Conversational AI Platform: Securing Success with AI Chat

Román Filgueira
November 17, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of customer engagement and business communication, the rise of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platforms has been nothing short of transformative. In this article, we'll introduce you to the benefits of a conversational AI platform software, and discuss the criteria to choose the best one. Let’s dive in.

Conversational AI Platform: An Introduction

Before describing what a Conversational AI platform is, let’s take a step back and explain the concept of conversational AI. Conversational AI combines natural language processing (NLP) with machine learning.

NLP processes interpret and generate human language, while machine learning enables the system to learn from data, improve over time, and make better decisions or predictions.

In short, NLP processes flow into a constant feedback loop with machine learning processes to continuously improve the AI algorithms.

The Buzzword Every Business Should Know

Conversational AI has become the buzzword in business circles due to its remarkable ability to process, comprehend and produce responses that mimic human written speech. This capability makes interactions more natural and engaging for customers.

A Salesforce study from 2022 revealed that a whopping 83% of customers now anticipate immediate interaction when reaching out to a company. Conversational AI steps in as a solution to meet this demand.

The study also shows the perception of AI is evolving among customers, with 84% acknowledging its potential impact as either a force for good or bad, depending on its application. This dual nature prompts businesses to carefully navigate the ethical use of AI, ensuring it adds value to customer experiences.

Moreover, 69% of customers express openness to AI implementation if it enhances their overall experience. This positive inclination creates opportunities for businesses to leverage conversational AI for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With the frequent introduction of new advancements, conversational AI remains in a state of continuous enhancement. Consequently, conversational AI platforms have witnessed significant improvements in recent times.

What is Conversational AI Platform Software?

A conversational AI platform is a sophisticated software solution that facilitates automated, natural language conversations between businesses and customers. These platforms utilize AI to create virtual assistants and other interactive AI-driven systems that can engage with users in a human-like manner.

Conversational AI platforms are used for various purposes, including marketing, sales, customer support and information retrieval. Let’s discuss why you should consider using a conversational AI platform for your business.

Benefits of Conversational AI Platforms

Conversational AI platforms excel at enhancing customer interactions with their ability to generate rapid and accurate responses, resulting in a more satisfying customer experience. This translates to quicker issue resolution and a more streamlined workflow, ultimately improving operational efficiency.

Automating routine conversational tasks also brings about significant cost savings for businesses, particularly labor costs. This, in turn, frees up human agents to dedicate their expertise to handling complex inquiries, further enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Conversational AI platforms are designed to accommodate a fast-growing customer base and expanding teams. It allows businesses to effectively manage surges in demand while maintaining a high and consistent standard of service.

This image shows the benefits of utilizing enterprise chatbot platforms: Enhanced customer experience, operational efficiency, cost savings, scalability and global reach.
Benefits of using conversational AI tools and platforms

Lastly, conversational AI solutions help businesses achieve round-the-clock availability, accommodating customers in different time zones. Businesses can foster a robust global presence by offering personalized support to their diverse customer base.

Choosing a conversational AI platform can be daunting for those unfamiliar with the software options. Next, we’ll review the most important things to look for in a conversational AI platform.

Criteria for Evaluating a Conversational AI Platform Software

When considering a Conversational AI platform for your business, it's crucial to evaluate various factors that determine its effectiveness and suitability.

This image shows the selection criteria for a conversational AI chatbot platform: Advanced AI features and automation, stability and scalability, omnichannel capability and integration with sales and support CRMs.
Selection criteria for top AI platforms

Some factors to keep in mind when choosing a conversational AI platform include:

  • Advanced conversational AI features
  • Advanced automation
  • Stability and scalability
  • Omnichannel capability
  • Integration with sales and support CRMs

Next, we’ll explain the importance of each of these elements.

Innovative Conversational AI Features that Redefine Customer Messaging

For a start, the first thing to look out for in conversational AI platforms is, unsurprisingly, advanced conversational AI features. Your platform of choice should be capable of NLP and generating personalized sentiment-based responses.

NLP is at the forefront of advanced conversational AI. A platform's ability to understand, interpret, and generate human-like responses is vital. Look for NLP capabilities beyond basic language recognition, encompassing contextual understanding and nuanced interpretation.

A robust conversational AI platform should not only understand the words but also the emotions behind them. Your platform of choice should be able to generate responses tailored to the user's sentiment for more meaningful and empathetic interactions.

Advanced Automation with Human Handover

While conversational AI helps you automate conversations, a business’s operational efficiency shines when it combines conversational AI with an automation builder for tasks and workflows.

While conversational AI is sophisticated, it still comes with some limitations. Here’s where agent handoff comes into play for a great customer experience.

Picture this scenario: Your business automatically routes an inbound Contact to the right team and then to an available agent. Then, the agent can rely on AI to generate responses quickly when convenient.

