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How Homage Achieved a 9% Increase in Care Visit Success with Automation

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hours/month saved on healthcare outreach


more successful care visits

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Automate transactional notifications to its health professionals
Gain insight into valuable conversation metrics
Notifications were automated via API
Homage switched to WhatsApp Business API for better value
Data export and Reports were leveraged for granular conversation insights
High-quality customer support was extended whenever needed
Discover how Homage streamlined its outreach process, saving 50 hours monthly and achieving a 9% increase in successful care visits with API.

How Homage Saved 50 Hours Monthly on Healthcare Outreach

Homage is an award-winning caregiving and health solution that combines trained healthcare professionals with technology to provide on-demand holistic home and community-based care to seniors and adults. This allows them to age and recover with grace, dignity and autonomy. It presently operates in three markets – Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

The Problem

Homage uses WhatsApp to broadcast outreach messages to healthcare professionals about urgent home visits for clients. The Homage team previously typed out each message manually on the WhatsApp app, which proved to be immensely time-consuming.

For greater efficiency, Homage needed an advanced solution to automate these WhatsApp notifications. The solution it chose also needed to support its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to access up-to-date data when communicating with healthcare professionals or clients.

The Solution

After validating that supported the solutions it had in mind, Homage worked with the team to implement the below.

Notifications were Automated via API

Homage connected a WhatsApp Business API account to via a third-party Business Solution Provider (BSP). This was the first step in expanding its messaging capabilities and facilitating automation.

Then, Homage integrated its CRM with to retrieve real-time data when seeking the most suitable healthcare professionals for various use cases. With this new setup, it is now able to automate WhatsApp notifications with minimal effort.

Homage Switched to WhatsApp Business API for Better Value

Seeking a more cost-effective way of communicating with healthcare professionals, Homage explored alternatives to its WhatsApp Business API solution. They found's WhatsApp Business API to be an ideal choice, offering the benefits they needed without any additional fees. Using this API also allows Homage to manage its WhatsApp Business Account and access information such as billing from a single platform.

Data Export and Reports were Leveraged for Granular Conversation Insights

Committed to delivering the best care experience, Homage utilizes the granular insights into WhatsApp conversations made possible with Managers can view individual conversations or get a big-picture view of the team’s performance at a glanc

The Reports Module, equipped with comprehensive filters and visualization tools, also provides valuable data for continual improvement. Finally, the ability to export messages to a CSV file allows for a detailed review and adjustment of failed messages if necessary.

High-Quality Customer Support was Extended Whenever Needed

Finally, Homage highlighted the high level of customer support it experienced with The platform offers support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with a customer success manager available for Enterprise clients.

Upon signing up to, contacting the customer support team remained exceptionally easy. Special appreciation goes to our dedicated customer success manager, who provided invaluable support. Additionally, other members of the customer support team consistently demonstrated readiness, promptly addressing my queries and efficiently troubleshooting any issues encountered. — Product Manager at Homage

The Results

The transition from manual to automated WhatsApp notifications enabled a more agile and efficient outreach process to Homage’s healthcare professionals, significantly saving the team time. Now, Homage spends 50 fewer hours per month on its outreach process.

By saving 50 hours a month on outreach using, Homage could allocate more time and resources towards facilitating successful care visits, resulting in a 9% increase in successful care visit rates.

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