Platform Release

The May 2020 Release - Message Status & Teams

Happy May everybody! Summer is almost here to bring the heat. So we’re releasing features that help you stay cool even if you’re messaging more than usual. In this release we’re announcing:

Message Status

Message Status is a highly requested feature but Message Status support is spotty for messaging app business accounts, so we’re announcing Message Status today for Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS & Viber. We’ll add others when their API supports it.

Once a message has been sent successfully it is shown with a grey tick.
Message Status - Sent

Once a message has been sent successfully it is shown with a grey tick.

Two grey ticks mean the message has been delivered to the Contact.
Message Status - Delivered

Two grey ticks mean the message has been delivered to the Contact.

Last but certainly not least, two green ticks mean the message has been read.
Message Status - Read

Last but certainly not least, two green ticks mean the message has been read.

When hovering over the message a Status Summary is shown for Sent, Delivered, and Read times. Message Status will certainly help conversations with Contacts. Now on to productivity features for platform Users.
Message Status - Status Summary

Hovering over the message provides a timestamp for Sent, Delivered, and Read events. Message Status is an awesome feature to help with 1 on 1 chat. Now let’s take a look at some other new productivity features for platform Users.

Teams & Shared Custom Views

As your team size grows, managing an organization becomes more challenging. Teams and Shared Custom Views help manage groups of Users. Our initial team functionality is light, but we’re eager to add more functionality based on customer feedback.

Teams in Settings

Teams can be created in just a few clicks from Settings. When creating a team you’ll be asked to add a Team Name, Team Description, and list the Team Members. Keep in mind that each User can only be on a single team.

Creating a Team

In this first iteration of Teams, you’ll be able to use teams in two places on the platform Contact Assignment and Shared Custom Views. Let’s take a look at Assignment first.

Assignment Drop Down with Teams

When using the Assignment Dropdown Users are now organized by Team.

To make teams even more powerful, we’ve made a change to Custom Views. Every Custom View will now be created as Private. Only the person who created the view will see it initially. This can be changed by entering the Custom View Share Settings.

Custom Views

In Custom View Share Settings Views can be made Private, Public (everyone) or be shared with a specific set of Users or Teams. This allows more Views to be created and shared with the relevant Users, without cluttering the Views dropdown for everyone.

Custom View Share Settings

Bits & Bobs

As usual, we’ve made a couple of changes or improvements around the platform that you might be interested in.

WhatsApp Template Messages

On WhatsApp, only Template Messages can be sent after Standard Messaging Window closes. To send messages after 24 hours, Template Messages can now be sent from the Messages Module. A prompt in the input bar directs Users to send a Template.

Send WhatsApp Template Message

Before you can send a Template Message from the platform. You’ll need to request the Template to be approved on your WhatsApp Partner’s platform. Then the Template can be added to

Channel Settings

To add a Template Message to a WhatsApp Channel, navigate to Settings and find the WhatsApp Channel. Then press Template to open the Template Manager dialog.

Template Manager

To add a new Template to fill in the information required and hit Save. Template Name, Content, Category, Language, and ID (if required) can be found on your WhatsApp Partner’s Template Management dashboard.

Choosing a Template Message

Once added, Templates can be selected and sent from the Messaging Module. Before sending, any placeholder values in the Template can be customized.

Redesigned Settings Module

Once again our tech team amazes with a Module of sheer beauty. We’ve been adding more items to the Settings Module and it has gotten overcrowded. So they went ahead and redesigned to be more functional and nice to look at.

Settings Module

Viber Get Started Button

Our Users let us know their Viber Bot always shows the Get Started button in English. We reviewed the Viber Bot documentation and learned that the Get Started button can be configured on our end. So we added an option to edit the button in our Channel Settings.

Viber Get Started Button Configuration

That’s it for this release. See you in a month or so.

Iaroslav Kudritskiy
Chief Operating Officer
Iaroslav Kudritskiy is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of He is a graduate of the MBA program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and his previous roles include positions at Kodak Alaris, Xaxis and Light Reaction.
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