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How Speedhome Doubled Its Monthly New Customers and Keeps Them Coming Back

With Choong Kwok Ming, Head of Product of Speedhome


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Assessed customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys
Discover how Speedhome leveraged's omnichannel capabilities to double its monthly new customers and retain loyal ones.

Speedhome is a property rental platform that connects landlords and tenants in Malaysia. Landlords can list their properties on the platform at no cost and tenants can rent homes without paying a deposit upfront, which makes moving more affordable for them.

Speedhome acts as an intermediary between landlords and tenants and provides services such as background checks, home renovation and rental payment management to ensure a smooth rental process.

The Problem

Speedhome needed to measure the performance of multiple teams of agents in responding to inquiries and resolving conversations efficiently. However, the company lacked a reliable method to track this information. To address this challenge, Speedhome sought a solution that could accommodate a large number of agents and could provide insights into their performance.

In addition to performance tracking, Speedhome required a platform that could support the various channels it used for stakeholder communication. These included WhatsApp, a custom channel and messaging channels like LINE and Google Business Messages, which the company plans to use in the future.

Speedhome also wanted to understand how effective would be in enhancing its customer experience.

The Solution

Speedhome experimented with various software options in search of an answer to its problems. Of the many solutions it tried, stood out as the only software that seamlessly connected all channels during setup. Because the process went so smoothly, it gave Speedhome the confidence to select as its software of choice.

Consolidated Customer Communication Channels on a Single Platform

With's omnichannel capabilities, Speedhome was able to consolidate all its communication channels onto a single platform, enabling its agents to communicate with customers via WhatsApp and its in-app messaging channel.

This not only made it more convenient for Speedhome’s agents to reply to their customers but also future-proofed the company's expansion plans beyond Malaysia, where WhatsApp may not be as widely used.

Since supports popular channels such as LINE and Facebook Messenger, Speedhome can continue to use the platform to communicate effectively with its customers, regardless of their location or preferred communication channel.

Customer Routing was Automated

To replace its system of manually routing customers who contact the company, Speedhome leveraged’s powerful and flexible automation builder to route customers according to the nature of their inquiry efficiently.

When customers reach out to Speedhome, they can choose a relevant inquiry category from a chat menu such as sales, customer experience, operation support, listing and webinar. They are then automatically directed to the corresponding team and assigned to an available agent.

The customer routing process has enabled the company to better meet its customers' needs by assigning the right agent to them quickly, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels.

Agent Performance Could be Tracked and Analyzed

Speedhome faced the challenge of monitoring the performance of 70 agents across 9 teams – a task that was not possible with its previous messaging inbox and would have been unfeasible to track manually. With all its agents working on, Speedhome could easily measure the performance of its staff.

Using the Reports and Analytics module, team leaders had access to metrics such as the time an agent took to respond to an inquiry or resolve a conversation. As a result, empowered Speedhome to supervise and analyze its teams' performance effectively.

Upsold Additional Services Through Promotional Messaging

Speedhome recognized the potential of leveraging its existing instant messaging channels to promote additional services. With this goal in mind, the company used's Broadcasts Module to deliver targeted promotional messages and upsell services such as Speedreno (its furnishing and renovation service) and Speedfix (a home maintenance service).

This strategic utilization of instant messaging proved highly effective, resulting in a noticeable increase in customer engagement and uptake of these supplementary services.

Assessed Customer Feedback with CSAT Surveys

A month after implementing, Speedhome wanted to determine the effectiveness of customer communication management software for its operations. The property rental platform conducted a CSAT survey with its customers using the’s automation tools.

The CSAT survey resulted in mostly positive feedback from Speedhome’s customers, validating the positive impact of on its business.

“’s flexible Workflows is a great advantage as it enables us to implement changes and adapt to various situations swiftly. The ability to quickly modify our support Workflow has proven extremely useful. As a result, our response times have significantly decreased and we are now able to promptly address more customer messages in the same amount of time. This feature, along with’s reliable messaging capabilities allow us to deliver better customer experiences.” – Choong Kwok Ming, Head of Product, Speedhome

The Results

Since adopting as its customer conversation messaging software, Speedhome has witnessed a remarkable increase in customer engagement and loyalty. The number of monthly returning customers has surged to 56%, while the number of new monthly customers jumped 122% more than they received previously.

Additionally, the CSAT survey conducted by Speedhome yielded an impressive 71% score, highlighting the high level of satisfaction among its customers.

These positive developments demonstrate how leveraging the power of has enabled Speedhome to connect with its customers more effectively and build long-lasting relationships.

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