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How Golden Luxe Enjoys a 20x More Stable Messaging Experience with

With Manuel Pérez, General Manager at Golden Luxe


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Have a reliable messaging platform with little to no downtime
Streamline customer response with automation
Improve chat routing efficiency
A stable messaging experience was guaranteed with
Customer experience was improved with’s intuitive platform
Routing workflows were built to handle inbound conversations
Tags were used to identify returning customers
A success story: Golden Luxe connected its messaging channels to As a result, it enjoys a 20x more stable messaging experience.

Golden Luxe is an online jewelry store with young Colombians as its main customers. It boasts a solid social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, showcasing its products via elegant photos and videos.

While many customers buy directly from its website, Golden Luxe’s thriving social networks are its second sales channel and have proven to be effective at generating conversions too. Customers interested in a product generally contact the brand with purchase intent, and the sale is completed in just a few steps with little input from sales.

The Problem

In the past, Golden Luxe was working with a different messaging solution that wasn’t very reliable. The platform used to crash several times a week, sometimes for hours. Messages would stop coming in, a critical issue for a company that relies on conversational sales and support.

The most important thing for Golden Luxe was finding a stable, reliable platform that wouldn’t disappoint its customers or agents. It also wanted to build automation with simple, intuitive user interface and user experience, as that would help route customers to the right team.

The Solution

When looking for a messaging platform, Golden Luxe considered several of the available options in the market. It decided to settle with, which stood out as a feature-rich solution with an attractive user interface.

Messaging Channels were Centralized in One Platform

The team onboarded Golden Luxe to the platform and helped it connect its customer communication channels: WhatsApp Business API, Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger.

With a central omnichannel inbox, Golden Luxe agents sell and provide support from a single platform. In the Messages Module, they have access to every customer’s chat history across all the connected messaging channels in one thread.

This is made possible with’s Contact Merge tool. When a customer contacts a business over two or more messaging channels, the platform suggests joining duplicate profiles into one to prevent siloed conversations across different channels.

A Stable Messaging Experience was Guaranteed with

As soon as it began using, Golden Luxe experienced a massive improvement in platform stability; downtimes were extremely rare and all customer messages arrived in the inbox with no issues.

This was a pleasant first impression since now the company can rest assured that its sales and customer support are no longer compromised by technical problems.

Customer Experience was Improved with’s Intuitive Platform

Before using, Golden Luxe experimented with automation on a competitor platform to route inbound conversations and pass them to the right team. Unfortunately, its automation was neither intuitive nor user-friendly.

Because customers didn’t understand how it operated, they couldn’t trigger the desired response and would drop off when frustrated. The company knew that it needed a better automation builder.

Golden Luxe now utilizes’s Workflows automation to greet and route customers. After a welcome message, customers can choose between three options on a chat menu: Purchase, track orders and warranties. Based on their choice, they are routed to a sales or support team and automatically assigned to an available agent.

Golden Luxe noticed that Workflows are really easy to comprehend by the average customer. Now customers only need to press a button on an interactive menu to receive the attention they need from the right team.

Tags were Used to Identify Returning Customers

To identify returning customers, Golden Luxe uses Tags. These can be automated using Workflows, meaning that Contacts can be automatically labeled or unlabelled with Tags if certain conditions are met.

Whenever a Golden Luxe agent enables a sale to a first-time customer and closes the conversation, a Returning Customer Tag is automatically assigned to the customer. With this simple method, returning customers are easy to identify and retarget with future promotions.

“Since we switched to, stability has not been an issue anymore. Plus, the platform is very rich in features compared to our previous messaging platform and to other solution providers in the market. It’s definitely one of the most reliable options.” – Manuel Pérez, General Manager at Golden Luxe.

The Results

Since signing up for, Golden Luxe reports that it has a 20x more stable messaging experience. While it suffered from weekly platform crashes in the past, granted almost no platform downtime. This has seen an increase in agent productivity and customer engagement.

With a functional messaging platform and Workflows, Golden Luxe is able to secure an average first response time of 5 hours. The messaging experience allows customers to buy and seek assistance without technical problems, encouraging many to return. Thus, the company has a returning customer rate of 17%.

Golden Luxe hasn’t stopped exploring all the features that has to offer. In the future, it intends to retarget existing customers with WhatsApp Broadcasts, as they have higher open rates than email promotions and can contribute to a higher number of conversions.

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