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The June 2019 Release - Zapier & Twilio Integration

We're back with another release. Even though it's not quite June yet, we were eager to get this one out as fast as possible because we believe this release is super valuable. This time we've released two powerful integrations and few bits & bobs:

The Zapier Integration Has Been Released

This is it. The time is finally here. Rocketbots can now integrate with thousands of other SaaS platforms and solutions through Zapier. We've started by keeping things simple with only two triggers:

  • New Contact
  • New or Updated Custom Field

Using these triggers, you'll be able to add the messaging app contacts you've acquired in Rocketbots to whichever CRM you're already using for tracking emails and tons of other integrations!

Now you can build Rockebots integrations to any app using Zapier
The Zapier Integration Has Landed

Using the New Contact trigger you'll be able send every new contact out to an outside service like a Google Sheet.

Using the New or Updated Custom Field trigger you can ensure that important information about your contacts can stay synced across your CRM. By setting the email custom field as you're trigger you'll be able to create integrations like adding every new email that you collect with Rocketbots to your Mailchimp list.

The documentation for our Zapier integration is available here. Please make sure to use our Zapier early access link, as our app is no public on Zapier yet.

Twilio Integration Makes Rocketbots Into A Twilio CRM

We've now integrated with Twilo. So if you'd like to communicate with your audience over plain old SMS, you can do that now. Rocketbots can be your Twilio CRM.

Now you can build integrations to any app using Twilio
The Twilio Integration Has Landed

The Twilio integration is incredibly simple. Before you get started with the integration you'll need to make sure that you have a Twilio account and a Twilio number. The integration works just like all our other channel integration, you'll need to get the Account SID and Token from your Twilio account, choose the phone number you want to integrate with Rocketbots and you're connected. Now you're ready to SMS.

Bits & Bobs

As usual we've prepared a few bits and bobs to increase the utility of existing features.

Import Existing Facebook Page Connections With Broadcasts

Many users that join Rocketbots have already chatted with plenty of users over their Facebook page. That means they already have hundreds of thousands of Facebook Page Messaging Connections that they want to import as Rocketbots contacts.

To import your contacts we've made it so that broadcasts that are sent from Rocketbots with not targeting (no tags selected) will now go to all your Facebook Page Messaging Connections. This means that everyone who replies to your broadcast will become a Rockebots contact.

For best practices on important all your Facebook Page Messaging Connections, please check out our blog about importing contacts.

Dynamic Messaging Variables Improved

There have been two key improvements with dynamic messaging variables. This first is that you can now see the dynamic messaging variables available to you by typing @.

Dynamic Messaging Variables

The second is, dynamic page variables now work with smart replies!

You've probably seen smart replies that come up with responses where you used the contacts name directly. Now if you use dynamic page variables instead of the contacts name, smart replies will populate using the contacts name rather than the name you typed.

New Facebook Group

We've created a new Facebook Group called Business Messaging. This group is about sharing that knowledge and figuring out solutions for different messaging app use cases.

Business Messaging Facebook Group

We'll be using this group to discuss business messaging best practices and include other tools in the discussion, not just Rocketbots. This community is all about sharing wisdom and creating a Business Messaging future!

If you have any questions about any of these new features, don't hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, enjoy your day of chat automating.

Iaroslav Kudritskiy
Chief Operating Officer
Iaroslav Kudritskiy is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of He is a graduate of the MBA program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and his previous roles include positions at Kodak Alaris, Xaxis and Light Reaction.
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