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No one opening your emails? Guarantee higher campaign visibility and engagement when you leverage the time and attention customers spend on messaging apps.


Open rates

By sending promotions to customers
on their favorite messaging apps

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Click rates

By sending catchy personalized
messages with pinpoint targeting

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Better results

Whether you're generating leads or influencing customers to convert

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Contact Management

A single customer story containing every message, email, web chat and internal discussion. All the functionality you expect and some you won’t find anywhere else.

Build Cross-Channel Audiences

Leverage Inbound Conversations

Convert inbound support into a marketing opportunity. Automatically add interest tags to conversations and build lead lists for drip campaigns or broadcasts.

Import Your Customer List

Drive revenue from your existing customer base. Import their phone numbers to instantly launch WhatsApp or SMS marketing campaigns.

Add Contacts via API

Have additional customer touchpoints like lead magnets, customer portals or apps? Add them directly into campaigns as soon as they sign up or leave their contact details.

Contact Merge

Easily find and merge a contact's messages & profiles to create a holistic view of their interaction history on the only platform with truly multi-channel conversations

Action Shortcuts
Custom Inboxes
Tagging & Custom Fields

Promotional Broadcasts

Spread the word with bulk messaging. Blast newsletters, event updates, holiday promotions, flash sale alerts, limited-edition launches and more.

Reach the Right People

Show customers you know them. Build segments with interest tags, enrich contact data via API and message customers on their preferred channels.

Personalize the Message

Compel customers to act. Use variables to insert their personal attributes into messages that speak directly to them.

Optimize by Channel

Leverage the unique traits of each channel. Make the most of every message with features like media files, templates, and tags.


Promotional Messaging via Automated Workflows

Multi-Channel Drip Campaigns

Nurture contacts across channels with targeted instant messaging drip campaigns. Create different paths for customers to go down based on their message responses or actions.
Sophie Gil
Audience Development Lead

Chat Menus

Create a high-quality customer experience with Chat Menus. Invite contacts to explore products and services, and tag their interests for future use in sales prospect lists, marketing broadcasts, or drip campaigns.
Michelle Ballen-Griffin
Senior Director

Turn Events into Promotion Opportunities

Respond automatically to Events such as abandoned carts, new sign-ups or lead magnet captures to nudge conversions or nurture leads in real-time

Trusted by startups and the world's largest companies

Lower Messaging Spend

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