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80% Decrease in First Response Time: How Transformed E4CC's Customer Support

With Luis Castillo at E4CC


Faster response times


Faster chat routing

El Salvador
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Consolidate communication across its regional network
Revamp support methods to lower resolution times
1 platform for operations across Latin America
New sales and support channels were connected
Support was moved to WhatsApp for faster resolutions
A success story: E4CC revamps its conversational support and customer communication by unifying regional operations on one platform

E4CC offers English language training to Latin Americans looking to secure jobs in call centers. In addition to grammar and vocabulary, it teaches employable skills such as sales, customer service and technical support. The business has 22 branches in four countries, as well as an online service for international students and the English4Kids arm for school-aged children.

The Problem

As E4CC continued to scale, it struggled to get a clear picture of overall performance as its businesses across Central and South America were operating in silos. It also needed to revamp its conversational support methods as resolution times were too high. For both, E4CC needed a solution that it could implement across the region.

The Solution

E4CC had been working with a local SaaS provider but approached to see if a more effective strategy could be developed. The following solutions were implemented.

Regional Operations were De-siloed for Easy Management

All contacts, channels and conversations for operations across Latin America were consolidated on for a single source of truth and seamless contact management. Operation efficiency of the online education service increased as agents now have inter-country access to sales and support channels for international students.

Meanwhile, managers can monitor agent load and performance in real-time from anywhere. A comprehensive reporting and analytics stack allows them to filter data to pick up on any anomalies and set team and individual agent KPIs (key performance indicators).

Sales and Support Channels were Analyzed and Adjusted

Initially, E4CC relied on Facebook for all customer communication via a global Facebook Page and individual country Pages. Resolution times for support cases were too long as customer responses were slow.

After consulting, E4CC retained the channel for sales use as Facebook ad campaigns were its primary driver of new student sign-ups.

E4CC signed up for WhatsApp API via a partner and support was switched over to WhatsApp as it is the preferred messaging app in Latin America. In addition to responding to inquiries, agents are now able to send the first message via personalized message templates or broadcasts to update students about their classes or accounts.

3x Faster Chat Routing

Agents used to assist contacts as they moved through the sales funnel. enabled agents to segment contacts with tags and use Workflows automation to reduce manual intervention in the sales journey via automated messages and chat routing.

The support funnel was similarly automated. Instead of personally alerting an agent or team about specific support requests, assisted E4CC in implementing a precise routing system with a menu of support functions. Customers merely select a support function and are automatically assigned to an agent in the right team.

“ has revamped the way we operate at E4CC and the results speak for themselves. One of the things we really want to highlight is the support we receive from our Customer Success Manager at Our journey with the team so far has not only been productive, but also a very pleasant one!” – Luis Castillo, E4CC


After uniting operations across the region on a single platform, E4CC noticed an immediate improvement in operation efficiency, contact management and communication speed and quality. The implementation of routing logic, for instance, has dramatically decreased first response time by 80%.

Choosing the right channels for conversational sales and conversational support also improved engagement, with support agents reporting faster resolutions over WhatsApp.

The ease of integrating channels encouraged E4CC to connect Instagram and Telegram as secondary channels for sales and support respectively. E4CC is now keen to explore voice calls on to truly unify all customer communication on one platform.

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