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Viber Link Generator: How to Get Viber Links for Your Business [July 2023]

George Wong
October 3, 2022

Looking for ways to get customers to speak to you on Viber? The Viber links are the fastest way to accomplish this. All your contacts need to do is tap on a Viber link to launch the Viber app on their devices and initiate a conversation with your business.

If you have no idea how to generate Viber links, read on! We’ll go over its use cases, benefits and how to use’s Viber link generator to create one of your own.

Create a Viber deep link by connecting your account to today!

What Are Viber Links

Viber links are links that enable people to easily find and message your business account on Viber. Contacts who have the app installed on their devices can open a chat window with your business by clicking on a Viber link.

It’s the fastest way to get contacts speaking to you on Viber since there’s no need for users to manually search or input your contact details before they start talking to you.

An image showing what a Viber account link is - launch conversations quickly, it is the shortest official link, and works on mobile or desktop
Uses of Viber deep link

Because it is a deep link, it directs users to the Viber app, instead of a website. This means it will only work on devices that have the Viber app installed as Viber doesn’t have a web version.

Unlike the links for other channels such as Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook, which pull up a browser-based application, Viber links will not load a browser when accessed on a device that doesn’t have the app installed.

Let’s run through the various ways you can use Viber links for higher customer engagement.

Benefits of Viber Link

A Viber chatbot and a messaging inbox that supports Viber, like, an AI-powered customer conversation management software, is the best way to handle your support and sales conversations. This is especially true if you have a large number of inbound messages on Viber for your business.

However, Viber chatbots are not searchable until you agree to their commercial terms, a time-consuming and expensive process. Otherwise, to get contacts to speak to your business, you’ll need to manually share your bot with them using Viber’s invite feature.

Another method is to utilize Viber links, which will be much faster for both parties compared to a manual chatbot invitation.

an image showing the benefits of Viber link to chat. Easy for customers to contact you, can be placed anywhere and easily migrate conversations to Viber
Viber chat link examples: what you can do

Once you have a Viber link, there are many ways you can use it to get customers to speak to you. Put it on your website, blogs, PDFs and social media posts that support links for customers to access.

You can also share the link in text messages on other channels like email, SMS and WhatsApp. For example, by sending Viber links via email to a contact, you can move the conversation to Viber for faster or more informal interactions.

Likewise, convert your Viber links into QR codes, which can be printed on posters, flyers and other physical media. Therefore, users can scan the QR code with their phone’s camera to reach your business.

Now that we know the benefits of the Viber link, let’s learn how to obtain one.

How to Get Viber Link?

In this section, we’ll go over the Viber link that initiates a conversation with your Viber Chatbot. This link is not to be confused with the Viber Channel, Group or Community link, which are obtained differently.

There are two ways to get your Viber link, manually or as a QR code with’s Viber link generator.

How to Get Viber Links Manually

This method involves appending your chatbot username to the Viber deep link.

An image of how to create Viber bot link
How to get Viber link

1. Go to More > Settings > My Bots > Select your Viber bot.

2. Locate the username of your bot under URI.

3. Copy and paste or type your username where it says URI in the following address: viber://pa?chatURI=<URI>. For example, if the bot’s name is grubngomealdelivery, it will be viber://pa?chatURI=grubngomealdelivery.

4. Display this link in websites or advertisements where customers you want to speak to are likely to see it.

This link is also different from personal Viber links, which are used to share personal Viber accounts and not chatbots. Personal Viber links contain phone numbers instead of the bot URI, here’s an example: viber://add?number=1234567890.

For the next method, we’ll use’s built-in generator.

How to Get Viber Links with's Viber Link Generator

Due to Viber links not working on devices without Viber installed, the better alternative is to use QR codes, which are faster and less prone to error. People with Viber installed can easily scan these codes to start talking to you.

That being said, we’ll still show you how you can get your Viber link from our QR code generator. To begin, make sure your Viber account is connected to

An image showing How to create Viber link with’s generator
Create Viber URL link with’s generator

1. Click on the Settings icon in the navigation menu and

2. Select Growth Widgets, followed by Add Widget.

3. Select QR Code and click Create Widget.

An image showing how to get your Viber URL link with generator
Copy your Viber URL link from’s generator

4. Select Viber as the QR code type.

5. Select the connected Viber channel that you want to create the QR code for.

6. Type your greeting message in the pre-filled text. This step is optional. The message will appear in your Contact’s message box when they scan the QR code.

7. Click Generate Widget button to create your QR code with the pre-filled text.

8. Click the Copy icon next to the text under QR Code to get your Viber link. Use this link in websites or advertisements where customers you want to speak to are likely to see it.

For more information on Viber QR codes, check out our complete guide.

With your Viber chatbot connected to, let’s explore the platform’s features which elevate sales and support communication for you and your customers.

Using Viber with is designed for businesses with large teams in mind. Therefore, if you have a large number of inbound messages, contacts on different channels, or require automation and agent-monitoring tools, the platform has what you need and more.

An image showing why you should use Viber with - multi-channel support, automation, and monitor agent performance
Reasons to use Viber with

By connecting your Viber chatbot to the platform, you can offer omnichannel support, set up automation and monitor agents. Let's go through these below.

Offer Multi-channel Support’s multi-channel support lets you reply to all your customers from one platform, regardless of the channel they’re on. With Contact Merge, say goodbye to duplicated contact profiles for contacts with different usernames on multiple channels.

Furthermore, by consolidating customer details and chat history, you’ll never miss out on key info from the previous conversations you’ve had across different channels.

This comes in handy when reaching contacts on channels with strict message windows or high fees for messages outside the window.

A demonstration of Contact Merge
Contact Merge in action

If a messaging window with a contact has closed on another channel, you can resume the chat on Viber if you have their Viber contact details. On the other hand, if a messaging window on Viber has closed, you can use a channel like Telegram to resume it for free.

Additionally, if they prefer to chat on Viber, simply send them a Viber link to restart the chat!

Automate Routine Tasks

Workflows can be used to automate repetitive tasks if you have a lot of contacts reaching out to you on Viber. Are your contacts looking to speak to customer support or the sales team? Automatically route them to the right team and assign them to an available agent.

An image showing an example of customer qualification
Use Workflows to automate repetitive tasks

Use API Integrations with other apps and platforms to exchange information, therefore giving users a better sales or support experience.

  • Qualify contacts with data enrichment tools such as Clearbit
  • Calculate the price quotations for a custom plan during client consultations
  • Generate sales deals in a CRM such as Hubspot or Salesforce
  • Set up a customer escalation process
  • Measure CSAT scores using workflows

Integrations reduce the number of errors that get introduced during the process of reentering data and improve your Agents’ efficiency since there’s no need to leave to use another tool.

Observe and Report

The Comments feature enables you to observe your agents’ conversations and activities on the platform. You can step in at any time to offer answers or suggestions when necessary.

An image showing the Reports Module
Monitor your Agents’ performance

Lastly, the Reports Module lets you evaluate the efficiency of your agents by tracking their first response time, resolution time and more. Analyze and improve both individual and team performance!

Connect your Viber chatbot to! can accomplish a lot more than what’s listed above but these suggestions should give you an idea of where to start. Now that you’re ready to get your own Viber link and communicate with your contacts using, sign up for a free trial!

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