Respond AI: A Gateway to Conversational Excellence

Román Filgueira
December 22, 2023

Respond AI is here to stay! In this blog, we'll dive into its key features, uncover the benefits and show you how it's ready to change the game for your customer interactions. Don't miss the long-awaited introduction of Respond AI– it's your business's ticket to a future of better-automated conversations!

The Crucial Edge of Conversational AI in Business

In modern business, conversational AI is reshaping how companies engage with customers and manage operations. As we look ahead to 2026, studies suggest that one in every ten interactions with customer service agents will be automated.

As an example, the integration of AI into contact centers is poised to make a substantial impact on budgets. By 2026, it's expected to reduce agent labor costs by a noteworthy $80 billion.

The prominence of conversational AI in transforming business communication has attracted numerous solution providers eager to board the hype train. However, not all of them deliver solid products, as we'll elaborate on next.

Paving the Way for Better Conversations with Respond AI

Gerardo Salandra, the CEO of and chairman of The Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong, emphasizes the pivotal role of core solutions in setting companies apart within a market saturated with AI software.

According to him, the distinguishing factor lies in the foundational systems a company establishes initially. He states that the success of new AI-powered solutions hinges entirely on the capabilities of the AI itself, with no fallback or supporting infrastructure to rely on.

Salandra's perspective underscores the critical importance of robust and well-established core solutions like as the driving force behind a company's differentiation in a competitive landscape.

Transitioning into the next dimension of's advancements, 2023 marked a major milestone for the company with the release of Respond AI — a dedicated conversational AI solution crafted for businesses seeking excellence in every customer interaction.

Explore Respond AI and its Suite of Tools

Respond AI powers’s conversational AI capabilities. At the moment, there are three Respond AI tools you can use: AI Agent, AI Prompts and AI Assist. Let’s dive into them.

A Super AI Agent at Your Service

AI Agent automatically answers customer inquiries and frequently asked questions, stepping in before a human agent is assigned to the conversations.

To start using it right away, open the app and navigate to Settings > Respond AI > AI Agent. There, you’ll find two Workflow templates you can use right away to test the possibilities of AI Agent. However, we recommend you first read the next two points, which contain key information to understand how to make the most of this tool.

AI Agent Learns and Grows Through Training

AI Agent must be trained with ample information to better understand your business and improve response scope and quality. For a start, it can use your Snippets as a reference to craft immediate responses, but that’s not all.

This image shows's Workflow templates to get started with AI virtual agent
Train your AI Agent with knowledge sources

You can also train it with knowledge sources, such as PDF files and website URLs. By doing so, you’ll be able to build a powerful ally with immediate answers to a long list of inquiries. On the Respond AI setting, click on Manage Knowledge Sources in the top right corner to upload knowledge sources.

AI Agent Transforms Your Workflows with Conversational AI

After adding the necessary knowledge sources, it’s time to incorporate AI Agent into your Workflows. In the Workflows Module, create a new Workflow, set up the Trigger and add the new Step called AI Agent.

The AI Agent will answer questions using the available knowledge sources and Snippets. After all the Contact inquiries are successfully answered, the Contact will move to the Success Step.

This image shows how to create a AI virtual agent on's Workflows.
Integrate this new tool into your Workflows

Customize your AI Agent in the Configuration Drawer. For example, you can include or exclude specific knowledge sources and allow or restrict the use of Snippets. To increase even more the scope of its responses, allow your AI Agent to reply outside of added knowledge sources.

Once you publish the Workflow, your AI Agent will immediately start replying to inbound messages. Should a human agent need to take over a conversation, Workflows can be stopped for a specific Contact to avoid overlapping responses from AI and human agents.

We have covered the basics of this exciting tool, but Respond AI has more to offer.

Make Every Message Matter with AI Prompts

With a click on the magic wand icon on the Messaging Console, agents have access to a list of AI Prompts to instantly modify their response before sending it.

This image shows how to use's AI Prompts to execute prompts that modify your responses.
How to use AI Prompts on the Messages Module

There are four default AI Prompts:

  • Change tone: Change your response’s tone to professional, friendly, empathetic or straightforward
  • Translate: Translate your response from one language to another
  • Fix spelling and grammar: Fix typing errors in your response
  • Simplify language: Make the response concise and direct

On top of that, you can create your own custom AI Prompts that will behave the way you want to.

One Click, Smarter Conversations with AI Assist

Tapping the AI Assist button on the Messaging Console whips up a response using the recent messages you've received. If you fancy the reply, feel free to send it. If not, no worries—click the thumbs-down icon to tweak it. This feedback also helps improve the quality of AI Assist responses over time.

Even though AI Assist primarily crafts responses based on the last incoming messages, it does take the entire conversation into account. Your conversation history matters!

This image shows how to use AI Assist to craft responses at the click of a button
How to use AI assist on the Messages Module

AI Assist composes responses from Snippets and the knowledge sources you update on the Respond AI setting. In the same setting, take some time to craft an AI Assist persona that aligns with your brand voice to define the behavior of AI Assist.

Each response created by AI Agent or AI Assist and each AI Prompt costs one Respond AI credit.

4 Reasons to Start Using Respond AI

We've talked about the tools in Respond AI, but if you're new to conversational AI, you might not know all the benefits it can provide to your business.

This image shows the benefits of using Respond AI for business: Reduce human agent workload, ensure a consistent customer experience, overcome scalability challenges and save costs.
Benefits of using Respond AI

Here are four big ways Respond AI can improve your business operations.

Reduce Human Agent Workload

Respond AI helps human agents save time when responding to inbound conversations, giving them more time to concentrate on other complex responsibilities. This enhances the efficiency of the customer support process.

Ensure a Consistent Customer Experience

Respond AI provides responses based on programmed logic, so you can expect consistent and accurate information across all customer conversations.

Overcome Scalability Challenges

Respond AI enables continuous, rapid, and around-the-clock attention to customers, addressing scalability challenges that often accompany business expansion. In turn, this allows businesses to adapt to increased demand without compromising the quality of service.

Save Costs

By resolving some conversations without human input, Respond AI reduces the need to hire additional agents. As a result, businesses improve their efficiency while contributing to a cost-effective business model.

We hope you are excited about using all the Respond AI features. To start messaging customers with the leading conversational AI platform, sign up for a free trial.

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