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How to Use Viber Community for Business

April 26, 2022

Want to know how to use Viber Community for your business? This article will explain everything you need to know about Viber Communities, including Viber Community features and how to create and grow your Community.

What is Viber Community

Viber Community, formerly known as Viber Public Chat, is a huge chatroom consisting of people with a common interest. It is normally used by celebrities to connect with their fans and by businesses to gather prospects and share updates, promotions and more.

Compared to Viber Groups, Viber Communities support more members, have more advanced features and are ideal for privacy-conscious users. We’ll explore these features in the next section.

Viber Community Features

The most remarkable aspect of Viber Community is its ability to have an unlimited number of members. As a result, Viber has introduced tiered management roles to assist businesses in managing and moderating their Communities.

Here’s a simple summary of Viber Community’s tiered management roles. For more detailed information, read the Viber Communities knowledge base article.

  • Superadmin or the Community’s creator has full control over the Community
  • Admins are appointed by superadmins and play a vital role in moderating and creating Community content
  • Members are Viber users who join the Community and must abide by the Community guidelines
This image shows the general features of Viber communities for business
Viber Community general features

To grow a Community, superadmins can share the Community’s link on their website and social media or allow members to invite their contacts through an invite link. Those who want to join the Community must have the Viber app installed on their phones.

When a new member joins the Community, they will get full access to the chat history to view conversations, insights and updates shared prior to their membership.

Most importantly, Viber is protective of its users' privacy so no one, including superadmins and admins, can see members’ phone numbers. Besides that, members who enable private messages can contact each other while keeping their numbers hidden.

Now that you're acquainted with Viber Community's basic features, let's move on to the advanced features: message features and moderation capabilities.

Viber Communities: Message Features

Viber provides numerous messaging features to help superadmins, admins and members communicate easily. To express opinions and communicate clearly, Viber Community members can react to messages, respond directly or mention a member.

These are viber communities message features
Viber Community message features

Superadmins and admins can pin a message to the top of the chat to initiate a discussion or highlight an important topic. For example, they can send the Community guidelines and pin the message so it is visible to all community members.

They can also use the polling and quizzing tool to create a fun Community engagement session. Next, we will talk about Viber Community’s moderation capabilities which will help superadmins and admins to control their Community.

Viber Communities: Moderation Capabilities

Moderating a Community is crucial as it is the only way to ensure members follow the Community guidelines. If a member violates the guidelines, superadmins and admins can delete the offending message or all their messages, and warn them privately.

This image shows Viber Communities Moderation capabilities for business
Viber Communities moderation capabilities

If the member still refuses to adhere to the Community guidelines after a private warning, superadmins and admins can remove them from the Community or ban them so that they won’t be able to rejoin the Community.

Superadmins and admins can unban these members. However, they will not be automatically added to the Community and will need to rejoin via an invite link or be added by another member or admin.

Why Use Viber Communities for Business

Being in the same chatroom as prospects propels businesses ahead of their competitors as it allows them to convert prospects into customers on a platform where members anticipate updates from businesses.

If you're in an area where Viber is popular, create a Community to enhance your visibility. In the Philippines, for example, many large businesses create Viber Communities because Viber is one of the most popular messaging apps there.

This is the best Viber community in the Philippines using Viber Community for business. Next, we will show you how to create community in Viber
Examples of Viber Communities for business in the Philippines

There are many reasons why businesses should use Viber Community. This section will discuss how Viber Community can increase business visibility, create a positive user experience and create highly engaging activities.

This image shows the benefits of Viber communities and why you need Viber community for business
Benefits of Viber Community for business

Increase Business Visibility

Community messages appear alongside private messages in the Viber inbox, granting them high visibility. You can even get creative by creating a promotional sticker pack that will automatically add users to your Community when they download them.

Promoting your sticker pack on the sticker market is an excellent way to enhance Community's exposure as Viber no longer allows Communities to be discoverable through the search bar. If you want to be discoverable, contact Viber to turn your Community into a channel.

Create a Positive User Experience

Viber’s moderation features allow superadmins to choose whether their Community should be a two-way communication platform or a one-way communication platform to share updates and promotions by regulating members’ writing privileges.

However, even with restricted writing privileges, members can still react to messages sent by admins and superadmins to express themselves. On top of that, Viber also allows them to mute or snooze a Community for 30 days and leave the Community anytime.

To provide a positive user experience and avoid members from muting or leaving a Community, businesses should always ensure that their content is spam free, interesting and relevant to Community members.

Engage Members with Fun Activities

Superadmins and admins can utilize tools like polls and quizzes to engage with audiences and get to know them better while emphasizing the importance of their audience's opinion.

