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#1 Business Messaging Platform
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The #1 Business Messaging Platform allows customers to message you via any channel and provides a 360° view to every team in the company.
Business Messaging Platform for Sales, Support & Engineering


Boost Sales with Business Messaging


Single View of Customer Conversations.


Tons of Channels, One API.

Shared Inbox

Collaborate and respond lightning fast

Co-operate on conversations and deliver amazing customer experiences, faster.
  • Shared & individual inboxes
  • Canned Responses (Snippets)
  • Chat Assignment & Transfer
  • Comments (Note) & @mentions
  • Send & Read Receipts
  • Push & Email Notifications
Business Messaging to collaborate and respond lighting fast
Business Messaging Omni-Channel

360° Customer View

All your customer chats in one place

A single story for every customer from one source, no matter the channel.

  • Omni-channel Chat History
  • Contact & Segment Manager
  • Tagging & Custom Fields
  • Real-time Analytics Dashboard

Chat Automation

Message more, work less ¯|_(ツ)_|¯

Easy automations like tagging, assigning or even replying to messages.
  • Greeting & Away Message
  • Automatic Contact Assignment
  • Automated Surveys
  • Trigger-based Rules
Business Messaging with Automation
Business Messaging with Most Commonly Used Integrations

Channels & Integrations

Completely connected to your business

Unify business messaging and turn conversations into data that powers your business.
  • Web Chat & Messaging Apps
  • Zapier Integration
  • Dialogflow Integration
  • Contacts & Messages API

Respond to chats on the go

iOS & Android Apps

Disconnect from the desktop and reply to messages from mobile
  • Respond to Messages
  • Browse Contact Profiles
  • Review Dashboard Analytics

The #1 Business Messaging Platform allows customers to message you via any channel and provides a 360° view to each team in your company.
Business Messaging with
All Incoming & Outgoing Messages
Managed in One Place
Accessible on All Devices

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