to Your Sales CRM

to Your Sales CRM

to Your Sales CRM

Triple Your Sales with Instant Messaging

Simplify your sales process and boost your revenue with Improve communication with customers, monitor your sales team's performance, and close more deals quickly - all from one platform.

Fast-Track Your Revenue


More effective sales qualifications

with CRM integrations and automation

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Faster lead distribution

with instant routing to available agents or dedicated account managers

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Faster sales cycles

when the right customers are moved down the sales funnel swiftly

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Lead generation

A single customer story containing every message, email, web chat and internal discussion. All the functionality you expect and some you won’t find anywhere else.

Inbound and Outbound Sales Wins

Convert leads to customers with 1:1 or automated messages

No, Really. ALL Channels.

Inbound Sales

Direct customers into sales conversations instantly with website links or click-to-chat ads. Send them automated replies while purchase intent is high or assign them to an agent for a quick consultation.

Outbound Sales

Send the first message to existing or imported contacts with WhatsApp, email or SMS. Want to target warm leads too? Automatically enroll them into a drip campaign when they engage with your lead magnets or customer portals.

Messaging Inbox

Total Transparency in Sales

Create total visibility of key data and activities

Consolidate Contacts in One Database

Move leads from your sales team's personal phones to a shared platform and build comprehensive contact profiles

Review Any Conversation at Any Time

Replace personal messaging accounts with a shared inbox to monitor conversations on any channel and intervene when necessary

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Want to convert more leads and close deals faster? Use granular insights and long-view analyses to make data-driven decisions and secure successful outcomes.

Reach Leads on Alternate Channels

Struggling with unresponsive leads? Merge their interactions across SMS, email and messaging apps to hit them up on other channels associated with their profile.

Increase Visibility of Critical Conversations

Monitor conversations involving high-value customers, sales agents in training or select teams with custom inboxes and intervene when necessary


Automate Your Sales Pipeline

Sync customer data with a CRM so routing logic & agents have the most up-to-date information

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Automate Lead Distribution

Tailor routing and queueing logic to your needs. Implement distribution strategies as simple as round-robin to online agents or as complex as multi-skilled sales teams with priority queues for high-value prospects.

Automate Sales Qualification

Qualify leads in seconds using a combination of automated messaging, data enrichment services and qualification logic that routes prospects to the right sales team.

Assign to Dedicated Manager

Assign VIP customers to dedicated key account managers for first-in-line access to exclusive sales opportunities or instant routing to their contact when they reach out.

Launch Sales Sequences

Follow every lead effortlessly. If you have digital touchpoints like lead magnets or customer portals, automatically launch sales sequences when customers interact with them.

Create Deals Without Leaving the Platform

Optimize your sales cycle and retain a single source of truth for customer data. Integrate sales CRMs such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive or Zoho with your messaging inbox and automation.

Push leads through the sales funnel quickly by automating processes like lead qualification and distribution, freeing agents to focus on closing deals

Alert agents when the same contact messages on other channels, snooze unresponsive contacts for follow-up at a later time and more, all without leaving the inbox

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