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December 2023 Updates: Two-Factor Authentication, Improved Platform Onboarding and Dark Mode for - Inbox

Román Filgueira
January 15, 2024

Happy New Year from! 🎉 We’re psyched about 2024, especially since we’re riding on the momentum of a feature-packed 2023. Take a look at the image below for a recap of our headlining features released last year.’s Key Features in 2023

This year is off to a great start with a whopping 30 new badges we’ve earned from G2! 🥳 We also launched our new LinkedIn newsletter, Conversation-Led Growth. Subscribe now for trend reports, strategies and insights on getting business results over instant messaging.

On the features front, we’ve enhanced platform security with two-factor authentication, made our onboarding process more user-friendly and launched a stylish dark mode for the mobile app. Let’s dive in. 🎉

Boost your Data Protection with Two-Factor Authentication 🛡️

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security process that requires two distinct forms of identification to access an account, providing an additional barrier against unauthorized access.

Once 2FA is enabled on, users will need the following to log in to the platform:

How to enable 2FA on Your Account

  1. Navigate to Settings > Profile.
  2. Toggle on Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
  3. Use an authenticator app to scan the displayed QR code and link it to your account. Alternatively, if you encounter any issues with the QR code, you can manually enter the alphanumeric code provided into your authenticator app.
  4. Enter the 6-digit code from your authenticator app into the designated field on
How to enable 2FA on your account

Once these steps are completed, your account will have an added level of security. Remember, you'll need to enter the authentication code each time you log in.

Implementing Mandatory 2FA for Your Organization

To further enhance security, Organization and User Admins can enforce 2FA for all Users within an Organization. This requirement ensures that every member of your team has an additional security measure in place.

To enforce 2FA across your organization:

  1. Navigate to Organization Settings > Security.
  2. Toggle on Enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on all users.
  3. A pop-up window will appear. Click Enforce.
How to implement mandatory 2FA for your Organization

After this, Users who haven’t enabled 2FA will be prompted to set it up. They will also have all Modules hidden, except Personal Settings. Admins will retain access to the Security Module, depending on their access level. Users with 2FA already enabled will not experience any interruption.

<call-out> If you are using Google sign-in and Single Sign-On (SSO), then your account’s 2FA will be bypassed. We recommend you set up and use 2FA on your Google account or SSO Identity Provider (IDP). <call-out>

A Smoother Start with Enhanced Onboarding 💡

Acknowledging the challenges faced by new users, we’ve simplified the onboarding process for owners and managers so they can set up the platform and initiate operations quickly.’s new enhanced onboarding

The new onboarding experience comprises a step-by-step checklist that appears when creating new Workspaces and covers the most important areas of our platform. Let’s run through them.

Understand How Messaging and Inbox Work on

First, you’ll learn the core of - sending, receiving and managing messages. To get you started, we’ve added a mock chat window so you can simulate how customer messages are received on the platform.

Learn the basics of messaging and Inbox

Simply send your message by using the chat window. Then click on the Use Inbox button to see what that message looks like in your Inbox. You can even reply to that mock message to test out the messaging module on

Connect New Channels

Next, let’s dive into another fundamental capability - connecting channels. You will be shown your preferred and suggested channels, as well as the estimated time it takes to connect them.

Connect messaging channels

Select the channel you want to connect to and follow the setup instructions. Once you’re done, you can connect more channels or start chatting with customers.

Add Your Team Members to

At this point, you can add Owners, Managers or Agents. You can also set restrictions for Managers and Agents.
<call-out> Note that only invited Owners and Managers can see this onboarding process <call-out>

Invite your team members

Progress on the onboarding checklist is shared among all Owners and Managers. That means that new Owners and Managers won’t have to go through the entire onboarding process from the start, but can access the completed items in the checklist if necessary.

Diving into Workflows and Broadcasts

Based on your organization’s purpose for using, which you select during the sign-up process, you will be presented with the checklist for Workflows and/or Broadcast.

Build your first Workflow

The Workflows checklist introduces the concept of an automation builder. During this onboarding process, you’ll learn how to create your own automation using a Workflow template.

Build your first Broadcast

Under Broadcasts, you can connect additional channels that support broadcasts. Click Discover Broadcast and follow the setup instructions to create a new broadcast.

Explore Other Features

The onboarding checklist is just the beginning. We’ve placed links on the onboarding page so you can explore other features like Respond AI, Reports, Contacts and third-party software integration.

Upon completing the checklist, Owners can dismiss the onboarding process module from their Workspace. Note that the checklist will not be available again in your Workspace once dismissed.

Easier on Your Eyes: Dark Mode Available on - Inbox 🌘

We're excited to announce that dark mode has finally arrived on the - Inbox mobile app. This much-anticipated feature allows you to switch the app's theme to dark mode or to automatically enable your preferred mode following your device’s system settings. How cool is that?

Mobile apps with light-themed interfaces can be straining to the eyes in low-light environments or during prolonged use, potentially leading to discomfort and visual fatigue. And that’s not all; for devices with OLED screens, a dark theme can reduce power consumption and extend battery life.

Dark mode is currently exclusive to the mobile app. We will work to bring this feature to the web app soon as well, and we appreciate your patience while we make this happen. 🙏

How to Change the - Inbox Theme

By default, the app will follow your device's system settings. So, if your device is already using a dark theme, - Inbox will automatically adopt a dark theme as well. However, you can also select your preferred app theme manually.

How to change the - Inbox theme

To set up Dark Mode:

  1. Open the Settings menu in your mobile app
  2. Find the Change appearance option
  3. Select your preferred appearance and confirm by clicking Change

I hope you like the new look of - Inbox. Stay cool and enjoy the dark side! 🌚✨

Scan the QR code to download the - Inbox app

Haven't downloaded our new app yet? Scan the QR code above or search “ - Inbox” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Keep your app updated to enjoy the latest features and an enhanced mobile experience.

For optimal performance, ensure your device is running the latest software version (Android 10 or higher, iOS 16 or higher).

We're excited about what 2024 has in store – expect more updates and improvements as we keep working to make better and better. Thanks for joining us on this journey, and stay tuned for what's next!

Román Filgueira
Content Writer
Román Filgueira, a University of Vigo graduate holding a Bachelor's in Foreign Languages, joined the team as a Content Writer in 2021. Román offers expert insights on best practices for using messaging apps to drive business growth.
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