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Pinnacle Contact Center Recruits 112 Candidates Daily, Thanks To Chat Routing and Assignment Automation

With Ramesh Singh, CEO of Pinnacle Contact Centre


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Consolidate candidate conversations for visibility
Expand WhatsApp access for its agents
Supervise remote agents in real-time
Centralized clients, agents and data in Workspaces for visibility
Enabled multiuser access for WhatsApp and new channels
Automated routine tasks for efficiency
Enabled agent monitoring and performance tracking
A success story: With just 14 agents, Pinnacle Contact Center successfully hires 112 candidates per day over WhatsApp.

Pinnacle Contact Centre is the support center for Beansh, a recruitment agency based in Kuala Lumpur. Beansh focuses on mass recruiting rank-and-file employees to middle management for various industries, including contact centers and shared services. Meanwhile, Pinnacle is responsible for appraising all applicants and convincing qualified candidates to sign on with its clients.

The Problem

Pinnacle had 6 WhatsApp Business App accounts but limited user access on each account meant only a few agents could be online at a time.

Pinnacle wanted to expand multiuser access on WhatsApp, streamline all candidate conversations on one platform for visibility and monitor agents who are working remotely in real time.

The Solution

In its search for a suitable business messaging platform, Pinnacle came across It worked with a Customer Success Manager on the following solutions.

All Agents and Conversations were Gathered in One Place

Pinnacle had divided its clients among 6 WhatsApp Business App accounts for easy organization. Recruitment ads display the relevant phone number for each client. While some candidates called these numbers to set up interviews, over 85% of them chose to message agents over WhatsApp.

Pinnacle hired multiple agents to handle the high volume of daily candidate conversations. However, only a few agents could use the app at a time, which hindered business growth.

With, Pinnacle organized its clients into four Workspaces. It then upgraded all WhatsApp accounts to WhatsApp API and connected each WhatsApp number to the relevant Workspace for multiuser functionality on the channel. Pinnacle can now schedule as many agents as necessary to handle all conversations from one platform.

Automated Chat Routing and Assignment were Implemented

Since WhatsApp Business App doesn’t have a method to route conversations, candidates had to specify which client they were applying for a job with at the start of a chat. The agent would start the qualification process in place for that client.’s Workflows automation allows Pinnacle to treat the platform like an automatic call distributor system for quicker processing. A Workflow routes candidates directly to the right team and uses a round-robin assignment strategy to assign candidates to an available agent. If no agent is available, an automated away message sets response time expectations.

A Single Reference Point for All Information was Created

Agents were initially working on their personal phones. As Pinnacle provides real-time hiring updates to clients throughout the day, managers called agents several times a day for progress reports and filled in data like the number of applications or successful hires in Google Sheets.

Using immediately improved the efficiency of Pinnacle’s progress reports. At a glance, managers can see how many candidates agents are talking to, while a tagging system identifies successful hires and their clients.

Live Supervision and Performance Tracking was Enabled

As Pinnacle is responsible for urgent and mass hiring, speed is crucial. Hybrid working arrangements also mean agents sometimes work remotely or offsite. When they were using their personal phones to talk to candidates, managers had no visibility into these conversations.

Now, managers use a combination of live supervision and random checks to monitor agents. In addition to acquiring metrics such as first response and resolution times, they can also perform qualitative conversation audits to see how agents are filtering and placing candidates.

The ability to zoom into and dissect conversations is especially useful when there are abnormal results or agents are not hitting their KPIs.

“We are constantly on the road and allows us to check the real state of the nation from anywhere, anytime, especially with its mobile app. In one screen, I can see who’s productive and who isn’t performing to expectations. The platform is relatively easy to learn and agents are able to pick it up with minimal training. This is definitely a tool we see ourselves using in the long run.” — Ramesh Singh, CEO of Pinnacle Contact Centre

The Results

Consolidating all agents, candidates and conversations on one platform gives managers a 360° view of real-time events.

From having zero insights into response and resolution times, Pinnacle now averages 1 hour in first response times (down from 2 hours and 29 minutes when they started tracking). Agents are also able to resolve hiring conversations within 46 minutes, a 20% improvement from its original times.

Being able to view these metrics has also allowed Pinnacle to set KPIs. Its 14 agents each have to successfully hire 8 candidates per day day, which translates to 112 successful hires across the company every day.

Its success on WhatsApp encouraged Pinnacle to expand its channels of communication. It recently connected Facebook and Telegram to

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