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How Kleta Used to Achieve 100% Subscriber Growth in Just Two Months

With Diego Casabe, COO of Kleta


Hours incident resolution


Growth while maintaining support quality


CSAT rating for automated support


CSAT rating for agent support

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Have a messaging inbox for WhatsApp API
Extract and update customer data via CRM
Conduct support via automation and human agents
Track support metrics with data analytics
Unified WhatsApp and other channels in one platform
Integrated a customer database for automatic data updates
Automated tasks with human agent access if necessary
Measure agent performance and customer satisfaction
A success story: Bicycle subscription company Kleta leveraged a mix of automated and human support to double its subscribers

Kleta is a bicycle subscription service for locals in Barcelona, Valencia and Seville who need a reliable way to get around their cities daily. To secure a great user experience, the mobility startup emphasizes stellar customer service.

This includes bicycle personalization, at-home maintenance and repair and replacement services in the event of breakdowns or theft. Customers just have to report an incident and the company immediately works on a resolution.

The Problem

Kleta needed an omnichannel messaging inbox to receive and respond to support requests. It also wanted to use a combination of automation and human agents to attend to customers and ensure customer information was always up-to-date.

The Solution

Kleta was originally working with a business messaging solutions provider that only could only facilitate chats over WhatsApp. It approached for a more sophisticated set of tools to offer high-quality omnichannel support as it scaled.

Support Channels were Centralized on One Platform

Kleta was handling customer communication over email and WhatsApp API, which requires an inbox to send and receive messages. It connected both channels to when it switched solutions providers.

To establish a presence on popular channels in the region, Kleta then started an Instagram account and integrated it with This allows it to offer support across multiple channels while agents can respond to customer inquiries and support requests from a single platform.

Everyday Processes and Customer Data Updates were Automated

As 75% of its support requests are incident reports, Kleta wanted to automate predictable tasks. It used’s automation builder Workflows to create Anna, a virtual assistant persona. “She” invites customers to select a support category in Spanish or English from a menu.

An HTTP request in the Workflow obtains and updates customer data from cloud-based data solution Ninox before processing the support request. Several tasks can now be handled autonomously until completion. However, Kleta still provides access to a human agent as a fallback or for more complex requests.

Access to Human Agent Support was Improved

At first, Kleta had a single customer service agent personally answering all support requests on WhatsApp during limited operating hours. This quickly became unfeasible.

The Barcelona team expanded and a second team was set up in Venezuela to offer support for extended hours, six days a week. Workflows now route customers by language and shift and assign them to available agents. Automation also allows agents to escalate support cases easily.

Agent Performance and Customer Satisfaction are Monitored Remotely

With a support team spread across two countries, Kleta needed to monitor agent performance remotely and in real-time.

Additionally, it could only gauge customer satisfaction through Google reviews. These provide insights into the subscription, riding and overall customer experience but do not show how customers feel about support specifically.

On, managers can supervise conversations and intervene as necessary. The powerful analytics component also enables long-view and granular data on performance metrics for goal-setting.

Conversation summaries help Kleta collect data to improve support handling and build future automation accordingly. Best of all, it also collects customer feedback on both automated and agent support with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys after each conversation.

“ helps us offer the necessary support to retain and attract customers. We doubled our subscribers in two months without compromising on support quality. We are also more data-centric in making decisions now with the insights provided. This is definitely the platform that will allow us to scale and achieve the growth we want to see.” — Diego Casabe, COO of Kleta


Through the right mix of automation and human support, Kleta resolves most issues and gets subscribers back on their bicycles again within 48 hours of an incident. Automated support scores 4.3 out of 5 stars in CSAT ratings. Meanwhile, agent support averages 4.6 stars, with 2 out of 3 customers giving the support team full marks.

This consistently high level of customer service increases customer confidence and brand loyalty. As referrals make up a high percentage of customer acquisition, Kleta successfully grew its subscribers by 100% in just two months.

Kleta is aiming to triple its subscribers and employees within the year. With, it can easily onboard more agents and create more sophisticated automation to maintain a superior customer experience as it scales.

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