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No matter the complexity, can handle it at 10x the scale & speed ✨

Broadcast Across All Channels

Send bulk messaging campaigns or transactional notifications on any messaging channel even on our basic Team plan.

Avoid Hidden WhatsApp fees

Sirena incurs a +62% markup on all WhatsApp conversational pricing and a $125 setup fee. Pay the fair price directly to WhatsApp at their set rate without and save on every conversation.

One Price for an All-in-One Tool

Sirena splits their broadcast, messaging and web chat module into 3 different products with respective per messaging charges. With, just pay for an all-in-one solution and based on our Monthly Active Contact pricing.

Automations Built for Messaging

Our award-winning visual workflows builder handles automated qualifications, messaging including away messages, marketing campaigns & more all in one easy-to-use tool.

Flexible Routing Options

Use automated messaging to identify customer issues, then route to agents according to skill, function, language, shift & more.

Reliability At Scale

Whether you are chatting with 50 or 50,000 customers per day, messaging infrastructure scales to serve your needs without slowdowns

Scale at half the price with the all-in-one business messaging platform Team Plan
Zenvia Conversion Basic
Price for 10 users
Broadcast Messages
25,000 Included
3,000 Included
Support Channels
Chat + Email Support
Email Support
Messaging Channels
Email Channels
Visual Workflow Builder
5 Workflows with 100 Steps
Web Chat
$8 add-on
Contacts Management
Team Inbox
AI-powered mobile app
API Integrations
Contact Tags
Our reviews speak for themselves
4.8 avg. rating on G2Crowd
4.8 avg. rating on Capterra
4.7 avg. rating on Google Play

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