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March 2024 Updates: Respond 3.0 Phase One, Improved Growth Widgets, Click-to-Chat Ads Workflow, Mobile Experience and More

April 18, 2024

March 2024 has brought exciting enhancements to our platform. This month’s release features major upgrades, including a redesigned platform, enhanced Growth Widgets to identify customer sources, added features to the Click-to-Chat Ad Workflows and improved mobile experience, among other improvements.

Curious about the forces driving these advances? Watch our founders share their vision and see how it influences the features you use today.

Now, let’s explore this month’s developments in detail.

Respond 3.0 Phase One: Where Modern Design Meets Improved User Experience

We have given the platform a fresh look and feel to help you work smarter. Its visual complexity is reduced, so you can see relevant information and features better at a glance.

With better color, contrast, spacing and more, the platform is now more intuitive. This empowers you to onboard agents faster and reduce the number of mistakes made on the platform. Rest assured, your processes will continue to run seamlessly. redesigned: A more modern and intuitive design

Respond 3.0 is just getting started! We’re rolling out even more exciting enhancements in phases, each designed to enhance your experience further. Stay tuned for more improvements.

Growth Widget now Identifies Customer Sources

Our enhanced Growth Widget for WhatsApp, Viber and Email Channels now allows you to identify the webpage customers are viewing when they message you.

How to identify customer sources from Growth Widgets

This enables you to know where your customers are from, allowing you to see where your Growth Widgets are most effective. With this information, you can refine your marketing strategies and equip your agents with the context they need to respond to queries more effectively.

Inbound message from WhatsApp Widget with the webpage URL the customer is viewing

To use this feature, simply select Include current page URL in the pre-filled text when configuring your website widgets.

Click-to-Chat Ads Workflow Enhancements

We've made two significant improvements to enhance your experience with Click-to-Chat (CTC) ads in the Workflows Module.

New Contact Event for Leads Ad

We've introduced a new Contact Event, Click-to-Chat Ad: Leads Ad. When a user fills out a form on a CTC Ad that leads to a Messenger or Instagram channel connected to, you'll be able to view the contact's responses to the form directly within

View contact responses to lead ads form

From there, you can easily follow up on these leads by initiating contextually relevant conversations, informed by the details they've provided. This allows you to engage when their interest is at its peak, guide them through the sales funnel smoothly and improve your chances for conversion.

Click to Chat Ads Workflow Trigger from Multiple Destinations

You can now select CTC ads that have multiple destinations, such as Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, as a Workflow Trigger. This upgrade from single-destination to multi-destination CTC ads increases your flexibility in managing conversations from the same advertisement.

Focused View on Ongoing Workflows in the Messages Module

To streamline the navigation and management of Workflows in the Messages Module, we've updated the view for the Workflows Tab. Previously, clicking the tab displayed all available Workflows; now, it only shows ongoing Workflows for a specific contact.

Only view ongoing Workflows

This change makes it easier for agents to manage and stop certain Workflows as needed, keeping things straightforward and less overwhelming.

Improved Mobile Experience with AI and More

We’ve made improvements to the - Inbox mobile app to enhance your mobile experience.

Translate Messages On the Go with Respond AI

Translate incoming messages instantly from the mobile app so you can understand customer needs in your preferred language.

Translate incoming messages instantly with AI

Simply tap the action menu button on the message you want to translate, then tap Translate with Respond AI. Next, select your desired language, and the message will be instantly translated. You can also view the message in its original language after translating it by clicking on View Original.

Reply to Specific Messages with AI Assist

You can now draft smarter replies to specific messages with AI Assist on the go. Simply double-tap or long-press on the message you want to reply to, then tap Reply with AI Assist.

Reply to specific messages with AI Assist

One Tap Return to the Top of Notification and Messages Lists

When scrolling through notifications on the Notification Center tab, a single tap on the bell icon will now bring you to the top of the notification list of the same status. Similarly, tapping the chat icon on the Messages tab will bring you to the top of the conversation list of the same status.

Get to the top of your Notification and Messages Lists with a single tap

Haven't downloaded our new app yet? Scan the QR code above or search “ - Inbox” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Remember to keep your app updated to enjoy the latest features and enhancements.

For optimal performance, ensure your device is running the latest software version (Android 10 or higher, iOS 16 or higher).

Other updates this month include:

  • Fully utilize the in your preferred language, as field names now support non-alphanumeric characters, including emojis.
  • Receipts for WhatsApp balance top-ups now include essential business information such as the User's company name, address and email
  • The Enterprise plan has doubled its capacity, now allowing the creation of up to 200 teams.

If you’re not a user and want to experience these features and enhancements firsthand, sign up for a free trial and explore our platform’s full capabilities.

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