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Ultimate Guide to Viber for Business

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Ultimate Guide to Viber for Business

If Viber is popular in your country, you've probably been thinking about using Viber for business. You're probably asking yourself is there such thing as a Viber Business Account? What is the difference between a Viber Public Account & a Viber Bot? Should I be using a Viber Chatbot? Well, you're in luck because this is your ultimate guide to Viber for Business. If your clients contacts you through Viber and a bunch of other messaging apps, consider using Rocketbots to centralize your customer messaging.

This post goes into detail about Viber Business, the table of contents below will help you to figure out if this post answers the questions you have and help you skip right to the answer.

What is Viber?

Why Use Viber for Business?

Types of Viber Business Accounts

Using Viber For Business

Viber Marketing

Viber Customer Service

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What is Viber?

Viber is not just your straightforward messaging app. Unlike many of the other messaging apps we've discussed in our other ultimate guides, Viber has always had a very serious focus on calling.

This is the Viber App Interface
The Viber App Interface

There are three main panels in the Viber app. Chats helps to find all your current conversations whether they are messages or calls. The calls panel is very similar to the people panel on Facebook Messenger. It shows all your contacts, even if they don't have Viber. It also helps to start calls easily. The more panel gives users access to settings and a way to discover brands, bots, and stickers available in the app.

What is a Viber Community?

Viber no longer accepts applications for Public Accounts creation. The closest feature that they have to it is called Communities. Communities are super groups that can fit up to 1 billion people and can have several administrators with different roles.

For you to create a community you have to go on the Viber app, click on the Compose icon on the top right of your phone and click on New Community. To invite members, go to Community info and select Invite members.

Why Use Viber for Business?

How many viber users are there? You should know before you use Viber for Business.
The Number of Viber Users

The benefit derived from using Viber is similar to that of WhatsApp and Facebook messenger – the app’s vast audience. According to statista, the number of unique Viber ID's rose from 19 million to over 1 billion between 2011 and 2018.

Over 7 million calls, messages, photos, and stickers are exchanged every minute. With 30% of its users sending stickers, and 50% focusing on photos and videos daily, Viber for business is the perfect marketing playground for any business.

By setting up Viber, businesses have access to a vast audience and open up numerous marketing opportunities.

Where is Viber Popular?

Where are Vibers users located?
Viber User Geographic Distribution

With consumers all over the world, Viber could be an amazing tool for your brand. However, the app’s popularity fluctuates globally, making it more popular in some countries than in others. Viber’s user-base is in 193 different countries. The majority of Viber’s users are found in Asia and the Asia Pacific regions.

Vibers' Share of Internet Users per Country
Vibers' Share of Internet Users per Country

A part of the popularity of the app is due to the enhanced and secure user experience for all, thanks to Israeli law, the company is not obligated to give out information to any third party due to court orders issued by a governing body. Users can rest assured that their personal information will never be used anywhere else. Viber highlighted this fact when Apple fought the FBI following their request for one of the user’s personal information.

Types of Viber Business Accounts

Heading to the Viber Business section of the Viber website can be quite confusing as they list several types of Viber Business Accounts. We are highly interested in accounts that concern messaging, so we investigated Viber Business Messages.

There are several types of Viber Business Accounts.
Types of Viber Public Accounts

It was somewhat difficult to figure everything out, but after searching through the entire website and even talking to a Viber representative we figured out that there are two main types of Viber Business Accounts for messaging, a Viber Public Account & a Viber Bot Account.

How To Create A Viber Public Account

Since 2019, Viber is not allowing people to create a Viber Public Account anymore. Even before then, it was quite difficult to create a Viber Public Account because you were forced to go through a partner.

The good news is that a Viber Bot Account and a Viber Public Account basically serve the same purpose. They are both an API end point that allows you to connect your Viber Business presence to a an outside software and chat with your customers.

If you'd like to create a Viber Business Account to message your customers with, just create a Viber Bot Account and connect Rocketbots.

How To Create A Viber Bot Account

You would think that creating a Viber Bot Account is only for creating a Viber Chatbot. But that is not the case anymore, since Viber Public Accounts have been discontinued, it's the only way you can currently make a Viber Business Account.

To create your Viber Bot Account, you need a personal Viber account. After that, you can click here to create a Viber bot. Don't worry you won't be creating a whole bot here. You only have to add a picture and the basic information about your business to get started. You are basically just creating a Viber Business Profile.

When creating a Viber Bot Account you are basically setting up your Viber Business Profile.
Creating a Viber Bot Account

Once you have entered all of the information, you will receive a token like the one seen below. With this Token, you will be able to connect the Viber Bot Account to an outside service.

Since Viber doesn't provide a business back end to message your customers a quick way to get started with Viber for Business is to connect your Viber Bot to Rocketbots.

When you're done creating your Viber Bot Account you will receive a token you can use to connect your Viber Bot Account to an outside service.
Viber Bot Account Token

Using Viber For Business

Every messaging app has its eccentricities and Viber is no stranger to those. Below we'll be discussing how to use the tools Viber provides in order to get the most out of your account.

