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Welcome Message for Facebook Page: A How-To Guide [April 2022]

Román Filgueira García
Content Writer,
April 22, 2022

The importance of a good first impression can’t be understated. Many businesses know this and engage customers by greeting them first. For this reason, Facebook has added a little feature to recreate this experience on Facebook Pages. In this article, you'll learn about the welcome message for Facebook Page, how it works and how to create your own. Plus, we’ll provide some Facebook Messenger welcome message examples for different occasions.

What is the Facebook Page Greeting Feature?

A Facebook Messenger welcome message is an automated customized greeting that Facebook users can create for their Facebook Pages. On the visitor’s side, these notifications are found in Facebook messages and in the Messenger app.

how to make messenger chat pop up when someone visits your business page?
Welcome message for customers on Facebook Page

Facebook welcome messages have certain restrictions. For instance, Facebook Page admins can only create a single welcome message. And Facebook Page visitors can only see it the first time they visit a Business Page before any message is sent.

Last but not least, the welcome message body is limited to 160 characters. However, having a welcome message for your Facebook Page comes with important benefits:

why use welcome message facebook messenger greeting examples
A few reasons to include a Facebook welcome message on your Facebook Page
  • It makes a good first impression
  • It invites customers to start a conversation with your business
  • It can be used to collect leads
  • It provides visitors with valuable information

We’ve covered what this feature is and why it is useful. Now that you are familiar with it, we’ll run through some Facebook Messenger welcome message examples you can use on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Messenger Welcome Message Examples

There are several ways to write a welcome message for a Facebook Page. While you can’t go wrong with a regular welcome, injecting some creativity into your greeting message will better help you meet your business goals.

Facebook messenger greeting example
Facebook welcome messages for different purposes

We have identified five types of Facebook Messenger greeting examples to help businesses engage with customers and drive their desired actions.

Facebook Welcome Message Examples: General Greetings

This type of Facebook welcome message is intended to show attentiveness to Facebook Page visitors and invite them to share their inquiries. Standard greetings like the ones below are the default choice for many companies.

  1. “👋 Hey there, [First Name]. How can we help you today?”
  2. “Welcome to [Business Name]! 😃 What can we do for you?”
  3. “Hi [First Name of Recipient], it’s good to hear from you. Drop us a question if you have any!”

Facebook Welcome Message Examples: Customer Support

Some companies route Facebook conversations to their support teams. Greeting messages like the ones below set expectations for page visitors in terms of agent availability or response time when seeking customer service.

  1. “Do you have an inquiry? 🤔 Drop it here and we’ll get back to you in the next 30 minutes!”
  2. “Hello [Customer First Name]. Need help with anything? Share your question with us and you’ll get a rapid response from one of our agents.”
  3. “Thanks for visiting [Business name]’s page! Our support agents are available Monday-Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. (GMT+8). Please leave your question here and we will reply as soon as we can.”

Facebook Welcome Message Examples: Special Offers

People usually use social media during their leisure time, which makes them more likely to perform actions that require some time and consideration, such as purchases. This creates a great opportunity for businesses to announce promotions in their Facebook welcome messages.

  1. “🗣It’s CLEARANCE TIME! If you’ve been thinking about buying [Product category], now you can find them at a 50% discount here: [Business Website]”
  2. “Hello [Customer First Name], want to know a secret? Get a $10 coupon with any purchase above $149 in our online store until September 21. Don’t tell anyone, ok? 🤫 [Business Website]”
  3. “First time visitor? Then we have a little gift for you. Enter this code [Code number] on our website and get a welcome present from us!”

Facebook Welcome Message Examples: Lead Capture

Some Page visitors are willing to be contacted by your company, which makes your Facebook Business Page a good place to collect customer data. This can be done with a lead collection message like the ones below.

  1. “Hi, you’ve reached [Business Name]. To get a quotation, please leave your phone number and an agent will get back to you very soon.”
  2. “Glad to see you, [Customer First Name]. If you are interested in our [Product/service], please leave your email address. We’ll guide you through the whole journey.”
  3. “Hello there! If you want quicker, more efficient responses, please share your phone number and we will call you within 1 hour.”

Facebook Welcome Message Examples: Seasonal Messages

Adding a bit of seasonal flavor to your welcome message makes your company look more humane and likable. Plus, some business activities are affected by seasonal events, so it’s always a good idea to keep customers updated.