For instance, restaurants can use the polling tool to get members’ opinions on a new pizza flavor or use the quiz tool to create seasonal giveaways and gift lucky winners special vouchers or products.

In addition, superadmins will be able to understand members better, determine the most engaging type of content and plan them accordingly to meet their audiences' demands with the Community insights feature.

How to Create Viber Community

First, you need to set Community goals and guidelines to moderate your Community. Then, you can create your Viber Community by following the steps below. Keep in mind that you can only create a Community on your phone.

1. Tap the compose icon on the Chats panel of your Viber app and click on New Group.

This is image shows how to make Viber Community so that you can use Viber Community for business. However, you cannot create Viber community in desktop
Tap the compose icon and click on New Group

2. Select the contacts you would like to form a Community with and click next. Any contacts that you add at this stage will become admins. After that, you will be directed to the Choose group type page where you can choose to create a Group or a Community.

This image shows how to create a viber community for business from choose group type page
Select the contacts you would like to form a Community with

3. Select Community and fill in your Community details. Then, click on the checkmark at the top right corner. You have successfully created your Community and the contacts you’ve selected earlier will be notified.

These are the final steps on hoe to create a Viber Community for business
Select Community and fill in your Community details

How to Grow Viber Communities

Viber allows you to grow your Community by sharing Community invite links. Superadmins have complete control over the accessibility of the link and can disable the existing link anytime. Follow the steps below to send an invite.

1. Select a Community on the Chats panel of your Viber app. Once you’ve opened a Community chat, click on the three vertical dots and click on Community info.

These steps show how to join Viber community by sending an invite link
Select a Community, click on the three vertical dots and click on Community info

2. Tap on Invite and select who you would like to send an invite to on any messaging app.

This is how you can invite contacts to your Viber community
Tap invite and share the invite link

For superadmins, follow the steps below to share the Community link.

1. Select a Community on the Chats panel of your Viber app. Once you’ve opened a Community chat, click on the three vertical dots and click on Community info.

Share community link to help users to know how to join Viber community
Select a Community, click on the three vertical dots and click on Community info

2. Tap on Share Community link. You’ll be able to choose how you’d like to share the link. On the same page, you can choose to Allow all members to share the link or Disable the existing link.

You need to contact viber to know how to make Viber Community public. In the meantime, you can share community link to grow your community
Tap Invite and share the invite link

How Your Business Can Use Viber Community

There are many great businesses using Viber Community to its full potential. In this section, we will show you how they are doing this — and how you can too.

Create Promotional Viber Sticker Packs to Grow Communities

A promotional sticker pack is one of Viber’s advertising tools to attract users to join a Community. You can create free branded promotional stickers, which can be downloaded from the sticker market to convert Viber users to your Community members.

Viber Community list using promo sticker packs to grow community
Examples of Communities using promo sticker packs

Communities like Barcelona FC and WHO create sticker packs for Viber users to download for free. In return, users will be added to the Community and will receive various updates, including new stickers which they can download and use for free.

Use Viber Community to Share Updates and Promotions

Many businesses use Viber Community to share updates and promotions with their Community. However, most businesses with this goal in mind do not allow Community members to participate in the conversation by restricting their writing privileges.

This is a short list of Viber communities using Viber community for promos and updates
Examples of Communities using Viber Community for updates and promotions

Allowing members to reply in a huge Community will make it difficult for superadmins and admins to track conversations and reply to messages in a timely manner. This is when a Viber Bot Account comes into play.

Connect Viber Bot to Viber Community

Businesses that restrict members’ writing privileges have to connect their Viber Bot to their Viber Community to provide a medium for customers to message them if they have any inquiries or complaints.

Connect Viber chatbot to Viber Communities
Examples of Communities connecting Viber Chatbot to Viber Community

On the other hand, businesses using Viber as a two-way communication platform can either direct members to chat with them via click to chat links or start a chat with a connected Viber Bot in the Community.

Above all, Viber Bot is a must-have for businesses wanting to track and manage a high volume of messages on Viber. Contact Viber to connect your Chatbot to Viber Community.

This image shows how businesses can use Viber communities
How your business can use Viber Community

Want to have one-on-one conversations with your customers on Viber? Read on to learn how Viber Bot can help you.

Viber Bot for 1:1 Conversation and Bulk Messaging

Do you need Viber for one-on-one messaging and bulk messaging? Create your Viber Bot Account for free and connect to to start sending and receiving messages!

Viber Bot is an essential tool for businesses using Viber as the main messaging app to connect with their customers as it enables businesses to track and manage messages effortlessly. Learn more about Viber on our Ultimate Guide to Viber for Business blog.

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