Using Viber Marketing for Business

Messaging App marketing can sometimes be complicated because each messaging app has different tools and limitations when it comes to marketing.

Below we've outlined several Viber Marketing specific tools that can be used to increase your business discoverability including Viber In-App Search, Viber Scan Codes, Viber Advertising & Viber Stickers.

Viber Marketing Using Viber In App Search

As is the case with most other messaging apps, Viber users will need to message you first. There are several different tools you can use to achieve this.

Once you've published your Viber Bot a user will be able to go to the Discover section of the Viber app and search for you. In fact, you can even be featured there.

Viber Marketing Using Viber Scan Codes

Once you create a public account you'll be able to see and download the QR code to your chat from your Admin back end. Although they work as intended there is no ability to add reference codes. So there will be no way for you to track where users are coming from.

Viber Marketing Using Viber Advertising

How does a post call ad on Viber look?
Post Call Ad on Viber

As on other messaging apps, you'll be able to buy ads in order to drive traffic to your Viber public accounts. Admixer’s main focus is on automating ad campaigns, and helping businesses promote their products through a range of features. All ads within the app are placed relatively organically, there are several ad formats:

  • In-app ads after calls end
  • Ad banners on desktops and sticker pages
  • Promotional stickers

Viber Marketing Using Viber Stickers

How do stickers on Viber look?
Stickers on Viber

30% of Viber’s users are crazy about stickers, while the rest use them from time to time. Nearly 600 million stickers were downloaded only in 2016, showing real marketing potential.

As a brand, you can take advantage of that by making sticker packs. When someone downloads your branded sticker pack they are automatically subscribed to your public chat, and you are added to their contact list.

If you're looking for Sticker Marketing inspiration, check out this article.

Contact Organization and Segmentation

Organized contacts can help you get closer to your customers and interact with them easily. You can facilitate prospects throughout their buyer’s journey with Viber for business. Thanks to the app, you can manage all your contacts from one convenient place, and further enhance your customer’s experience through the chatbot integration feature, coupled with 1-on-1 marketing.

Account Analytics

The Viber admin panel can give you information about your Public Account and see how it's performing – its popularity, retention, and customer involvement. If you have numerous accounts, simply click on the list of accounts on your dashboard, under the Public Chats icon. The information you can sift through include;

  • The number of views/viewers/followers
  • Invites sent and invites accepted
  • The number of likes and dislikes
  • The total number of messages sent and received, including images and stickers.

Viber gives you autonomy over your account’s analytics, allowing you to see the data the way you like. This includes choosing the type of graph you fancy, the time span for which you’d like to see data or download the whole bundle of information to analyze at your leisure.

Viber Contact Outreach

Reaching out to a wide range of people at once can be difficult and costly on any platform. However, with Viber, you get access to a number of tools for mass contact outreach as well. These include:

Viber Marketing Using Public Chats

Public Chats are basically searchable group chats. Viber’s public chats can be accessed by anyone, making it the best platform to market your business on. Customers can search public chats by topic, making it easier for them to find you. This can give you a great platform to send out promotional material on. The followers can invite their friends and family to join the group as well, making it a feature with immense marketing potential.

Viber Marketing Using Viber Broadcast Messages

Viber allows you to add as many people as you want to your contact list, an imperative feature for businesses. If you are announcing a new discount or product and would like your contacts to know, you can broadcast it to your list instead of painstakingly messaging your contacts individually. With Viber, you can send a message to up to 50 contacts at once!

If you interested in making Viber Mass Messaging even easier, consider connecting your Viber Business Account to Rocketbots.

Viber Customer Service

Viber for Business also allows you to help your customers with anything they need. Numerous customer service features allow you to be up close and personal with your customers.

Quick Replies With Viber For Business Desktop App

Quick Replies on Viber
Quick Replies on Viber

With the help of integrated Viber Bots, your desktop app can send quick replies to your customers when they ask about your products. These messages can either be an introductory greeting once the conversation starts or a simple “we’ll get back to you” message. Additionally, the new update to the desktop app also allows you to send emojis by simply hovering over a chathead.

Search & Filter Messages

Viber lists all your messages in one place so that you can quickly switch between chats and tend to more than one customer at a time. However, if at any time you need to look at a certain chat or find a phrase, you can simply search for keywords or the client’s name within those chats.

You can also use the search list to see how many results you receive and compare the number of customers who have inquired about a particular product.

Using Viber Chatbots For Business

If you'd like to answer your clients quickly, you can consider building a Viber Chatbot. There are several NLPs and other software you could use to do this, but we would recommend Dialogflow.

By connecting your Viber Bot Account to Rocketbots then connecting Dialogflow, you'll be able to create one chatbot that serves all your messaging apps and get all the additional benefits of using Dialogflow and Rocketbots together.

Further Reading

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