The #1AI-powered Trengo alternative without the annoying lag

Manage high-volume messages and chats without the lag
Broadcast to multiple contacts via WhatsApp and 6 more channels
Deliver 24/7 customer support with an AI-powered chat agent
Create advanced workflows & automate your marketing campaigns
Secure free access to WhatsApp API with express activation
  • 7-days free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Cancel anytime

Trengo vs

Look at all the additional features you get, even on our smallest plan! 🤯​​ Team Plan
Trengo Grow Plan
Price for 10 users
Connected Channels
Broadcast Channels
Messaging Archive
180 days
Team Inboxes
Custom Inboxes
Quick Replies
Reply To
Conversation Closing Note
Contact Merge
Contact Import
Click To Chat Ads
AI Features
AI-powered mobile app
5 Visual Workflows (100 steps)
1 Flowbot (10 Rules)
Automation Charges
Starts at $54/month
Shortcut Trigger
Zapier Integration
API Integration
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Why ex-Trengo customers switched to

No more lagging. Better deliverability

No crashes when you send high-volume messages. Whether you are chatting with 50 or 50,000 customers per day, messaging infrastructure scales to serve your needs without slowdowns

No More Automation Rules

Are you tired of juggling dozens of automation rules and flow bots just to fulfill a simple use case? Try automation purpose-built for messaging at no additional cost!

Chat + AI

Respond AI and AI Agent give your team superpowers at no additional cost. Automate all your business processes with workflows, set up triggered broadcasts, and route conversations based on advanced rules.

Broadcast Beyond Whatsapp and SMS

Send bulk messaging campaigns or transactional notifications on any messaging channel even on our basic Team plan for just $99 per month.

Straightforward and transparent pricing

Avoid monthly billing surprises. With our simple Monthly Active Contact plans, you’ll pay one price based on the customers you chat with, nothing more. Cancel anytime.

Award-Winning Support On All Channels

Why pay $500 extra to get support on email only? Find our support team on all channels at no extra cost during our extended business hours, in multiple languages and across all channels.

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