  1. “🎇It’s that time of the year again, and the Team [Business name] wants to wish you and your loved ones all the best! Need a quick gift? Remember that we deliver any item in less than 24 hours! [Business Website]”
  2. “Hello, [First Name of Recipient]. Christmas is coming, and we all wish to spend some time with our families. Because of that, our replies may take longer than usual. Thanks for understanding, and Merry Christmas!🎅🏻’
  3. “Nothing says I love you, mom like [Product name]. So we have prepared a curated collection, only for Mother’s Day. Available now on our website: [Business Website]”

Now you have a good selection of Facebook Messenger welcome message examples. Let’s jump to the next section, where you’ll learn how to create your own.

Sending a Welcome Message for Facebook Page

Before getting into the step-by-step process, there are certain tips you’ll find quite handy when creating a Facebook Messenger welcome message.

Best Practices for Facebook Page Greetings

While email messaging is usually formal, instant messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger require a simpler, more direct tone. Here are four tips on how to write effective welcome messages for a Facebook page.

Facebook welcome to Facebook message best practices
Four tips to write the best welcome message for Facebook Page
  • Customize your message: Use the tools given by Facebook to compose your message with creativity, as that makes it more impactful.
  • Be conversational: Customers don’t appreciate talking to robots. Make sure your welcome message sounds natural and is straight to the point.
  • Use your brand voice: The welcome message’s tone should be aligned with the company’s voice.
  • Manage expectations: Customers like to know how long they have to wait for an answer. Less than 24 hours will give a better impression than just soon.

With these tips in mind, let us guide you through the process of creating a welcome message for Facebook Business Page.

How to Write a Welcome Message for Facebook Business Page

In order to set up a Facebook Messenger welcome message, you’ll need to be an admin of the Facebook Page. If you meet this condition, then follow these steps:

1. Go to your Facebook Business Page.

How to create a welcome message for new Facebook page
Start by opening your Facebook Business Page

2. Click Settings from the menu on the left of your Page.

How to set up a welcome message for FB page
Find Settings at the bottom of the menu

3. Select Messaging in the left column.

how to set up a welcome to Facebook message
Click on Messaging

4. Switch on the toggle bar next to Show a greeting.

Sample Welcome Message for Facebook Page
You’ll find the toggle bar in the section called Starting a Messenger Conversation

5. Click Change, edit the greeting, then click Save.

How to edit welcome message in Facebook
Compose your message and save the changes

The image above illustrates some of the customization options supported by Facebook greetings, such as including the recipient’s name or a Facebook Page link.

For those looking for more advanced customization in their welcome messages, we recommend using an automation builder like the one powered by

Facebook Page Welcome Message with Workflows offer a new world of possibilities for Facebook Messenger welcome messages. To get started, you’ll need to link your Facebook Page to your account.

As mentioned, Facebook greeting messages are sent the first time somebody visits your page. This, together with Meta’s Handover Protocol, makes things a bit limiting.

<call-out>Warning! Following Meta's latest changes to its Handover Protocol, you can now only have one primary app: either Facebook Page Inbox or a 3rd party inbox like respond. Note that only the primary app will receive incoming messages.<call-out>

Choosing your Facebook Page as the primary app has an important downside. You’ll only be able to reply to Facebook Messenger conversations via 24 hours after the welcome message is sent.

For that reason, we recommend using as the primary app, since you’ll be able to reply to messages without the wait, plus you’ll benefit from a more flexible and advanced automation.

In the Workflow Builder, you can create an automated welcome message that will be sent every time a Facebook Messenger Contact starts a conversation with you. Start by selecting Conversation Open as a Trigger and follow it with a Send a Message Step.

Then, select your Facebook Messenger channel and customize your welcome message with text, files, images, or even Facebook Message Tags. If you choose the latter, be mindful that these should only be used for very specific use cases.

Send a message with Workflows
A welcome message is sent when a Facebook Messenger conversation is opened

The customization options don’t end there. If you want highly engaging messages that address Facebook Messenger Contacts personally, make sure to include Dynamic Variables in the message body.

After the welcome message, there are multiple ways in which you could develop your Workflow. For example, Conversations can be routed to the right Team using different methods. For more info on this topic, here’s our How-To Guide on routing Workflows.

Once Conversations are routed, it’s important that they reach the right Agent. There are several ways to auto-assign Conversations to Agents. Take your agent availability into consideration when designing your assignment strategy.

Instant message on Facebook with
A Workflow that combines welcome messages, Date & Time Steps and Assign to Agent Steps

By default, Facebook messages have a 24-hour messaging window. However, Users can extend it to 7 days by using a Human Agent tag. This tag is useful for Agents who are away for some time, or who need additional time to answer complex inquiries.

To sum up, Facebook welcome messages are easy to set up, and they have the potential to make a memorable impression on Facebook Page visitors. Use them in combination with Workflows for a superior customer experience.

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