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How H&H Skincare Boosted Its Customer Loyalty to 60%

With Fikri Bisyir, Co-founder of H&H Skincare


Of monthly messages from returning customers


More new customers


Sales up in 6 months



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Reduce its messaging bottleneck on WhatsApp
Improve inquiry response times
Reduce wait times
Upgraded to WhatsApp API to support a large team of agents
Automated the building of customer profiles
Developed a chat routing strategy
A success story: Discover how H&H Skincare used WhatsApp API and to improve customer engagement, loyalty and acquisition.

H&H Skincare retails high-quality skincare products in physical retail outlets around Indonesia and in online stores like Shopee, Lazada, and Tokopedia.

What sets H&H Skincare apart from the competition is its unique selling point of having 24-hour consultation and support for its customers. The brand prides itself on expert advice and support, ensuring customers use their products correctly and effectively to get the results they want.

In addition to chatting with customers over WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, H&H Skincare runs a 24-hour livestream on TikTok promoting its products and answering questions. This level of accessibility has helped the business build a loyal customer base.

The Problem

In early 2022, H&H Skincare gained a lot of traction when it opened more channels for customers to communicate with it. More channels meant more opportunities for engagement, which unfortunately led to the company’s first major problem – a bottleneck in its customer service, over WhatsApp in particular.

H&H Skincare struggled to keep up with the high volume of inquiries it received daily, overwhelming the single agent it had employed to handle them. Expanding its workforce was necessary, but the WhatsApp Business App, which can only support up to 4 devices and agents simultaneously, was inadequate.

To meet its needs, H&H Skincare upgraded to WhatsApp API, which supports multiple devices and agents at the same time. Since WhatsApp API requires a third-party platform to send and receive messages, H&H Skincare needed to find a suitable platform.

The Solution

A satisfied customer who was already using WhatsApp API connected to recommended the platform to H&H Skincare. H&H Skincare gave the customer conversation management software a shot and hasn’t looked back since.

Customer Communication Channels were Unified on a Single Platform

The team onboarded H&H Skincare to the platform and helped it connect all its customer communication channels. This included WhatsApp API, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM and Google Business Messages.

When customers contact a business over multiple messaging channels, it can lead to siloed conversations since chats on one channel don’t show up on another.’s Contact Merge feature solves this problem by combining a customer’s chat history and contact details across channels into a unified profile.

This improved the agents’ efficiency as they could identify returning customers even if they messaged on a different channel.

Support Operations were Scaled Up

H&H Skincare scaled up its customer support team from 1 to 15 agents with WhatsApp API via Now, agents can respond to customer inquiries promptly, improving the overall customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction.'s intuitive platform also made it easy for H&H Skincare to quickly onboard and train new agents. Today, H&H Skincare agents are able to efficiently handle the thousands of incoming messages they receive each day.

Customer Routing Was Automated

When H&H Skincare first used, it relied on its agents to manually tag teammates to assign them to customers. Shortly after, the business used’s powerful automation feature to welcome customers and get them to select a conversation purpose.

Customers had the choice to either contact the clinic, seek customer support, request a consultation or make purchases over WhatsApp. Customers would then be routed to the relevant team based on their decision.

The automated process freed up its agents’ time and enabled them to handle more conversations while on the clock.

Know Your Customer Surveys Provided Agents with Context Instantly

With automated surveys at the start of a conversation, H&H Skincare could ask for and store critical customer details such as skin type, conditions and status.

This streamlined approach equips the agent who responds to the inquiry with relevant information, allowing them to provide personalized and efficient support to the customer.

H&H Skincare can use these insights to create personalized broadcasts that promote products and services to the right audience.

Canned Responses were Used to Answer FAQs

H&H Skincare now uses Snippets to provide canned responses to their customers' frequently asked questions (FAQs). From inquiries about their outlets, products or online stores, agents can answer them with a few clicks, leading to faster response and resolution times.

“We were really struggling to handle the surge in conversations on WhatsApp but the solutions offered by addressed more than just our initial problem. allowed us to scale up our sales and support teams, reply to customers on different channels from one place and speed up communication. Our sales skyrocketed as a result.” — Fikri Bisyir, Co-founder of H&H Skincare

The Results

Since connecting WhatsApp API to, H&H Skincare has experienced significant improvements in customer engagement and loyalty. It sees 60% of monthly messages from returning customers and a 300% increase in daily new contacts compared to 2022.

H&H Skincare also understood the importance of ensuring timely responses to incoming messages. The brand cut down its average first response time from 8 hours to 2.8 hours in a matter of months.

Because 75% of H&H Skincare’s sales occur online and most of its customers communicate with them over WhatsApp, the company saw a 160% increase in sales in 6 months!

By utilizing WhatsApp API and, the business expanded its reach, acquired new customers and improved relationships with existing ones.

Achieve 60% customer loyalty and a 160% sales boost in 6 months, just like H&H Skincare!
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