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Messenger Link: How To Get Facebook Messenger Link [May 2024]

George Wong
September 14, 2022

The Facebook Messenger link is one of the easiest ways to get customers to chat with your business. With just one click on their mobile device or computer, any Facebook user can initiate a Messenger chat with your company.

Although the Facebook Messenger link is a typical URL, it has plenty of useful applications, which we’ll go over in this article. In this article, we will guide you through how to get a Messenger link, its benefits and the advantages of connecting your Facebook account to an AI-powered customer conversation management software like

What Is a Facebook Messenger Link

Essentially an before your username, the Facebook Messenger link is the shortest possible Messenger URL you can get without using a third-party link shortener. When users click on this link, it launches a chat window with your business or Page.

An imagine about the Messenger Link - launch conversations quickly, shortest official URL, works on mobile or desktop
Messenger Link: The fastest way to start a conversation

Facebook Messenger links are not to be confused with Messenger group chat links, which are used to invite people to group chats instead.

Now that we understand what Facebook Messenger links are, let’s go over why businesses should adopt them.

Benefits of the Facebook Messenger Link

The Messenger link offers multiple advantages for businesses, significantly enhancing sales processes. It's a versatile URL that can be embedded in various platforms, including websites, PDFs, and social media posts, enabling seamless lead generation.

You can also share it through email or SMS for more direct communication, guiding contacts to Facebook for quicker, informal interactions that can accelerate sales.

On Facebook, conversations can be managed via multiple channels such as Facebook itself, Facebook Messenger, Meta Business Suite or a centralized messaging inbox like A shared inbox is the best solution for large teams to carry out sales or support conversations.

An image showing the benefits of facebook messenger link - easy for customers to contact you, can be placed anywhere, easily migrate conversations to Facebook.
Benefits of Facebook Messenger link

Additionally, this link can be transformed into a QR code for use in physical marketing materials like posters and flyers. This bypasses the confusion of searching for a Page on Facebook, especially when business names are common or mismatched with Facebook usernames. Ultimately, this allows leads to quickly find and engage with your business.

Importantly, the link supports referral parameters for tracking, allowing you to analyze the effectiveness of different mediums like blogs, videos, or ads. This insight aids in refining strategies, identifying successful content, and adjusting underperforming campaigns, ultimately driving more sales.

Next, we'll guide you on how to obtain a Messenger link for your business.

How to Generate Facebook Messenger Links

There are two methods to get a Facebook Messenger link: Manually on Facebook and if you’re handling your instant messaging channels from, use our nifty link generator!

How to Get Messenger Link Manually

This method can be used to obtain a Messenger link for any Facebook account with a username.

1. Ensure that you have a username for your Facebook Page.

2. Copy and paste or type your Page username after For example

3. Use this link anywhere you want your contacts to reach out to you.

An image showing: Facebook Messenger Link Generator - how you create a link manually
How to get Messenger link: Facebook Messenger link generator

If your Messenger account is linked to, you can use the following method instead.

How to Get Messenger Link with

Generating a Messenger link from is a straightforward process with minimal steps involved.

To get started, navigate to Settings > Growth Widgets. Then, select QR Code and click Create Widget.

An image showing Messenger Link Generator: using to link messenger
Messenger link generator: Using

Under the QR code type, select the channel which you would like to generate the link for, in this case, Facebook Messenger. Then, select the account you’d like to use. This feature is handy if you have multiple Facebook Messenger accounts connected to

an image showing how to generate a messenger link
Generate a Messenger link

A Facebook Messenger link will be displayed under the generated QR code. Click the copy icon next to the URL to store it in your clipboard. Paste this link wherever you wish to share it.’s Messenger link generator uses your Page ID instead of its username to create an URL. Since the Page ID remains the same even when the username is changed, for example, after a rebrand or acquisition, there’s no need to update published links.

Since your Facebook Messenger account is connected to, let’s explore the other things that can be accomplished with the platform.

Using Facebook Messenger with

Although the Facebook app, website and Meta Business Suite are sufficient for smaller businesses to use when it comes to messaging contacts, larger teams will benefit from a specialized messaging platform like

An image showing why use Facebook Messenger with - multiple channel support, workflows support, monitor agent performance
Link Messenger: Why use Facebook Messenger with offers a wide range of tools that help manage conversations effectively and enhance the overall customer experience. For instance, AI Agent takes over routine conversations, allowing businesses to engage with customers instantly and freeing up human agents for more complex conversations.

With features like Workflows, Contact Merge and Reports, makes it easier to manage large teams and communicate with Contacts on multiple channels, including Facebook. Here’s a quick rundown of the above features.

Contact Merge: Your Contacts Consolidated

Contact Merge consolidates customer details and conversation history, eliminating duplication and redundancy. This means if you chat with a Contact on different channels connected to the platform, all their chats with you are visible in the same conversation.

An image showing how contact merge works
Contact Merge eliminates redundancies

And since their chat histories are combined in chronological order, you won’t miss a thing!

Workflows and API Integration: Reduce the Tedium

If your business receives a high amount of inquiries daily, you’ll need to rely on automated messages to greet customers or let them know if you’re away. allows you to do that and more using our Workflows.

Workflows automate the repetitive tasks that Agents face, letting them focus on actual conversations. Contacts looking to speak to customer support or the sales department? Automatically route them to the right team and assign them to an available Agent.

If needed, these Workflows can be launched manually at any point in a conversation.

An example of contact qualification
Qualifying Contacts with Workflows and integrations also allows API integrations with other apps and platforms to exchange information, giving users a better sales or support experience. Here are some of the things that can be accomplished:

  • Qualify contacts with data enrichment tools such as Clearbit
  • Calculate the price quotations for a custom plan during client consultations
  • Generate sales deals in a CRM such as Hubspot or Salesforce
  • Set up a customer escalation process

By utilizing integrations, you reduce the number of errors that are introduced when reentering data. You also improve the efficiency of your Agents since there’s no need to leave the platform.

Reports: Monitor Agent Performance

Ensuring your sales or support team is performing up to par is essential to running a tight ship and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to monitor their performance. Fortunately, has the tools for the job.

an image showing the Reports Module of
Reports to Monitor Agent Performance

In addition to calculating CSAT scores with Workflows, you can use the Reports Module to evaluate your Agents’ efficiency by tracking stats like resolution and first response time. You can also monitor the conversations of your Agents and step in at any time.

Now you know the benefits of using a Facebook Messenger link and powering your business communications with, it’s time to get contacts talking to you! Don’t have a account yet? Sign up for a free trial.

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