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Bella Piel Received an Award For Elevating Customer Experience In Latin America By Cutting Down Response Time By 37%

With Daniela González, omnichannel communication manager at Bella Piel


Reduced messaging spend


Reduced response times


Won a Latin American eCommerce customer experience award

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Consolidate agents from different regions for easier monitoring
Connect customers with agents or outlets closest to their location
Have a single WhatsApp number for customers to contact
Manage agents remotely to facilitate remote working and hybrid teams
Unified regional sales and support
Audited conversations to standardize brand voice
Increased conversation transparency with detailed metrics
A success story: Bella Piel implemented an omnichannel strategy that unified regional operations and personalized conversations to create an award-winning customer experience

Bella Piel is a Colombian skincare solutions provider founded in 2004. Customers purchase products at its 63 outlets nationwide or via its website, which averages over 16,000 visitors monthly.

Their outlets offer personalized product recommendations according to the customer's skin type and feature an Experience Chair where clients learn first-hand how to use their products. These complement its digital endeavors and are in line with its focus on providing customers with memorable experiences, even in places where the brand isn’t physically present.

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bella Piel knew it had to embrace an omnichannel communication strategy. It aimed to replicate the same level of service on its digital channels, website and Instagram.

The Problem

Bella Piel had been using WhatsApp and Facebook to communicate with customers, but needed to create a seamless omnichannel strategy from the inside out. As an extension of that, it wanted to develop a single brand voice to communicate with customers.

It was also important to Bella Piel that it retains the structure of its sales and regional support teams and enable managers to supervise conversations and agents remotely. Finally, managers wanted to generate monthly performance metrics for analysis as the brand believes what is not measured can’t be controlled, and what isn’t controlled can’t be improved.

Solutions by and Attention

To create a scalable sales and customer support infrastructure over instant messaging, Bella Piel decided to work with and its implementation partner, Attention. The following solutions were implemented.

All Communication Channels Integrated on One Platform

All Bella Piel's instant messaging channels, including Facebook and WhatsApp, were integrated into one Workspace. Web chat was also added to its website to work seamlessly alongside other channels as part of its omnichannel strategy.

Previously, agents had to switch between WhatsApp Business App and Facebook Inbox to attend to customers. Now, communication channels are centralized in one shared inbox where all agents can attend to customers based on their needs or location. This also allowed Bella Piel to easily audit agents’ conversations and standardize its brand voice and messaging.

Regional Routing was Automated with Workflows

Bella Piel previously managed several Facebook and WhatsApp accounts so that teams could handle communications for their specific regions. However, having multiple branded accounts was confusing for customers.

Using’s Workflows automation, Bella Piel was able to route customers to their respective regional teams without having to maintain multiple accounts. This dramatically improved the customer experience as getting in touch with a local agent was seamless.

Agent Performance and Customer Satisfaction Monitored Remotely

Initially, managers were not able to determine the load or performance of individual agents as its solution back then did not include an analytics component. By moving over to, Bella Piel now has the tools for daily agent supervision and long-term analytics.

Via the supervisor dashboard, managers can ensure agents are online and review their conversations in real-time. Managers are also able to step in at critical times to steer conversations in the right direction or provide guidance to agents.

In addition to day-to-day improvements, comprehensive analytics and reporting allow managers to review KPIs at every level of their operations, including by region, team or agent.

Messaging Spend Slashed by 95%

When it required a solution to scale its instant messaging activities, Bella Piel partnered with a local WhatsApp provider. This resulted in a high monthly cost just for WhatsApp messaging.

This figure was drastically reduced by migrating to’s recommended WhatsApp Partner, 360dialog. Even after taking into account Facebook’s new pricing model, Bella Piel is spending much less than it did with its former WhatsApp Business Service Provider.

“In a time of crisis, Bella Piel saw light in the darkness and spotted an opportunity. Our approach during Covid-19 accelerated our growth by 5 to 10 years. Getting here wasn’t easy, but today we are certain that we made the best decision by choosing to work with The company not only understood our main objectives, but also developed specific solutions for us that addressed our current goals, as well as Bella Piel’s prospects for the future.” — Daniela González, omnichannel communication manager at Bella Piel
“We couldn’t be happier working with The team is extremely responsive with efficient and cost-effective solutions that have drastically improved operations and reduced our messaging costs. We especially like how personalized our Workflows are to our use cases. Thanks to solutions like these which are easy to implement and run, we recently won a customer experience award for eCommerce in Latin America!” — Ferney Beltran, product specialist at Attention


By centralizing communication on an omnichannel platform, allowed Bella Piel to improve its client experience through the creation of a single brand voice and high-quality service and support, no matter the channel or region.

Providing managers with detailed analytics allowed them to balance agent loads and share best practices from the most successful agents across the teams to further increase performance. This improvement was perceived internally and externally and directly contributed to Bella Piel’s regional customer experience award.

Their success so far has prompted Bella Piel and Attention to proceed with further improvements to their implementation by connecting a PBX phone system as a channel on

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