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Instagram Auto Reply: A How-To Guide [Jan 2024]

May 5, 2022

Want to know how to send Instagram auto reply messages? We've got you covered! This article will explain why you need an Instagram auto responder and the different ways you can set it up on Instagram.

What is Instagram Auto Reply

Instagram auto reply are automated responses sent when customers message you on Instagram. Welcome and away messages are two of the most common auto replies businesses use to improve customers’ experience.

Compared to traditional messaging channels like email, customers have quick response time expectations on apps like Instagram. However, businesses are not always able to respond immediately due to a lack of staff, limited hours of operation and more.

These are the benefits of using Instagram auto reply
Benefits of Instagram auto responder

Auto replies solve these issues by:

  • Managing customers’ expectations: Let customers know when to expect a reply
  • Making a good first impression: Give customers a timely and friendly response
  • Collecting customer information: Send a pre-chat survey to collect customer details so that agents can understand the situation before conversing with them

However, if you want more advanced automated replies, you should use AI Agent. It can provide quick responses to low-level conversations like basic product information and troubleshooting steps.

Now that you understand the basics, let's look at the different ways you can set up Instagram auto reply.

How to Set Up Auto Reply on Instagram

Businesses can use one of three methods to set up prompt responses to customers who message them on Instagram.

You can set up auto reply on instagram auto reply to dm, Meta Business Suites and
How to set up Instagram auto responder

These are:

  • Instagram App Direct Message Inbox
  • Meta Business Suite Inbox
  •’s Omnichannel Messaging Inbox

In the next section, we’ll explain the functions of each option and how to set them up so you can start using Instagram auto reply right away.

How to Set Up Instagram Quick Reply: Instagram DM Inbox

There’s no Instagram DM auto reply feature on the app itself. Therefore, businesses communicating with clients solely through the app can send ready-made responses to common customer queries using Instagram Quick Replies. Follow these steps to set up frequently asked questions on Instagram direct.

1. From Instagram home, tap the Messenger icon on the top right of the screen.

2. Under Set Up Automated Responses, tap Get Started.

3. Tap the toggle next to Show Questions to enable automated responses.

4. Under Questions, tap Add Question. For each question, you’ll be prompted to enter a Question and optional Automated Response.

5. Tap Save once you’re done.

To use this feature, you must first make sure that your Instagram account is a business account. Note that you can only set up Quick Replies on the Instagram phone app settings. For step-by-step setup instructions, read our guide to Instagram Quick Replies.

Next, we’ll show you how to set up Instagram auto reply and the types of auto replies available on Meta Business Suite.

How To Set Up Automatic Replies on Instagram: Meta Business Suite Inbox

Businesses can send Instagram auto replies via Meta Business Suite. However, the automated messaging features on Meta Business Suite are limited to instant replies and away messages.

To set up auto reply on Instagram, you must first connect your Instagram Business account to Meta Business Suite. Once they are connected, you can set instant reply and away messages.

Auto Reply Instagram: Instant Reply

1. Open Meta Business Suite Inbox and click on Automations.

To set instagram auto replies, you need click on automations on Meta Business Suite Inbox.
How to set up automatic replies on Instagram: Click on Automations in the Meta Business Suite Inbox

2. Navigate to Instant Reply and turn on the toggle.

This image shows how to turn on instant reply on instagram
How to activate Instagram auto message: Turn on Instant reply toggle

3. Select Instagram by checking the box.

Select where you'd like to receive messages on
How to set up auto replies on Instagram: Click on the Instagram checkbox

4. Compose your auto reply message and click on the Sparkles icon if you want to personalize your Instagram instant reply.

Compose your instant reply message
How to set up auto response on Instagram: Compose your message and personalize it

5. Click on Save Changes to publish your auto reply.

After setting up. Click save and you can enable auto reply Instagram dm
Instagram auto responder: Click on Save Changes to save Instagram auto response

If you want to test the message before saving it, click on Preview in Messenger. Next, we’ll show you how to set up an away message on Meta Business Suite.

Auto Reply Instagram: Away Message

1. Open Meta Business Suite Inbox and click on Automations.

can you set up auto reply on instagram? You can set up Instagram auto reply by clicking on automations on Meta business Suite Inbox.
How to set up automatic replies on Instagram: Click on Automations in the Meta Business Suite Inbox

2. Navigate to Away Message, select Instagram by checking the box and click on +Add Time to schedule your away time.

This is how to set up an auto reply on instagram for away message
How to set up auto reply on Instagram: Navigate to Away message, select Instagram and Add Time

3. Set your away hours.

Set your out of business hours to send instant replies
How to schedule auto response on Instagram: Schedule time based on business operation hours

4. Compose your away message and click on +Add Customer’s Name if you want to personalize it.

By setting up away message, this is how to turn off auto response on Instagram for welcome message
How to set up Instagram auto responder: Compose your message and personalize it

5. Click Save. Your away message will be sent when customers message you outside of your business hours.

This is how to turn on auto-reply on instagram for away message
Save auto reply Instagram away message

Want more advanced automation with messaging compared to what Meta Business Suite can provide? You'll need a business messaging platform like

<call-out> Warning! Following Meta's latest changes to its Handover Protocol, you can now only have one primary app: either Meta Business Suite Inbox or a third-party inbox like Note that only the primary app will receive incoming messages. <call-out>

Next, we'll show you how to set up Instagram auto reply messages on However, before you can use as a third-party Instagram inbox, you must disable Meta Business Suite Inbox and make the primary app instead.

How to Set Up Instagram Auto Responder on advanced automation lets you capture customer information and send contextual automated messages based on customer categories such as geography, products purchased, subscription tier and more.

Plus, setting up advanced automated messages is easy with’s Workflows. You can even configure your Workflow to route contacts to the right team and assign them to an available agent once your auto replies are sent. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Navigate to the Workflows Module and click on Add Workflow.

How to Activate Instagram Auto Message: Add workflow on
How to set up auto reply on Instagram: Add a new Workflow on

2. Set the Workflow Trigger to Conversation Opened.

This image shows how to set instagram auto reply dm and how to set up auto reply on instagram
Set Workflow Trigger to conversation opened

3. Add the Date & Time Step to set your business hours. This will determine when an away message or welcome message should be sent.

To activate instagram auto message 2021, you can first define your business hours.
Define business hours to schedule auto response on Instagram

4. Add the Send a Message Step. Make sure to set the Channel to Instagram in the configuration drawer when you compose your welcome and away messages.

Auto reply instagram: Compose your instagram auto dm reply.
Add send a message step, select Instagram and compose a message

If you wish to obtain customer information, add the Ask a Question Step. The responses can be saved as Variables or Contact Fields to be used in other parts of the Workflow.

You can now activate your Instagram auto responder by clicking on save and publish
Add Ask a Question Step to obtain customer information, save and publish

Once you’ve set up your Workflow, save and publish it. And that’s everything you need to know about setting up Instagram auto reply. Next, we’ll give you a few auto reply message examples, so you can start engaging with leads and customers quickly.

Instagram Auto Reply Message Examples

Here are a few examples to spark your creativity. For more Instagram welcome message ideas, check out our detailed blog post.

  • Thank you for getting in touch! Our team is available from 10am-3pm CT. We'll get back to you within those hours!
  • Hey there—thanks for reaching out! Your message is important to us. Someone on our team will get back to you within the next 12 hours.
  • Sorry we missed you! Our team is currently unavailable, but we'll be back around 8am GMT.

Want to start sending Instagram auto replies with Create a free account and connect your Instagram with an AI-powered customer conversation management platform and badged Meta Business Partner to boost your customer experience game.

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