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Telegram Auto Reply: A How-To Guide [May 2022]

Román Filgueira García
Content Writer,
May 30, 2022

Telegram is a popular messaging app used by businesses around the globe. If your business uses Telegram to communicate with customers, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to auto reply Telegram messages with Workflows automation. You’ll also find a list of useful Telegram auto reply examples!

Why Use Telegram Auto Reply?

Customers dislike waiting or feeling ignored when they message businesses. They expect quick and prompt responses, which is why most prefer to use a messaging channel like Telegram over email.

Late responses leave a poor impression of the brand and cause businesses to lose valuable leads to competitors who reply on time. Plus, not all businesses can afford to have agents reply to customer inquiries readily 24/7.

So, what is the best way to handle inbound conversations for Telegram Business users? The answer is Telegram auto reply - an automated message triggered in response to inbound Telegram notifications.

Why use Telegram Auto Reply Bot
Three reasons to use this feature

Here are some of the benefits of using auto reply on Telegram:

  • Establish an excellent first impression by greeting customers with a friendly and attentive tone
  • Manage response time expectations for scenarios where there aren’t agents available
  • Collect customer data with a pre-chat survey for contact identification or agent follow-up

As a result, Telegram automated answers help improve customer satisfaction, since contacts feel they are being attended to. Now that you know the basics, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up a Telegram auto reply message on

How to Set Auto Reply on Telegram

There is one important thing that you should know: The Telegram app doesn’t include an auto reply feature. You’ll need to create a Telegram Bot and connect it to a messaging platform like

To set up an automatic reply, we will use’s Workflows to build powerful and flexible automation. Sign in to your account, open the Workflows Module and create a new Workflow.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Set the Workflow Trigger to Conversation Opened and choose Source is equal to Contact as Trigger Conditions. Workflows trigger
Set up the Trigger

2. AddDate & Time Step and define your business hours.

Auto reply Telegram bot
Set your business hours

With this setup, messages that arrive during business hours will fall into the Success Branch. Conversely, messages that arrive outside of business hours will fall into the Failure Branch.

3. Add a Send a Message Steps and compose your welcome and away messages in their respective branches. Don’t forget to set the Channel to Telegram in the configuration drawer.

auto reply bot Telegram
Type a Telegram auto reply for each branch

4. Follow it with an Ask a Question Step to request any data that your agents need to follow up with leads.

How to set auto reply in Telegram Bot
Ask for extra details if necessary

If the answers are only relevant to this Workflow, save them as Variables. But if you plan to use those answers after the Workflow ends, consider saving them as a Contact Fields or Tags.

<call-out> Save Response As Tag is only available for Multiple Choice questions. <call-out>

5. Use an additional Send a Message Step to tell your customers how long they should expect to wait for a human response.

How to set auto reply in Instagram
Use an additional message to manage response time expectations

There’s only one question left - what should you write in your Telegram auto reply? Let’s see some practical examples of auto reply messages that you can utilize.

Telegram Auto Reply Examples

When composing an auto reply for Telegram, a friendly and approachable greeting message does just fine most of the time. However, you can step up your game by setting up an away message or a lead collection message instead.

Telegram bot auto reply best practices
How to use Telegram automated messages

Regardless of your preference, we’ve got you covered. Here are some Telegram auto reply examples you can use for business.

Welcome Messages

Three Telegram auto reply messages to greet your customers:

  1. “👋 Welcome to [business name]. What can we do for you?”
  2. “Hi, it’s good to hear from you. How can we help you today?🙂”
  3. “Hello! Thanks for reaching out to [business name]. Please let us know how we can assist you.”

Away Messages

Three Telegram auto reply messages to manage response time expectations:

  1. “Hey there! Unfortunately, there are no available agents at this moment. We have received your message and will be in touch with you by [time]. ⏱ ”
  2. “Thanks for contacting us! You will receive a reply within 24h. In the meantime, you can check out our FAQ section here [URL].”
  3. “Hello there! We are closed at the moment, but we have received your message. An agent will be with you as soon as we are back. Thanks for your patience. 🙏”

Lead Capture Messages

Three Telegram auto reply messages to capture leads:

  1. “Hello there! We’ve received your message and we’ll be back to you soon. Could you please share your job title and company name?”
  2. “Thanks for contacting [business name]! Please leave your name and company name below. An agent will be with you 🔜.”
  3. “Welcome to [business name]. May we have your email address? 📧” allows you to create the ultimate customer communication experience with tools such as Workflows, customizable inboxes and advanced analytics tools. Give the leading messaging platform a try. Sign up for an account today!

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