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A little bit about our company

Starting in 2017 with just three visionaries, aimed to reshape the messaging landscape. Six years and 150+ team members later, our AI-powered conversation management software powers 10,000+ businesses that deliver top-tier customer experiences.

As our customer base grows, we're consistently scouting for brilliant talents to join for our diverse workforce. We pride ourselves on attracting A+ talent, with our alumni now at brands like Mindvalley, CIMB, Tokopedia and more.

If a fast-evolving, non-traditional startup environment excites you and you thirst for a steep learning experience, this is where you belong. We're constantly challenging the status quo and on the lookout for those who take ownership and pride in their work. Commitment here means challenges but with rewards to match. Have what it takes? Check out our roles.


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Our Core Values

Put Customers First

We are committed to fostering our customers' success, as it directly mirrors our own. Through attentive listening and trust-building, we strive to exceed their expectations with a product they will love. While we keep an eye on our competitors, our true obsession is with our customers. We compete fairly and passionately, always striving to provide the best solutions and experiences for our customers.

"Being a Product Manager here, it's deeply rewarding to see our collective efforts elevate our customers' success. The features I've aided in and the consistent appreciation from the team make every day deeply fulfilling."

Nassar, Technical Product Manager, Product

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Communicate Clearly

We champion an environment of open dialogue, encouraging individuals to voice diverse opinions openly, facilitating enriched decision-making processes. Respecting different viewpoints, we welcome constructive challenges, constantly aiming for improvement and encouraging feedback for personal and professional growth.

"In this dynamic setting, I've refined my decision-making and honed my communication, ensuring clear and concise interactions.

Alan, Head of Operations, Operations

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Be Excellent

Upholding excellence in every aspect, we foster a culture that blends creativity and strategy, always aiming higher. We encourage continuous learning and innovation, supported by leaders who motivate their teams to excel and address issues promptly and effectively.

"At our company, the dynamic pace has been pivotal for my personal and professional growth. Here, your strengths shine, your growth is fostered, and your dedication is always recognized.

Diana, Frontend Developer, Frontend

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Get it Done

We prioritize results and swift decision-making, valuing precision, agility, and adaptability. In our dynamic business environment, we encourage calculated risks and strive for exceptional outcomes even in the face of setbacks.

"Leading the company's growth trajectory is exhilarating. My contributions, both direct and indirect, shape its ascent. Plus, working in a SaaS company lets me engage in incredible behind-the-scenes tasks, even without being a tech pro.

Yi Xuan, Growth Manager, Growth

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Own It

We embody a culture of ownership, treating the company and its products as our own. Actively addressing challenges and learning from mistakes, we empower employees to make decisions in line with our values and long-term goals, fostering the overall success of the company.

"In this fast-paced setting, I juggle through various projects, which not only amplifies my learning but also hones my skills. Moreover, the networking here is unparalleled, enabling seamless collaborations with various stakeholders to get work done.

Jun Bin, Backend Developer, Backend

Our Core Values

Perk-a-Lot Palace! 💎

Your contributions fuel our success and our generous benefits package is our pledge to your outstanding growth and well-being.

Healthcare Benefits

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive healthcare package, featuring life and hospitalization insurance, dental care and specialist visits.


Utilize our allowances to ease your commute to and from work, take care of your vision and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Social and Wellness

Balance work and fun with our monthly social events and work hours that adapt to your needs.

Office Amenities

Enjoy a feast of unlimited snacks and fresh fruits alongside free-flowing coffee daily. Meanwhile, our pool table, karaoke machine and drinking parties offer a lively escape to rejuvenate your spirit.

Free Breakfast Mondays

Start your week right with a complimentary breakfast spread every Monday.

Work Equipment

Unlock Your Productivity: Your workstation features everything from a MacBook Pro to ergonomic seating and adjustable desks.

Mental Health Support

Your mental well-being is our priority. Access quality mental health care services and resources to ensure your holistic wellness.

Birthday Surprise

Celebrate your special day with a surprise gift from the team! We value and appreciate each member's milestones.

Additional Benefits

Monthly AI allowances of up to RM 100 (available during probation), stock options, quarterly team performance rewards and annual company-sponsored trips.


Warning! This role is ideal for those who seek challenges. If you prefer a smoother ride, please reconsider. Apply at your own risk… of success!

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