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March 2023 Updates: Receive Stickers, Joins Google’s Business Messages and Do More with’s Help Center, Now in Arabic

Petrina Jo
April 10, 2023

We ended Q1 of 2023 on a high note: Amazon Web Services published a case study on its partnership with, documenting the lengths we go to for exceptional performance, security and reliability.

But that’s not all. We also launched the ability to receive stickers and officially joined Google’s Business Messages! 🤝 To round off this newsletter, we highlight a couple of cool features you can learn about in our Help Center, which is now available in Arabic. Let’s go! 🏁

Improve Customer Engagement with the Ability to Receive Stickers

You can now receive stickers on! Stickers are a popular medium of expression among customers. The inability to receive them prevents businesses from acknowledging customers who start a conversation with a sticker or being able to correctly read the tone of a conversation.

Receive stickers from all popular messaging channels on

To help you engage with leads and build strong customer relationships, now supports the receiving of static and animated stickers from the following popular channels:

  • Viber
  • WhatsApp Cloud API
  • WhatsApp 360dialog
  • WhatsApp MessageBird
  • WhatsApp Twilio
  • LINE
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram

For Business plan users and above, we’ve updated our Incoming Webhook Events to include Stickers Received as a new incoming message type so you can be notified when customers send you stickers.

We also enabled the use of stickers as an incoming message trigger in Zapier.

Use stickers as an incoming message trigger in Zapier

Want to be able to send stickers in return on Upvote its feature request so we can work on making this happen. Officially Joins Google’s Business Messages

In case you missed it, is now a recognized provider of Google’s Business Messages!

Since we began supporting Google Business Messages as a channel, its uptake affirmed that businesses see the value in being accessible to customers via Google entry points such as Maps and Search.

Chat with customers from a variety of Google entry points with Google Business Messages

This official integration reflects our commitment to providing exceptional solutions that allow businesses to create great customer experiences and build enduring customer relationships.

Learn more about this partnership or connect Google Business Messages to start chatting with the millions of customers who use the world’s most popular search engine.

Do More with Integrate Shopify, Send CSAT Surveys and Navigate the Help Center in Arabic

Are you making the most of your account? With our frequent releases and updates, keeping track of what’s new or possible can be tricky. Enter the Help Center, a repository of’s features and guides. 📖 Let’s take a look at two features you might find interesting: Shopify integration and CSAT surveys.

Integrate Shopify with’s flexible integration infrastructure lets you connect it easily with e-commerce platforms like Shopify. This empowers you to create seamless shopping experiences by responding to inquiries and resolving issues quickly, which leads to increased conversions and customer loyalty.

The Help Center offers step-by-step guides on how to automatically sync customer information and manage orders and carts. 🛒 You’ll be able to send customers abandoned cart messages or Shopify order updates on their preferred channels, notify agents about order statuses and more.

Send CSAT Surveys and Store Results

If improving customer satisfaction is among your priorities, send customer satisfaction surveys with and collect the responses in Google Sheets, a CRM or a data warehouse for tabulation. ⭐

Send CSAT surveys to customers and collect the responses in Google Sheets or a data warehouse

Select a CSAT Workflows template and edit the survey to your liking. The survey will be sent automatically at the end of every conversation and responses will be collected in the destination you specified. The Help Center even shows you how to manage positive, negative and invalid responses.’s Help Center is Now Available in Arabic

As the Help Center is a highly valuable resource, we want it to be as accessible as possible. To that end, the Help Center is now available in Arabic, in addition to English and Spanish! 🥳’s Help Center is now available in Arabic

Users who opt to navigate the Help Center in the Arabic language will find that all interfaces are in a Right-to-Left (RTL) view for a familiar and smooth user experience.

Petrina Jo
Content Team Lead
Petrina Jo is a Content Team Lead at She has an MA in Creative Entrepreneurship and a BA in Journalism. Petrina’s previous role as a senior writer at a luxury publication gave her unique insights into the evolving dynamics of high-value customer communication.
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