Seamless Integration with Sales and Support CRMs

Integrations enable a seamless data flow between conversational AI platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. This ensures that critical customer information, interactions and insights are shared between the two, creating a unified view of the customer journey.

Integrating your CRM gives you a 360-degree view of your customer. When paired with a robust conversational AI platform, agents can elevate the customer experience without compromising efficiency.

Platform Stability and Scalability for a Robust Foundation

A conversational AI platform is often used by companies that receive high volumes of messages. Therefore, you’ll need a platform that can handle high conversation volumes.

Stable and scalable conversational AI platforms provide a consistent user experience, regardless of the number of concurrent users or incoming messages. Users can be sure of reliable service, essential for customer satisfaction and trust.

Platforms not purpose-built to manage high conversation volumes may display irregular performance or high downtime. Consequently, your agents will face a backlog of conversations, necessitating businesses to duplicate efforts and troubleshoot issues.

This can result in inefficiencies, wasting valuable time and resources, as well as frustrating customers.

Omnichannel Capability to Transform Touchpoints into Experiences

Omnichannel capabilities have become the new standard when it comes to business communication. This all-in-one approach is precious in a global landscape where customers chat on different messaging platforms.

An omnichannel strategy ensures that your business can reach and engage with customers regardless of their messaging channel of choice.

Embracing an omnichannel strategy introduces novel challenges, like ensuring a consistent brand voice and real-time responses across multiple channels. Luckily, these can be effectively addressed with conversational AI.

But how do you know if your conversational AI platform is effective? Let's look at some ways to measure this.

How to Evaluate the Success of Using a Conversational AI Platform Software

The success of a conversational AI platform hinges on several key metrics that collectively reflect its efficacy.

For one, a substantial increase in the volume of conversations demonstrates the platform's effectiveness in engaging users and fostering meaningful interactions, ultimately contributing to enhanced user satisfaction and retention.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores are pivotal, offering insights into user perception and overall experience. Consistently high CSAT scores signify a positive user interaction. Finally, lower error rates in your AI responses indicate improved accuracy and a more seamless user experience over time.

For businesses seeking a reliable conversational AI platform, consider the capabilities of, which align with the metrics crucial for sustained success.

Best Conversational AI Platform Software: Quick Wins

While the proliferation of conversational AI platforms is high, not all software is created equal.

"In our industry, a common use case is teaching it a business knowledge base to immediately provide customers with accurate responses. That’s the part most AI-backed business chatbots can already do," says Gerardo Salandra, CEO of and chairman of The Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong.

"What makes software like stand out in a saturated market is the core solutions they built first. New AI-powered solutions depend wholly on the AI's capabilities and have no fallback or supporting infrastructure. Meanwhile, companies like us that have long invested in setting up solid core solutions amplify our value with AI. For instance, we have a robust data infrastructure in place to leverage historical data for more contextual interactions and the ability to integrate AI into automated workflows that enable seamless handoffs to human agents when necessary."

And the effectiveness of such solutions is being recognized by the market, with picking up awards like the Best Business Messaging Platform Vendor for 2023. Let's explore some of the immediate benefits that businesses experience with

Leverage the Power of Respond AI

Respond AI is the feature powering AI capabilities on At the moment, users have access to three Respond AI tools. AI Agent, AI Prompts and AI Assist.

AI Agent is a virtual helper designed to efficiently resolve low-value conversations right from the start, freeing up your human agents to concentrate on more complex or high-value interactions.

Respond AI Prompts allow agents to adjust response tone, translate them into the customer's native language, correct typos and simplify the language used. That is if you use the default AI Prompts. There are actually more possibilities.

You also have the creative freedom to craft custom AI prompts to create a uniquely personalized touch.

On the other hand, AI Assist provides suggested answers based on the content of recent customer inquiries. Let’s dive into these features and learn how to use them to improve customer communication.

Conversational AI Platform Software: Build and Train Your Chatbot

Struggling with high volumes of conversations? Respond AI Agent is here to help. This AI chatbot automatically handles customer inquiries and FAQs before they reach human agents, reducing their workload.

This image shows how to use's AI Agent to respond to frequently asked questions
Conversational AI platforms: Use AI Agent to respond to frequently asked questions

With the new AI Agent Workflow Step, create an AI Agent that responds in a human-like manner, providing quick, accurate answers. Currently, it's focused on answering questions, with plans to expand its capabilities.

Ensure your AI Agent has access to knowledge sources for accurate responses. Easily integrate the AI Agent into new or existing workflows, managing queries and routing conversations as needed. Embrace efficiency with Respond AI Agent.

Conversational AI Platform Software: Translate Messages into Multiple Languages

Medium-sized businesses and enterprises often seek to operate in various countries, but offering assistance in multiple languages is sometimes complicated.

Training agents in multiple languages is not feasible for some businesses. This could be due to factors such as the high cost of human resources or the challenge of rapidly preparing agents as company demands grow.

