The powerful Qontak alternative that offers CRM & automation features even on the smallest plan

More Channels. Multichannel inbox including: WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Line, Viber, SMS, WeChat, Google My Business & more
Send Broadcast Messages To All Your Customers’ Favourite Channels
Create Advanced Workflows & Automation. Without Any Extra Charges
Increase Your Agents’ Productivity with Respond AI
Integrate To Your Existing Software Easily
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All the tools you need designed for modern instant messaging.
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Reliability At Scale

Whether you are chatting with 50 or 50,000 customers per day, messaging infrastructure scales to serve your needs without slowdowns

Increase Agent Productivity with Respond AI

In just 1 click, you can translate your messages in over 90 languages, rephrase & adjust your message tone, fix spelling & grammar mistakes, and simplify complex messages.

Automation Built for Messaging

Our award-winning visual workflows builder is available at no additional cost and handles automated messaging, routing, marketing campaigns and more in one easy-to-use tool.

Broadcast Across All Channels

Send bulk messaging campaigns or transactional notifications on any messaging channel even on our basic Team plan.

Pay For The Value You Create

With our simple Monthly Active Contact plans you’ll pay one price based on the customers you chat with, nothing more.

Support On All Channels

Find our support team on all channels at no extra cost during our extended business hours, in multiple languages and across all channels

Look at all the features you’ll gain even on our smallest plan! Team Plan
Qontak Grow Plan
Price for 10 users
Connected Channels
Broadcast Channels
Team Inboxes
Custom Inboxes
Contact Merge
Conversation Thread
All conversations in 1 thread for the same contact on different channels
Separate thread for each conversation
Workflow Automation
AI Features
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