers from falling down the routing rabbit hole. Design logic that connects them to the right support team instantly, whether you route by inquiry keywords or agent skills like region, language or function.

Dedicated Agents

Don’t keep high-value customers waiting. Assign them to a dedicated agent for immediate attention or reroute them to high-priority queues for first-in-line support if their agent is offline.


Prioritize support quality with automatic CSAT Surveys sent after all or selected conversations. Forward responses and conversation metrics to Google Sheets or a Data Warehouse for analysis to pinpoint areas of improvement.
Messaging Inbox

The Ultimate Inbox for Agents and Managers

Whether you’re resolving issues or supervising agents, we have the tools for you

Maintain Context Across Channels

Have customers communicating across instant messaging, web chat and email? Merge those interactions into one continuous story to give your agents the context required to resolve issues.

Supervise Conversations in Any Scenario
Standardize Responses to Common Queries
Prebuild Automated Processes for Agents

Use Your Existing Ticketing System

You don't always need tickets to resolve issues. But if you do, connect your external help desk software and create tickets without leaving the platform.


Supervisor Dashboard

A daily dashboard for managers to pick up on conversation or agent anomalies at a glance. Identify conversations that have been on hold or unresolved for too long, and monitor agents’ performance and workload in real-time.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain long-view perspectives on team and messaging performance. On a single page, learn which agents are exceeding expectations and monitor conversation response and resolution time trends to keep support ratings high.

Supervisor Dashboard
Reporting & Analytics
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