Concepts Pricing: Flexible and Transparent for All Businesses

Román Filgueira
May 29, 2024

Since was launched in 2017, we’ve upgraded our infrastructure and introduced features that have greatly expanded the scope and utility of our platform. These advancements have made the top choice for conversational sales and marketing. However, for a product to be great, it must also be sensibly priced. That's why we are now testing an experimental pricing model based on the value you receive from

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We'll clear up any questions you might have about this promising experiment, ensuring you have all the information you need to continue growing with us confidently.

Pricing that Scales with Your Business

Businesses often incur unnecessary expenses with their customer conversation management software due to limited customization and rigid upgrade paths. Consequently, they might pay for features they seldom use or let go of essential tools for their operations because the costs are prohibitive.

In a market saturated with all-or-nothing solutions, stands out with a value-based pricing model. What sets our pricing apart?

  • Adaptive to business growth: You only pay for what you need, aligning costs directly with your actual business requirements.
  • Scale at your own pace: Scale your growth sustainably without sudden cost spikes.
  • Clear costs: Transparency aids in planning and budget management, helping your business scale smartly.
  • Fair for all sizes: No matter your business size, you can get the best out of

In addition to three subscription plans, we implement value-based pricing through two primary metrics: The number of Monthly Active Contacts and the number of Users. The sections below detail how this works. Pricing: Three Subscription Plans for All Business Needs offers three tailored subscription plans, each designed to support different stages of a business’ growth. Choose our monthly subscription or opt for an annual subscription to benefit from a 20% discount.

This image shows the three subscription plans, each designed to support different stages of a business’ growth. Choose our monthly subscription or opt for an annual subscription to benefit from a 20% discount. pricing: Value-based, suitable for any business
  • Starter plan: Perfect for small sales teams, this plan provides essential features to establish a strong foundation in business messaging.
  • Growth plan: Ideal for sales and marketing teams looking to boost their conversational efficiency with automation and conversational AI.
  • Advanced plan: Crafted for teams that require advanced features to maximize efficiency at every contact point.

Let’s get into more detail about what these plans have to offer.

Starter Plan: Master the Basics

Designed for small sales teams determined to tackle the challenges of selling through chat, this plan offers a unified platform for converting leads from websites and social media, providing complete visibility into every conversation.

It's ideal for teams aiming to streamline their operations, gradually increase their number of agents, and build a robust foundation using’s omnichannel capabilities. Additionally, it boasts the lowest price per user in the industry while ensuring access to the most reliable platform available.

With this plan, you'll have full access to our core features, allowing for efficient management of customer conversations. Here's what you can expect.

  • Team & custom omnichannel inboxes
  • - Inbox Mobile app
  • Contact import
  • Merge duplicate Contact profiles
  • Elemental conversational AI features (AI Prompts and AI Assist)
  • Supervisor dashboard
  • Basic reporting

…and more!

Growth Plan: Scale Up Efficiently

Tailored for marketing and sales teams aiming to enhance lead flow and conversions, the Growth plan builds on the Starter plan by adding automation and conversational AI features to scale operations and ensure sales efficiency.

This plan is perfect for businesses ready to expand their lead capture, automate processes and conversations, and boost sales effectively without a proportional increase in effort or team size.

  • Advanced conversational AI features
  • Advanced reporting
  • Broadcasts
  • Integrations with Zapier,, Dialogflow and CRM systems
  • API access
  • Data export
  • Workflows chat automation

...and more!

Advanced Plan: The Comprehensive Solution

Designed for experienced sales and marketing teams, the Advanced plan is’s premium offering, ideal for executing highly specific integrations. It provides access to all existing features.

This plan is perfect for businesses needing complex integrations and specialized features like custom channel configurations and HTTP requests. It also facilitates the expansion of use cases by adding new Workspaces, allowing teams to scale their operations seamlessly.

Most importantly, the Advanced plan includes top-tier security features to ensure your customers’ data remains secure and protected.

  • Workflow Step: HTTP Request
  • Create Incoming Webhooks
  • Connect Custom Channels
  • Build Webhook Events
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Phone Number and Email Masking
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

For more detailed information, visit the official pricing page.

Increase or Decrease Monthly Active Contact Tiers as Needed

Monthly Active Contacts are a key-value metric for our pricing plans. Monthly Active Contacts are Contacts that have sent or received a message (excluding broadcasts) over the billing month. We believe our pricing should correspond to the value we provide. Each chat with a contact is a potential sales opportunity, and our Monthly Active Contact pricing model ensures you only pay for the contacts you engage with.

There are four reasons why this matters to your business.

  • You’re not restricted by the number of total Contacts you can have
  • You don’t have to pay for the Contacts you don’t speak to
  • Your pricing will scale with the number of Contacts you actually talk to in a month
  • You don’t have to delete Contacts and lose their conversation history

Growth and Advanced plans include 1,000 Monthly Active Contacts by default and allow businesses to increase or decrease Monthly Active Contact limits without switching plans, providing the flexibility to start strong and scale within their chosen plan as their business grows.

The reason behind this decision is simple: If you only need more Monthly Active Contacts, why should you upgrade your plan and pay for features you won’t use?

On the other hand, Starter plans offer unlimited Monthly Active Contacts, ensuring new Users can build their contact base without constraints.

Add or Remove User Seats as Needed

Users are the last key-value metric in our pricing plans. A User is someone granted access to an Organization’s Workspace. Recognizing that businesses of various sizes have different User requirements, we want to make it easy for you to scale them up at your own pace without incurring unnecessary costs.

Each plan includes five User seats by default. Similar to our Monthly Active Contact tiers, you can add and remove Users individually as your needs grow without changing your subscription plan.

<call-out> Manage your subscription plan directly from your Workspace. Simply navigate to Settings > Billing & Usage to add or remove Monthly Active Contacts/Users or change your subscription plan according to your needs. <call-out>

Frequently Asked Questions

I am on a Team/Business/Enterprise plan. How can I start benefiting from the new pricing model?

On your Workspace, Navigate to Settings > Billing & Usage. Notice the callout on the top indicating: You are currently on the legacy pricing. Click here to view the new pricing.

Click on the link to be directed to the new pricing page, where you can select a new subscription plan with your preferred number of Monthly Active Contacts and Users.

<call-out> Please note that you cannot revert to the legacy pricing once you switch to the new pricing model. <call-out>

I am on a Team/Business/Enterprise plan. Will I be migrated to the current pricing model?

No, you won’t. Additionally, you’ll have access to the legacy pricing page on your Workspace, where you can upgrade or downgrade your legacy plan as usual.

Román Filgueira
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Román Filgueira, a University of Vigo graduate holding a Bachelor's in Foreign Languages, joined the team as a Content Writer in 2021. Román offers expert insights on best practices for using messaging apps to drive business growth.
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