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How Srikandi Streamlined Communication for 47 Branches and Accelerated Revenue Growth

With C. Lesmana, IT Director of Srikandi


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Use WhatsApp with multiple teams in a centralized inbox
Send broadcasts to promote products and services
Automatically assign conversations to agents
Allow managers to supervise and monitor agents' performance
WhatsApp Cloud API and Facebook Messenger were connected to a central inbox
WhatsApp broadcasts were leveraged to promote products and services
Conversations were routed and assigned automatically
Managers were able to monitor agents in real time
Discover how Srikandi transformed communication across 47 branches using, leading to streamlined conversations, heightened engagement and a remarkable surge in revenue.

Srikandi is an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer in Indonesia, boasting a strong presence with 47 branches nationwide. It offers a wide range of Mitsubishi cars for sale and comprehensive automotive services, including car servicing, body repairs, car rentals and tailored financing options.

The Problem

Each of Srikandi’s 47 branches has its own sales and support department. A major challenge it faced was that agents used their personal phone numbers to communicate with customers via WhatsApp. This decentralized communication led to uneven workload among agents, inconsistent customer experiences across locations and difficulties for managers to monitor conversations.

The Solution

Srikandi was searching for an effective solution to centralize its customer communication. It wanted customers to contact the business directly rather than individual agents and agents to respond to customer conversations from a single platform.

It also needed a platform that could automatically assign conversations to agents for equal workload distribution, as well as provide managers with tools for supervisory oversight, enabling them to monitor and evaluate agents' performance at a glance.

Additionally, Srikandi sought capabilities to send broadcasts, aiming to promote its products and services to a broader audience effectively.

To address these requirements, Srikandi evaluated four solution providers. It ultimately chose, drawn by its impressive client base and robust mobile app that mirrored the familiarity and convenience agents experienced using WhatsApp on their phones.

WhatsApp Cloud API and Facebook Messenger were connected to an Omnichannel Platform

Srikandi wanted a single official WhatsApp number to be associated with its business, so it adopted one WhatsApp phone number for all 47 branches. This led the company to connect WhatsApp Cloud API to

Furthermore, to leverage click-to-chat ads on Facebook, recommended integrating Facebook Messenger too so all customer communication channels were unified in a central location.

Broadcasts were Leveraged to Promote Products and Services

Now that it had the omnichannel solution it needed, Srikandi faced another problem. Since customers were used to contacting agents on their personal numbers, they rarely contacted the business via its new WhatsApp business phone number.

In a strategic move to drive brand awareness and boost engagement, Srikandi began leveraging the power of WhatsApp broadcasts and's segmentation capabilities. By sending tailored messages based on Contacts’ interests, the company effectively engages its existing leads and customers on its official WhatsApp number.

Conversations were Routed and Assigned Automatically

With all inbound conversations directed to a single place, Srikandi needed an efficient way to assign leads and customers to agents automatically. Using the Workflows automation builder, it automatically routes leads and customers to their preferred branch and assigns them to a sales or support agent.

Additionally, Srikandi wanted each lead to be managed by the same agent throughout their sales journey so agents could provide personalized attention and build relationships and trust. It achieved this through’s dedicated agent assignment feature. This was also implemented for VIP customers to ensure they receive top-notch customer service from its best agents.

Managers were Able to Monitor Agents in Real Time’s Reports Module offers managers visibility into agent activities. Managers were able to monitor all ongoing conversations, ensuring agents followed the company's communication standards and guidelines. This oversight allowed for timely interventions when needed, assuring consistent and high-quality customer interactions across all branches. has revolutionized our customer communication landscape. Now, with a single platform, we monitor and manage WhatsApp conversations for sales and support across 47 branches, replacing the scattered mobile records with centralized, efficient oversight. — C. Lesmana, Srikandi’s IT Director

The Results

Within five months, Srikandi's adoption of showcased significant improvements. It broadcasted 20,100 promotional messages, leading to a 125% rise in customer conversations. This surge indicates that its broadcast strategy successfully encouraged customers to contact the company via its official WhatsApp number instead of agents’ personal numbers.’s automation capabilities efficiently managed the increase in conversations as 88% of them were automatically routed to the right branch and assigned to the right agent. This significantly reduced the risk of overlooking conversations, contributing to a more satisfying customer experience.

Best of all, the high number of conversations led to more conversion opportunities, contributing to a 23% increase in revenue. This underscores the effectiveness of Srikandi's new communication and engagement strategies, leveraging for business growth.

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