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WhatsApp Business Metrics: How to Track WhatsApp Analytics [July 2023]

George Wong
December 9, 2022

If you’re one of over 5 million businesses on WhatsApp and are keen on using WhatsApp Business metrics to improve the way you communicate with customers, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you how to access your business’ WhatsApp analytics, what those numbers mean and how to use that knowledge.

Why Track WhatsApp Business Metrics

In today’s fast-paced world, it has become increasingly important to respond to your customers reliably, especially on instant messengers like WhatsApp. The sales and support experience a business provides matters as much as its products or services.

When customers reach out to businesses via instant messages, they expect to receive quick and informative replies. From sending customers a greeting to let them know they’ll be served soon to resolving a query they might have, speed is of the essence.

An image showing why you should track WhatsApp Business Metrics - measure performance, understand your business, improve customer experience
Why track WhatsApp Business Metrics

Ignored and dissatisfied customers will react negatively and take their business elsewhere. They are also likely to leave bad reviews, which could damage your reputation.

WhatsApp Business metrics are a collection of statistics that detail your business messaging activities on WhatsApp. By tracking metrics, you can solve problems when you notice downward trends in reports or a downturn in stats instead of waiting for negative feedback.

Benefits of Tracking Metrics

Tracking metrics allows you to pinpoint areas of improvement. You can identify agents with significantly longer average conversation resolution times compared to their teammates and look into their messages to see why they aren’t answering customers’ queries adequately.

Monitoring customer behavior metrics also provide valuable insights. For example, you can identify the busiest times of the day so you know if you need to assign additional agents during those hours.

By determining the rates of new versus returning customers contacting your business, you can also pinpoint opportunities for remarketing or gauge how well retargeting campaigns are going.

An image showing the benefits of tracking WhatsApp Business Metrics - pipoint bottlenecks, learn about customers, keep track of your agents
Benefits of tracking WhatsApp Business metrics

With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions to improve customer experience. This can lead to potential new customers when you have satisfied clients leaving positive reviews.

It isn’t too difficult to manually track the performance of your agents if you’re a small business or solopreneur. But when you have tens or hundreds of agents, it’s unfeasible to track everybody individually.

The WhatsApp Business metrics you track depend on your business needs as well as the WhatsApp Business product you use. Let’s go over the types of metrics we can track.

WhatsApp Business Metrics: WhatsApp Business App vs WhatsApp API

Businesses using the WhatsApp Business App have a limited selection of statistics to choose from, whereas those using WhatsApp API connected to a messaging platform like can access many more stats.

Firstly, we’ll go through what you can track on WhatsApp Business App.

WhatsApp Business App Statistics

Small businesses run by a single person or a small team normally use WhatsApp Business App to communicate with customers.

Here’s what you can track from the WhatsApp Business App:

  • Messages sent - the number of messages you have sent using WhatsApp Business
  • Messages delivered - the number of your messages that were delivered successfully to your contacts
  • Messages read - the number of messages from you that your contacts have read
  • Messages received - the number of messages that you’ve received from your contacts

You can glean some useful information about your business through simple comparisons of these numbers. For example, the number of messages received versus messages delivered tells you if contacts are engaging with you on WhatsApp.

how to check whatsapp business metrics
WhatsApp Business App metrics

Messages read versus messages delivered can tell you if customers are reading your messages. Messages sent will be more than messages delivered if customers are having trouble receiving your messages or are blocking you.

The scope of these metrics is quite limited since WhatsApp Business App was designed for small businesses. The number of messages received or sent isn’t high enough to require dedicated analytics tools.

With a maximum of five people handling messaging duties on the app, small businesses can track their performance by simply going through the chats individually.

However, businesses with large teams require WhatsApp Business API connected to a third-party messaging platform, such as These platforms usually offer a lot more metrics than WhatsApp Business App.

WhatsApp API with Reports Module has a rich reporting module for WhatsApp sales and support efforts. When businesses connect their WhatsApp API to, they gain sophisticated multi-user support and are better equipped to handle large numbers of incoming messages.

Accessing the Reports Module provides useful metrics for monitoring the performance of your agents within a Workspace. Furthermore, you’ll gain a better understanding of your customers’ behavior.

Let’s examine the reports you can access and examples of how to deduce useful information from them.

Conversations gives you an overall picture of your agents’ workload and whether the conversations were initiated by contacts, agents or automation. By tracking the number of conversations, you can determine when your agents will be most occupied and if you need more staff during peak hours.

how to get whatsapp business metrics on
Track your WhatsApp Business metrics on

You’ll be able to tell what kind of conversations are happening frequently thanks to the category breakdown. For example, if there are a lot of conversations concerning payment issues, you can check your payment systems and set up FAQs or canned replies to address them.

User Performance

The Users report is where you measure the performance of your agents based on the number of conversations assigned to them. You can also monitor the number of messages they sent and replied to, average resolution times and more.

how to monitor whatsapp business metrics on
Users report on

Consequently, you can tell if individual agents are able to cope with their assigned workload based on how long they take to first respond to Contacts and successfully resolve their queries.


On the Contacts report, you can see how many Contacts you’ve gained or deleted, and details like their name and ID.

how to obtain your company’s metrics on whatsapp
Contacts report on

In the same way, you’ll be able to see how a Contact was added to your Contact list – if they sent you the first message, were manually added by a User or imported from a list.

This information can explain the responsiveness of a Contact, as someone who seeks out your business is likelier to reply than one who was imported.


The breakdown of messages sent or received by your business can be found in the Messages report. This page shows the number of messages received, messages that failed to be delivered, messages sent during or outside the messaging window and more.

whatsapp business insights with's messages report
Messages report on

You’ll also be able to tell which Channels are most popular with your Contacts. This can help you decide which Channel you should be spending your budget on. And if you notice a lot of messages failing to be delivered on a particular Channel, you can look into it.


Lastly, the Logs show which Contacts have been assigned to specific agents on the platform and any comments they have regarding their conversations with them.

check whatsapp business metrics using
Logs report on

From here, you can quickly see which Contacts your agents are handling at the moment; if they require your attention, you will be tagged.

Now you know how to use these metrics, we’ll explain how to access them.

WhatsApp Analytics: How to Access WhatsApp Business Metrics

In this section, we’ll show you how to access your analytics on WhatsApp Business App as well as WhatsApp API connected to

WhatsApp Analytics: Access Metrics with WhatsApp Business App

This feature is only available on WhatsApp Business for Android at the moment.

An image showing how to access your whatsapp metrics business
WhatsApp analytics: Access your WhatsApp chat metrics

1. Tap More (3 dots) on the Chats screen followed by Business tools.

2. Tap More (3 dots) followed by Statistics.

You can now see the metrics that WhatsApp Business App tracks.

WhatsApp Analytics: Access Metrics with WhatsApp API Connected to

Firstly, connect your WhatsApp API to your account; if you don’t have a account, sign up here.

Take note that the Reports Module is only available for the Business plan and above. Please upgrade or subscribe to the Business or Enterprise plan if you wish to use this feature.

An image showing how to access WhatsApp chat analytics
Use to track your WhatsApp Business messaging metrics

1. Click the Reports Module button on the side navigation menu of the Dashboard.

2. Select the section you wish to generate a report for.

More information on how to filter and interpret the data can be found in the Help Center.

You now know how to track your WhatsApp Business metrics and the importance of those figures. Use this knowledge to improve the way you communicate with your customers.

If you’re a WhatsApp Business App user thinking of making the switch to WhatsApp API, be sure to read our Ultimate Guide to find out if this is the right move for you.

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