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Jagoan Hosting Increased a CSAT Score to 93% by Implementing Powerful Workflows

With Andy Novianto, Operational Manager at PT Beon Intermedia


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Find a WhatsApp API provider and messaging platform with superior support
Consolidate messages from multiple channels in one place
Switched WhatsApp API providers for a better messaging experience
Connected WhatsApp API and other channels to a central inbox
Created separate channels for members and non-members
Automated routine tasks such as chat routing and customer verification
A success story: Jagoan Hosting improved agent productivity by 52% while delivering exceptional customer service over WhatsApp and web chat.

Indonesian web hosting provider Jagoan Hosting, owned by IT company PT Beon Intermedia, provides domain registration, website creation, and cloud and web hosting services. It caters to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around Southeast Asia.

The Problem

Most of Jagoan Hosting’s sales and customer service inquiries come in over web chat and WhatsApp, the most popular messaging channel in the region. However, its solutions provider supplied WhatsApp API access via a third party. It therefore couldn’t troubleshoot or provide support for issues encountered on the channel.

Jagoan Hosting needed a reliable WhatsApp API provider and a messaging platform that could send and receive messages over WhatsApp. Ideally, the platform would support multiple channels so it could consolidate all its customer conversations in one place.

The Solution

After surveying several WhatsApp API providers, Jagoan Hosting found a promising omnichannel platform with powerful automation. It registered for a account and executed the following solutions.

Messaging Channels and Relevant Teams were Centralized

Jagoan Hosting has a strong presence on Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, where it posts brand updates and relevant content. Its Telegram channel acts as a community forum for members to share related interests and interact with each other.

On’s advice, Jagoan Hosting switched WhatsApp API providers to receive the support it needs. Then, it connected its social media and instant messaging accounts to to direct all customer messages into a central inbox.

Finally, it onboarded its social media, customer support and customer relationship teams onto The teams now handle customer interactions across all channels from a single platform.

Web Chat was Established for Sales and General Inquiries

As prospective customers browse through Jagoan Hosting’s website to see if it meets their needs, the brand uses web chat to address inquiries they might have. It chose to host its web chat on instead of a separate provider so these inquiries would also flow into the shared inbox.

The brand created a web chat widget on and added it to all its landing pages. Customers just click on the widget to talk to a “sales bestie”, or a customer support agent.

Exclusive Channels were Designated for Member Support

Jagoan Hosting automatically enrolls customers who sign up for its services in a members’ club. They enjoy exclusive privileges, including access to private support channels for 24/7 assistance from the customer relationship team.

Members can log in to the website to access a private web chat or message “Jovita”, the brand’s WhatsApp support persona, for instant support. Offering members 24/7 help on their preferred channels ensures they feel special and well looked after.

Automation was Implemented to Segment, Verify and Route Customers

To relieve agents from performing repetitive tasks, Jagoan Hosting automated certain processes on Automated Workflows categorize contacts according to their stage in the customer journey. It then routes chats accordingly to the right team and assigns them to agents with the fewest open conversations for quick responses.

A Workflow also verifies members’ identities before granting them access to the members-only WhatsApp channel. While the website login ensures only members can use the exclusive web chat, WhatsApp required a special verification method.

Now, when a contact tries to chat with Jovita on WhatsApp, an HTTP request automatically validates their phone number in Jagoan Hosting’s internal database to confirm their membership status. Verified members are assigned to an agent while non-members receive an “access denied” message.

Performance Metrics are Tracked and Exported for Analysis

The Reports Module monitors agents’ workload and performance metrics such as first response and resolution times in real time. It also tracks long-term conversation trends such as the busiest times for support in a day or week.

However, Jagoan Hosting wanted to use its existing performance measuring system. It created a Workflow that automatically exports performance data on to its business intelligence tool for analysis.

The brand also uses Workflows to send customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys and exports the results to Google Sheets for tabulation. This offers valuable insights into the customer experience and pinpoints areas of improvement to increase customer loyalty and advocacy.

“The flexibility of’s solutions allow us to customize the platform’s use for our specific needs. I really like the ability to request and upvote desired features. It shows that wants to understand users’ real-world needs and charts its path forward according to genuine feedback. I’ve recommended the platform to friends and peers, which is high praise indeed.” — Andy Novianto, Operational Manager at PT Beon Intermedia

The Results

Since it subscribed to and switched WhatsApp API providers, Jagoan Hosting has encountered few technical issues on WhatsApp and other channels. It credits this to the stability of the messaging platform and the support it receives from’s Customer Success team.

As a result, agents are 52% more productive and can handle a higher volume of conversations than before. This allows the brand to focus on growing its customer base and providing exceptional service to members.

Leveraging automation and making strategic decisions based on available data and insights has led to improvements such as a 20% reduction in wait time for service. Prompt attention from agents and efficient resolutions are clearly pleasing customers. Jagoan Hosting now averages an impressive 93% in CSAT scores.

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