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Excellence Recognized: Earns ISO Certification

Román Filgueira
August 25, 2023

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, maintaining high standards of quality, security and efficiency is paramount. The interconnected nature of the global economy demands that organizations maintain meticulous standards in various facets of their operations. In this context, the triad of quality, security and efficiency has emerged as the cornerstone of success. This is where ISO certifications come into play.

 This image shows's new ISO standards certificate. What is the ISO meaning? ISO-IEC 27001 guides organizations in cultivating risk awareness, addressing vulnerabilities and implementing a comprehensive strategy involving individuals, policies and technology. now complies with ISO standards

What does ISO Stand for? has recently achieved the ISO 27001:2022 certification. 🥳 ISO, which stands for the International Standards Organization, is an independent, non-governmental international organization.

This organization develops and publishes a range of standards to ensure that products, services, and processes are safe, reliable, and of high quality.

There are multiple types of ISO certifications available, and they provide businesses with a globally recognized framework to demonstrate their commitment to excellence in various aspects of their operations. Attains ISO 27001:2022 Certification

ISO 27001:2022 is a comprehensive standard that guides organizations across various sizes and industries on how to establish, implement, maintain and enhance a systematic data security risk management system.

By adhering to this standard, demonstrates its dedication to adopting the most effective practices and principles in the field.

Amidst the rising prevalence of cybercrime, effectively managing customer data may seem daunting. ISO 27001 guides organizations in cultivating risk awareness, preemptively addressing vulnerabilities, and implementing a comprehensive strategy that involves individuals, policies and technology.

By embracing ISO 27001:2022, not only bolsters its defenses against cyber threats but also achieves high standards of operational excellence. Now, we will dive into how aligns itself with these standards to ensure compliance.

How Complies with ISO 27001:2022 Standards rigorously evaluates the practices of each department against ISO certification compliance guidelines.

For example, the HR department enforces background checks during the hiring process, while on the technological front, we place a premium on encrypting employee devices when they're at rest.

Nonetheless,’s successful compliance can be attributed to two primary pillars.

Development and Implementation of New Security Processes’s tech team has invested heavily in developing and implementing end-to-end processes that meet compliance guidelines, from encrypting data at rest to implementing alerts on infrastructure resources with the goal of tackling security vulnerabilities within the codebase.

In addition, a peer review process was implemented to prevent deploying flawed code and to handle merging pull requests, while vulnerabilities are promptly addressed in line with Service Level Agreement (SLA) stipulations.

Leveraging Technology for Sustained Compliance

To continuously ensure ISO certification compliance, we rely on a robust cybersecurity system that diligently monitors various elements including employee devices, AWS infrastructure and more.

In the event of any discrepancies, the software promptly notifies the responsible parties so non-compliant issues are resolved within our agreed SLA timeframe. Next, we will explore the advantages of partnering with an ISO-compliant platform like

The Importance of Working with an ISO-compliant Platform’s ISO 27001:2022 certificate is great news for businesses using our service and their respective customers. We explain why in the following sections.

ISO Certification: Why it Matters for You

As an organization using our platform, here's how’s newly acquired ISO certification directly impacts you:

Advanced Data Security: By implementing a strong Information Security Management System (ISMS), an ISO-certified organization fortifies its defenses against unauthorized access and data breaches, ensuring your sensitive information remains safeguarded.

Risk Management Framework: An ISO-certified platform provides a structured framework for risk management. This equips with the tools needed to identify, assess and address potential threats effectively.

Operational Excellence: The adoption of ISO 27001:2022 principles enhances the overall operational efficiency of the platform. This, in turn, positively impacts your workflow, reduces disruptions and enhances customer experiences.

ISO Certification: Why it Matters for Your Customers

Shifting our focus to the customer perspective, let's explore the ways ISO certification resonates with them:

Enhanced Data Protection: ISO compliance assures customers that their sensitive information is carefully protected. This commitment to data security fosters an environment of trust and confidence in your services.

Uninterrupted Operations: The emphasis on improved risk management within ISO compliance guarantees the continuity of critical services. This proactive approach minimizes disruptions and downtime, ensuring customers can rely on consistent and seamless experiences.

Transparent Practices: ISO compliance is maintained through transparent and well-defined practices. This transparency empowers your customers with a clear understanding of how their data is managed, processed and protected.

By obtaining this certification, showcases its dedication to maintaining exceptional quality, security and efficiency in its services. And now, you can witness our commitment to responsible data management through the recently launched Trust Center.

The Trust Center is Now Live

Many players in the industry hesitate to offer in-depth insights into their security policies and measures. With complete confidence in our security infrastructure, we make the deliberate choice to be transparent about it.

The Trust Center is a dynamic repository that remains up to date with the latest security measures, policies and improvements. By subscribing to it, you gain access to the forefront of’s security information.

This image shows's Trust Center, where you can learn more about ISO 27001 compliance.
Visit the Trust Center to learn more about its ISO 27001:2022 certification compliance

Is your business abiding by specific security rules? The Trust Center provides comprehensive details based on your data or security compliance needs. To learn more about’s compliance with ISO 27001:2022 and other privacy and security information, visit the Trust Center.

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