You can circumvent this issue with the Respond AI Translate Prompt. As the name suggests, this Prompt allows you to translate your message into any language from an extensive list.

This GIF shows's AI capabilities for artificial intelligence tools and platforms. is one of the main conversational AI startups, and with Respond AI Prompts you can translate your message at the click of a button.
Conversational AI platforms: Translate outbound messages into multiple languages

A team of multilingual agents that can easily be scaled is ideal but unrealistic for many companies. This Prompt aims to level the field for those companies seeking to communicate with customers who don’t speak the same language.

Addressing language barriers is just one aspect of how Respond AI enhances customer interactions. Additionally, we understand that clear and accurate communication is equally essential, and this is where the next feature comes into play.

Conversational AI Platform Software: Correct Errors in Your Messages

Error-free communication is crucial to ensure that your message is easily understood. On top of that, a properly written response helps maintain professionalism, brand image and credibility.

However, it can be challenging for agents to maintain such grammar standards when chatting with customers, who appreciate quick responses above all.

This image shows, one of the top conversational AI platforms. With Respond AI, you can correct your spelling and grammar effortlessly to give customers the best impression.
Conversational AI software solutions: Correct spelling and grammar mistakes

The Respond AI Prompt named Fix Spelling & Grammar has been introduced to tackle this issue. Agents no longer need to spend valuable time proofreading messages — which also comes with the risk of human error.

This Prompt fixes errors in your response, such as spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or incorrect punctuation, ensuring the professionalism and accuracy of your responses. Now, let’s jump into our next quick win.

Conversational AI Platform Software: Adjust the Tone of Your Replies

Keeping an appropriate tone with customers is crucial to ensure a positive outcome in a conversation. It is also a fundamental skill to prevent complex cases from escalating to the worst.

Training human agents to consistently maintain a specific tone in their interactions can be time-consuming and costly. With the Change Tone Prompt, agents can modify their communication tone to match the emotional context of the customer's messages.

This GIF shows, one of the best conversational AI platforms. With Respond AI, you can adjust the tone of your response at the click of a button to ensure a consistent customer experience.
Conversational AI platform for enterprise: Adjust the tone of your responses

This ensures that interactions with customers are more empathetic, considerate and responsive to their emotional state, ultimately leading to a better customer experience. Fine-tune the tone of responses to match your brand's style and ensure a consistent and engaging customer experience.

We've seen how adjusting the tone can make an impact on customers. Now, let's explore another equally important Prompt.

Conversational AI Platform Software: Simplify Complex Messages

Agents often need to explain complex concepts to customers, requiring simple language. Rephrasing a message from complex to simple can be challenging and time-consuming. Also, part of the meaning you want to convey may be lost in the process.

This image shows, one of the main faces in the world of artificial intelligence tools and platforms. With Respond AI, you can simplify your message language at the click of a button to help customers understand difficult concepts.
Conversational AI platforms: Simplify your language

When left in the hands of conversational AI, this task becomes a breeze. The Respond AI Prompt named Simplify Language will help you make your message concise and clear with a simple click. To wrap it up, let’s go through the last Respond AI Prompt.

Conversational AI Platform Software: Intelligent Responses at a Click

Much of an agent’s time is spent replying to frequently asked questions (FAQ). While you can always create an interactive FAQ menu to handle them, these are mainly used at the beginning of a conversation to identify customer intent and resolve simple inquiries.

After a conversation with an agent starts, using FAQ menus can be perceived as lazy or uninterested.

This GIF shows, a conversational artificial intelligence platform. With Respond AI, you can generate a suggested response at the click of a button. This response will be based on the latest customer interactions and the learnt knowledge sources.
AI platform as a service: Suggest responses based on the latest interactions

Respond AI Assist excels in scenarios like this. At the click of a button, agents can leverage the power of conversational AI to bring in accurate, auto-generated responses to the Messaging Console.

But here’s the magic: You can upload your knowledge sources to respond AI to train it. Once done, the AI assist button will generate responses based on the educational materials fed. These can be files as well as URLs.

After revising the suggested response, agents simply have to click the Send button. This brings the best of both worlds: Customers are not entirely left in automation’s hands, and agents can deliver excellent customer service with little effort.

Conversational AI Platform Software: Best-in-class Vendor Support

Vendor support is crucial for the seamless implementation, ongoing maintenance and optimal performance of a Conversational AI platform. The multilingual support team is accessible 24 hours a day, five days a week, ensuring timely assistance for users globally.

For enterprise-level plans, offers a customer success manager. This individual is assigned to assist enterprise clients by providing personalized support and guidance to optimize their use of the conversational AI platform.

Instead of taking our word for it, check out the recognition we've received from the premier B2B software and services review platform G2. Interested in trying out for yourself? Start a free trial and get hands-on with Respond AI!

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