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The April 2019 Release - WhatsApp Integration

Iaroslav Kudritskiy
April 8, 2019

Usually, we don't do a release with such a small list of improvements and features. However, this is a special release. We're releasing one big thing, that people have been asking for. The April 2019 Release contains:

WhatsApp Integration

Our WhatsApp integration has been released. We are taking our first steps into WhatsApp by using a 3rd party integration which has a free trial available, so you'll still be able to try Rocketbots with WhatsApp completely free.

A screenshot of the Rocketbots WhatsApp Integration.
WhatsApp Integration

As usual, before integrating with any channel, you'll want to consult our documentation to make sure we have the proper understanding of the process. Otherwise, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Feature Requests

It may seem like overkill to have this as its own heading, but our community of users is especially important to us. We're proud to announce we'll be accepting features requests from our users.

A screenshot of the Rocketbots feature requests link.
Feature Requests

You can find the feature request page by going to our platform, navigating to the question mark on the top right and clicking Request Feature. This will take you to our feature requests page. From there, you'll also be able to see what features we are currently working on & what features will be released soon by clicking on Roadmap.

Bits & Bobs

Since we've been working mostly on the WhatsApp integration with this release, we're releasing just a few bits & bobs this time around. Here are the new bits & bobs:

  • Message Field Extends Vertically
  • New Trigger: Welcome Event
  • New Action: Assign to
  • Contact Name Variable

The message field now extends vertically. If you'd like to type to your contacts using a multi-line message in just one bubble, you can now do so by pressing Ctrl + Enter to move to the next line. Use Command + Enter on MacOS.

A welcome event can now be used as a trigger. Most channels will send a welcome event when somebody becomes your contact for the very first time. Now you'll be able to use this trigger to start an automation instead of using a standard greeting message.

Assign to is now an action. Let's say you wanted to create an automated onboarding survey for one of your contacts. Then you wanted to assign that contact to someone specific based on how they answer that question. Now you can create a rule to do that and use the assign to trigger to assign.

A contact name variable can now be used in messaging, automations & surveys. To use it simply use in your text. When used in messaging, the contact variable will ensure that your automated smart replies always use the correct name. Using the contact variable for automations and surveys will ensure the same.

Thanks for reading. I hope you're looking forward to our next release!

Iaroslav Kudritskiy
Chief Operating Officer
Iaroslav Kudritskiy is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of He is a graduate of the MBA program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and his previous roles include positions at Kodak Alaris, Xaxis and Light Reaction.
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