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One Messaging Platform for Marketing, Sales, Support & Engineering

No more juggling channels between teams & platforms. One set of channels, one platform.

Click to Chat Advertising

Create ad-specific automation that collects data, sends offers, or assigns salespeople with Facebook or WhatsApp Click-to-Chat ads

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Promotional Messaging

Target specific interests with Broadcasts, enroll new contacts in drip campaigns or trigger event-based promotions via API

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Conversational Sales

Trade-in personal messengers for business accounts, increase sales visibility, auto-qualify leads & sync with your CRM.

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Conversational Support

Use automated messaging to identify customer issues, then route to agents according to skill, function, language, shift & more

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Transactional Notifications

Send bulk notifications like emergency broadcasts or downtime alerts directly from the platform or trigger them via API

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A platform for messaging across the entire customer lifecycle

Messages Inbox

One contact,
one thread

A single customer story containing every message, email, web chat and internal discussion. All the functionality you expect and some you won’t find anywhere else.

Respond AI Prompts NEW

Maintain your brand's voice in every interaction, enabling agents to communicate smoothly, bypassing language barriers and grammar limitations with ease.

Contact Merge

Easily find and merge a contact's messages & profiles to create a holistic view of their interaction history on the only platform with truly multi-channel conversations

Action Shortcuts

Enable agents to create tickets, deals and orders, conduct shift transfers and support escalations, and more by launching pre-built automated Workflows at the touch of a button

Custom Inboxes

Create fit-for-purpose inboxes to track high-value customers, agents in training, customers moving through automated messaging workflows or any other mission-critical communication

Broadcast Module

Bulk messages,
efficiently delivered

Routine and urgent broadcasting for newsletters, event updates, emergency broadcasts, downtime alerts and more

Reach the right people

Show customers you know them. Build sophisticated segments with interest tags, enrich contact data via API and message customers on their preferred channels.

Personalize the message

Compel customers to act. Use variables to insert their personal attributes into messages that speak directly to them.

Optimize by channel

Leverage the unique traits of each channel. Make the most of every message with features like mixed media, templates and tags.

Contact & Segment Manager

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Flexible Automation via AI + Workflows

The customer sends a question or request

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Respond AI checks the knowledge base for relevant information

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Respond AI analyzes conversation history with the customer for better context

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Respond AI uses the data from the knowledge base and context from the conversation history to create a response and send it to the customer

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Using your knowledge base, let Respond AI provide intelligent and accurate answers to customer's inquiries. Reframe these messages with insights from previous interactions, ensuring smarter and more efficient replies.

Use interest tags to segment Contacts for future promotional activity

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Close inactive conversations automatically to reduce clutter for the support team

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Chat Menus

Create a high-quality customer experience with versatile Chat Menus. Invite Contacts to explore products and services, and tag their interests for future use in sales prospect lists, marketing broadcasts or drip campaigns.

Sync customer data with a CRM so routing logic & agents have the most up-to-date information

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Implement keyword recognition or create priority queues, shift or skill-based teams, and overcapacity fallbacks

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Direct VIP customers to dedicated agents or to high-priority queues when agents are offline

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Define high and low-priority queues to push high-value customers to the front of the line every time

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Conversation Routing

Tailor routing and queueing logic to your specific needs. Implement assignment strategies as simple as round-robin to online agents or as complex as multi-shift support teams with high-priority queues and dedicated agents for VIP customers.

Automatically ask new contacts for their business email or company website

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Retrieve annual revenue & other data from data enrichment providers like Clearbit or FullContact

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Create logic that closes unqualified leads and routes the rest to the appropriate sales teams

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Sales Qualification

Qualify new prospects in seconds using a combination of automated messaging, data enrichment services, and qualification logic that routes leads to the right sales team for processing

Customize routing logic according to operating hours and team shifts for uninterrupted customer handling

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Internal Agent Shortcuts

Lighten the load for agents by turning everyday processes into Workflows with Action Shortcuts as triggers. Initiate shift changes, support escalations, and more at a click of a button, reducing the risk of mistakes or need for manual intervention.

Create deals, tickets or records directly on CRMs like Salesforce or Hubspot

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Deliver instant notifications about important events to Slack or other internal messengers

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External Agent Actions

Create deals, tickets or records on your business software of choice, then notify the relevant people in the appropriate Channels — all without leaving the platform.

Interest tags can be added automatically via Workflows or manually by agents

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Send drip campaign messages over any Channel, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and LINE

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Nudge unresponsive Contacts on a different Channel to prompt them to engage

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Multi-Channel Drip Campaigns

Nurture Contacts across Channels with instant messaging drip campaigns targeted by segment or interest tags. Automatically add or exclude them from lead lists based on their campaign response to turn keen Contacts into loyal customers.

Enable automatic post-chat CSAT Surveys for specific conversation categories, teams or customer segments

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Record survey responses in Google Sheets and perform detailed analyses to find areas of improvement

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Push CSAT data to your data warehouse or CSAT analytics tool with HTTP Request

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Send customers standard or customized CSAT Surveys automatically after all or selected conversations. Forward their responses and comprehensive conversation metrics to Google Sheets or a Data Warehouse for analysis.

Supervisor Dashboard

A daily dashboard for managers to pick up on conversation or agent anomalies at a glance. Identify conversations that have been on hold or unresolved for too long, and monitor agents’ performance and workload in real-time.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain long-view perspectives on team, conversation and overall messaging performance. On a single page, learn which Users are exceeding expectations, conversation response and resolution time trends, the busiest times of day and popular message sources.

Supervisor Dashboard
Reporting & Analytics
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