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How to Add WhatsApp Chat Button on a Website [July 2023]

Stephanie Yap
March 15, 2023

Are you looking to add a WhatsApp chat button to your website? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share what a WhatsApp chat button is and its benefits for businesses. Finally, we’ll share how to leverage the chat button and provide instructions on how to set it up using

What is WhatsApp Chat Button?

A WhatsApp chat button is a clickable button that appears on a website, allowing customers to start a conversation with a business on WhatsApp.

When a customer clicks on the button, it opens a chat window on their WhatsApp app if they’re using their phones or WhatsApp Web on a desktop, enabling them to send messages to the business.

It can be placed anywhere on a website. The button is also easy to install and use, requiring little to no technical knowledge. Next, we’ll share why it’s beneficial for businesses to add one to their websites.

Benefits of Adding a WhatsApp Chat Button on a Website

Today, it’s crucial for businesses to be easily reachable by consumers. Adding a WhatsApp chat button can enhance accessibility, especially in areas where WhatsApp is widely used.

This is an image that shows the benefits of add whatsapp chat button to website. Whatsapp is the most popualt messaging app and your customers are likely already using it. It's also a convenient channels for customers as it provides fast and convenient way to reach customers. lastly, it helps to boost brand credibility.
Pros of adding website WhatsApp chat button

Here are a few reasons to use a WhatsApp chat buttons to enhance your business communication:

  • Popular messaging app: WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with 2.24 billion users worldwide. Your customers likely already using the app, providing you with a ready audience.
  • Convenient channels for customers: The chat button provides a fast and convenient way for customers to get in touch. This can help improve customer satisfaction, as customers can get the help they need quickly and easily.
  • Boost brand credibility: By creating a WhatsApp business profile, businesses can increase brand trust and credibility by identifying themselves as legitimate businesses.

Now that we’ve learned about some of the key benefits of a WhatsApp chat buttons, we’ll take a look at how businesses can use it for sales and support next.

7 Ways to Use a Chat Button with

Businesses can use WhatsApp chat buttons for sales and support to improve customer engagement, drive sales and provide efficient customer support. Furthermore, it also makes communication easier and improves response times for customer inquiries.

This is an image that shows whatsapp chat button on website html and how to boost your business with it. A chat button helps to generate leads, increase conversations, helps you to respond quickly to customers, analyze customer conversations and improve customer experience.
Chat on WhatsApp button: How to use WhatsApp chat button on website to boost your business

Let’s look at some ways you can use a WhatsApp chat button with to grow your business or build brand loyalty through great customer experiences.

Engage with Customers in Real Time

Firstly, the WhatsApp chat button makes it easy for customers to engage with businesses. With just a click, customers can start a conversation with a business representative in real time, increasing customer satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships.

Generate Leads Easily

WhatsApp is more effective than live chat for lead generation. By obtaining customers' WhatsApp display names and phone numbers, businesses can save the information for remarketing and retargeting, unlike live chat where visitors can remain anonymous.

Increase Conversions

With the chat button, customers can quickly and easily access information about products or services they are interested in. This reduces the time it takes to make a purchase decision, which increases conversion rates and sales.

Resolve Issues Efficiently

Efficient and convenient issue resolution is another benefit. Unlike live chat, customers don't have to remain online to keep the chat going, making WhatsApp a suitable channel for resolving complex problems and improving customer satisfaction.

Send Multimedia Messages

In addition, businesses can leverage the WhatsApp chat button to share multimedia files with customers, such as images and videos. This provides more interactive product and service showcases and helps troubleshoot and resolve issues more effectively.

Analyze Customer Conversations

Subsequently, using WhatsApp with enables businesses to access customer conversation history for tracking and analysis. This helps them build comprehensive customer profiles and segment customers appropriately for targeted broadcasts.

Build Trust and Loyalty

Great customer experiences are essential for building trust and loyalty with customers. It allows businesses to offer quick and personalized responses. This increases the likelihood of repeat customers and referrals, leading to a growing customer base.

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of a WhatsApp chat buttons for different use cases, let’s find out how to set it up using

How to Set Up WhatsApp Chat Button Using

Using the WhatsApp API connected to can be a game-changer for businesses looking to handle high volumes of conversations or scale their teams.’s Workflows can automate sales and support processes, such as pre-chat surveys, lead qualifications and support escalations, saving your team valuable time and resources.

Integrating WhatsApp with CRMs or other existing software in your tech stack can further optimize your business operations.

Additionally, businesses can take advantage of the ability to send WhatsApp broadcasts, making it easy to reach a large audience with targeted messages quickly.

This is an image that shows how to add whatsapp button chat. The process of setting up a WhatsApp chat button with is straightforward. First, connect your WhatsApp API to, then check out our guide for step-by-step instructions to set it up.
How to add WhatsApp chat button on website

Setting up a WhatsApp chat button with is straightforward. First, connect your WhatsApp API to, then follow the steps:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Choose Growth Widgets.

3. Click Add Widget and select WhatsApp Widget.

4. Add your website domains and select which WhatsApp channel you’d like to create a widget for.

5. Click Generate Widget.

Finally, install the script in your website(s). You will be able to start receiving WhatsApp conversations from the chat button immediately.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to improve customer support, drive sales growth or enhance customer engagement, the chat button, combined with’s omnichannel inbox, can take your business to the next level. To get started with a WhatsApp chat button, sign up for a free trial and connect to WhatsApp API now.

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