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How to Use the Facebook Messenger Code Generator [March 2023]

Gerardo Salandra
February 10, 2019

What is a Messenger Code? Or should I say what was a Messenger Code? It was a QR code but with a nice design specific to Facebook Messenger. It was similar to a regular QR code in that it is just helping users follow a link without having to type it in. The difference is that Facebook Messenger Codes would take you directly into a Facebook Messenger Chat. This article will explain what Facebook Messenger Codes were and how they transformed back into regular QR codes.

What is a Facebook Messenger Code?

What exactly is a Messenger Code? Messenger Codes are an extension of links, which are URLs that send Facebook users directly into a Facebook Messenger chat with a Facebook Page.

When using an link, you're sent directly to on desktop or to the Facebook Messenger app on mobile. Once loaded at chat with the business that owns the Facebook page is open directly.

This is an image of a business card that shows a Facebook Messenger code and how to use the Facebook Messenger QR code on the back
Messenger Scan Code Example

Thus the Facebook Messenger Scan Code was only unique in that it had a nice design. Above you can see that using the Facebook Scan code was much nicer than adding a generic QR Code. However, the Facebook Messenger Scan Code had its problems.

The most obvious one is that the special design could only be scanned with the Facebook Messenger app. So users had to know what they were looking at to use it, but they didn't.

In fact, it was so difficult to use, we had to print instructions on the back of the business card. Even then, only the techiest of the tech nerds actually succeeded in using it. So in a way, the Facebook Messenger Code was a flop.

Does the Facebook Messenger Code Still Exist?

In short no. In 2019, Facebook was on a feature killing spree for the Facebook Messenger app. It was designed to make the Facebook Messenger app smaller, faster and easier to use. In the process, they deprecated Messenger Codes.

This is a picture showing a Facebook announcement that Messenger Codes are deprecated. However, you can still make qr code for facebook, find out how on our blog.
How Do I Find My Messenger Code: Facebook Messenger Codes Have Been Deprecated

However in spirit, they continue to exist. Because you can still make Facebook Messenger QR codes. All you need to do is find the link for your Facebook Page and make a QR code with it.

If you don't want to do that yourself, we have a tool that makes Facebook Messenger QR Codes. We've described it near the bottom of the page.

Why Use A Facebook Messenger Code

Simple, you have a bunch of offline users, and you would like to turn them into an online audience. Here are some amazing use cases where Messenger QR Codes are incredibly handy.

Using A Messenger Code At A Hotel

Hotels are one of the places where convenience is key. How awesome would it be if instead of calling down to for room service or with a question? Your hotel guest would simply message your Facebook page.

That way you would have time to respond and a single concierge could handle multiple conversations at once. After they scanned that Facebook QR Code, your guest could always continue chatting with you for more advice through their own phone.

Using A Messenger Code At A Mall

Malls are some of the most notoriously difficult places to find your way in. Even though malls have adopted big boards with maps and even made their own apps. I would still prefer to just ask someone where the store I am looking for is.

One problem with that, is first I have to find the concierge desk. And for me, that is a struggle. Oh how I wish there was a Messenger QR code you could scan and simply ask the concierge where the store is. Who knows, maybe in 2020?

How To Scan A Facebook Messenger Code

It used to be that scanning a messenger code was pretty difficult. To scan a Messenger Code, you need to:

  1. Open the Messenger App.
  2. Find the tiny camera button in the top right corner.
  3. Then hold the phone precisely over the Messenger Code. It didn't always work the first time.
This image shows how to open the Facebook Messenger App and Scan a Facebook Messenger QR Code. Although Messenger Code has been discontinued, you can still make qr code messenger, check out the step-by-step guide on our blog.
How to Scan a Messenger Code

Things are a lot more straightforward these days. Almost every camera app supports regular QR Codes. That means all you have to do is open up your camera, scan the Messenger QR Code and the Messenger app will open directly to the conversation.

Using the Facebook Messenger Code Generator on

Ready to generate your very own Messenger QR Code? The easiest way to generate a Messenger QR Code is to do it on, our AI-powered platform. To do so you'll need:

Once you have both of those ready, follow the following steps to generate a Messenger QR Code for Facebook.

This is a screenshot that shows you how to generate qr code for your facebook messenger on
How to generate QR code Messenger with's code generator

Generating a Messenger QR code from is a straightforward process with minimal steps involved. To get started, navigate to Settings > Growth Widgets. Then, select QR Code and click Create Widget.

Under QR code type, select the channel which you would like to generate the QR code for, in this case, Facebook Messenger. Then, select the account you’d like to use. This is a handy feature if you have multiple Facebook Messenger accounts connected to

This is a screenshot that shows how to generate QR code for your Messenger account on
Generate a QR code for your Facebook Messenger account

A Facebook Messenger QR code will be displayed. Finally, click the Generate Widget button at the top right to create your QR code.

Other than creating a Facebook QR Code, allows businesses to set up Facebook Comment Auto Reply, add Facebook Messenger to their Website and even automate chats!

What is a Messenger Code Reference?

Imagine you have a chain of pizza restaurants and you'd like to post Messenger QR Codes at every location. At some point, you may get curious about which locations your new Facebook Messenger audience is coming from. This is when a reference can be useful.

This image shows and link with a reference. Link with Reference

Remember, the Messenger Code is just a scannable link. By adding the reference to the Messenger QR Code, you'll be able to distinguish who scanned which code to become a part of your audience.

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