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Ramadan WhatsApp Messaging Campaign: Send WhatsApp Ramadan Greeting Messages and More [July 2023]

George Wong
March 21, 2023

Looking to reach out to your customers with a Ramadan WhatsApp messaging campaign? With the rise of instant messaging apps, engaging and building relationships with customers has gotten more convenient over the years. In this article, we’ll explore how your business can run a Ramadan messaging campaign that goes beyond sending a standard WhatsApp Ramadan greeting. Utilize the full capabilities of WhatsApp to improve connections with your customers this season.

Benefits of Running a Ramadan WhatsApp Messaging Campaign

Running Ramadan promotions on WhatsApp lets businesses reach a wider audience as it's the world's most popular messaging app with 2.24 billion users. This means that a large number of WhatsApp users are likely Muslims observing the holy month.

Acknowledging and celebrating the importance of Ramadan with Muslim consumers can also build brand loyalty and trust, as it demonstrates cultural sensitivity and inclusivity. This can be essential in building a positive brand image.

Families and friends often come together during Ramadan, which typically involves gathering over meals or spending quality time together. By offering promotions and discounts or sharing engaging messages during this period, businesses can expand their customer reach.

an image showing why to run a Ramadan WhatsApp messaging campaign - most popular messaging app, consumers prefer personalized promotions and businesses they can dm
Why run a Ramadan WhatsApp messaging campaign

Moreover, personalized promotions and recommendations can go a long way in building customer loyalty and 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that pay attention to their preferences. Using WhatsApp, businesses can create personalized messages for their customers, which can help to improve customer loyalty.

Furthermore, businesses can provide a more convenient brand experience by enabling customers to message them. In fact, 53% of customers are likelier to shop with a business that they can message directly, making WhatsApp an excellent platform to engage with customers during Ramadan.

By leveraging these benefits, businesses can create a more engaging and personalized experience for their customers during the important season of Ramadan. Next, let’s explore how your business can utilize these features.

Running a Ramadan WhatsApp Messaging Campaign

WhatsApp has a range of features to help F&B services, supermarkets and other businesses run Ramadan promotions. With these features, businesses can create personalized messages, automate customer communication and improve engagement.

An image showing How to use WhatsApp messaging for Ramadan - send whatsapp ramadan greeting and away messages, FAQs, drip campaigns, click-to-chat ads
How to use WhatsApp messaging for Ramadan

Here are some of the ways businesses can use WhatsApp for their promotional messaging.

WhatsApp Ramadan Greeting: Welcome Customers with Greeting and Away Messages

Businesses can set up custom WhatsApp Ramadan greeting and away messages that are triggered when customers message them on WhatsApp. Welcome your customers with messages personalized to reflect the festive season.

For example, a business could set up a WhatsApp Ramadan greeting saying, “Ramadan Mubarak! Our staff are busier than usual but rest assured, we’ll respond to every message. What can we do for you today?”

Businesses with shorter hours during this period can set, “Hello! Our office hours are 9am - 4pm during this fasting season. We’ll get back to your message tomorrow morning, Ramadan Kareem.” as an away message.

Answer FAQs for Ramadan Promotions

Businesses can use WhatsApp's quick reply feature to answer common questions about Ramadan promotions.

By creating a list of responses for frequently asked questions, such as "What are your Ramadan opening hours?" or "What promotions are available during Ramadan?", agents can quickly pick the correct response instead of spending time typing them out.

Staying Top of Mind: Drip Campaigns for Ramadan

Drip campaigns allow businesses to automate customer communication by sending a sequence of messages over a period of time. During Ramadan, businesses can use drip campaigns over WhatsApp to send a series of messages that highlight their special promotions or offers.

For example, a business could send a series of three messages that say, "Ramadan Kareem! Get 10% off on all orders during Ramadan", "Hurry, offer ends in 3 days!" and "Last chance to save 10% on your order! Use code RAMADAN10 at checkout".

Connect with Customers with Click to Chat Ads

Click to chat ads are clickable links that can be placed on a website and Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Businesses use these ads to drive traffic to their WhatsApp account since the ads make it easy for customers to start conversations with them.

During Ramadan, businesses can promote special offers or messages that encourage customers to chat with them. Customers are directed to a WhatsApp chat with the business when they click on the ads.

Ramadan WhatsApp Messaging Campaign Best Practices

Businesses should follow some best practices when using WhatsApp messaging to maximize their Ramadan promotions. Personalization is key, as customers are more likely to engage with messages that are tailored to their preferences and interests.

Addressing customers by their names, using their previous purchase history or location, or including elements related to their culture or tradition can make them feel appreciated and more likely to take advantage of the promotions.

Businesses can show their support for the Ramadan season by offering exclusive deals and packages to customers. By doing this, they can give back to the community and help make the occasion more enjoyable for everyone.

These limited-time offers can also encourage more people to explore what the business has to offer and discover new products and services.

Giving special discounts to WhatsApp customers who make a purchase or reservation can be used to track a campaign’s performance. Businesses can determine the effectiveness of a seasonal promotion by monitoring the tracking link traffic or discount code redemption.

an image showing Ramadan WhatsApp messaging campaign best practices - personalize messages, offer exclusive promotions, use emojis, don't spam customers
Ramadan WhatsApp messaging campaign best practices

Using emojis or other visuals can also make messages more engaging and increase their visibility. During Ramadan, businesses can use relevant visuals such as the crescent moon, dates or lanterns to make their messages more festive and attention-grabbing.

Emojis also help convey emotions and create a friendly tone, which can be important for building relationships with customers.

To avoid coming across as spammy, it is advisable to restrict the number of WhatsApp messages your business sends during this period. Targeted customers who have been segmented based on their preferences should receive no more than one or two messages each week.

While small businesses will be content with the WhatsApp Business App to handle their communication, the same can’t be said for companies with large teams of agents who handle thousands of customers a day.

In order to effectively manage and streamline WhatsApp communication with numerous agents or multiple teams, businesses should consider using WhatsApp API. We’ll show you the best way to do this next.

Connect WhatsApp API to

WhatsApp Business API can be acquired through a WhatsApp partner, but as an API, it needs a customer conversation management software to send and receive messages. The most straightforward way to get both is by signing up for an official WhatsApp API account with

With, businesses gain time-saving features like numerous agent and team support, automated replies and chat automation for sales or support. Businesses can also spread any good news using broadcasts.

These tools enable businesses to free up time that would have otherwise been spent on repetitive tasks. Businesses can then focus on other aspects of their operations, such as tackling more important queries or improving their offerings.

an image showing the benefits of connecting whatsapp api to - support large businesses, send automated replies, chat automation for sales and support
WhatsApp API connected to

Additionally, by providing faster response times and more personalized communication, businesses can enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction. This leads to increased customer loyalty and repeat business, contributing to a business’s long-term success.

By following these best practices, your business can build stronger relationships with its customers and drive sales during this important festive season. If you don’t have a WhatsApp API account yet, sign up for a free trial of and get an official Whatsapp API in minutes!

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