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LINE Link: Using LINE Links to Connect with Customers [July 2023]

George Wong
October 21, 2022

If you’re looking for ways to get more customers to chat with you on LINE, a LINE link is one of the fastest ways to achieve that. With one click, LINE links connect customers to your LINE Official Account. Read on to learn about LINE chat links and how to use them well!

What is a LINE Link

A LINE link is designed to direct the contact to connect with the business — by adding the business as a friend and starting a one-on-one chat with them. Using LINE links for your business enables customers to add and message you conveniently.

An image showing what a LINE Link is, use them to share your official account, get customers to message you, and they work best on mobile
What is a LINE link?

Since these links can be easily shared, it is also one of the fastest ways to get into your customers’ contact lists. Now that we know what a LINE link is, let’s run through the benefits of using one.

Benefits of a LINE Link

To prevent spam, LINE Official Accounts can only send messages to customers that have messaged them previously. Customers can only send messages to Official Accounts that they have added as a friend.

If your LINE Official Account is unverified, customers need to manually search for your LINE Official Account ID, a randomly generated string, to find you inside the app. This isn’t feasible because customers usually wouldn't know what the random string is.

For example, the ID assigned to Grub N Go Meal Delivery’s LINE Official Account is @265rssgn. There’s no relation between the ID and the Official Account name, which makes it difficult to remember and enter correctly in a search on LINE.

Alternatively, you can verify your business to make it searchable by name, but this isn’t reliable as only important and notable businesses get verified. The remaining option is to purchase a premium ID, which costs money.

An image showing the benefits of the LINE chat link - easy for customers to contact you, can be placed anywhere, easily migrate conversations to LINE
Benefits of a LINE Official Account link

Fortunately, LINE links make the process of finding and messaging your business more reliable. These links can be shared in text messages, emails, websites or social media, enabling customers to quickly find your Official Account to chat with you on LINE.

Once a user has added your account as a friend on LINE, you can send them a message at any time. Do keep in mind the messaging fees of your LINE Official Account subscription.

LINE links are also easy to obtain since you can generate them with the Official Account Manager or a third-party service like However, there are some things you need to know about LINE links before using them.

Limitations of LINE Links

Because LINE was built with a mobile-first experience in mind, these links are sorely lacking when it comes to the desktop experience. LINE links work best on mobile devices that have the LINE app installed.

LINE links aren’t very useful if users open them on a desktop. When users click on LINE links on their desktop, it will either open the official LINE website or pull up a page with a QR code for mobile devices to scan.

The links do not interact with the LINE desktop app even if it is installed. And unlike Telegram or Facebook, there is no web version of LINE that you can use to chat on the channel.

When accessing LINE links on a mobile device with LINE installed, they load up the Official Account profile on the app or directly open a chat window with the Official Account.

The best way for your customers to use LINE links will be with a mobile device that has the LINE app installed. It’s most effective in regions where LINE is popular since customers would already have it installed on their phones.

How to Get a LINE Link

There are three ways to get your LINE link, using the LINE Official Account Manager app or website, or with’s LINE link generator.

Depending on the platform you manage your LINE Official Account from, use the method most convenient for you.

LINE Official Account App

The LINE Official Account app on mobile devices generates a LINE link to lead users to your Official Account profile.

An image showing how to use the Official Account app LINE link generator to generate your link
LINE chat link: using the Official Account app LINE link generator

1. Tap the Home icon.

2. Tap Gain friends > Link.

3. Select Copy link.

Use this link in messages, websites, social media and customer touch points.

LINE Official Account Manager

If you’re on your computer and manage your LINE Official Account from a web browser, you can use this method to generate your LINE link.

An image showing how to get line link with official account manager
How to get LINE chat link with Official Account Manager

1. Click Home.

2. Click Gain friends > “Add friend” tools.

3. Click Create a URL.

4. Click Copy.

Use this link in messages, websites, social media and customer touch points to lead your customers to your Official Account profile in LINE. Next, let’s go over how to get a LINE link using’s LINE Link Generator

Generating a LINE link from is a straightforward process with minimal steps involved.

To get started, navigate to Settings > Growth Widgets. Then, select QR Code and click Create Widget.

an image showing how to use generator
Generate LINE chat link with

Under QR code type, select the channel which you would like to generate the link for, in this case LINE. Then, select the account you’d like to use. This is especially useful if you have multiple LINE accounts connected to

Generate a LINE link

A LINE link will be displayed under the generated QR code. Click the copy icon next to the URL to store it in your clipboard. Paste this link wherever you wish to share it.

While is useful for creating LINE links, it can do so much more once you’ve connected your Official Account to the platform. In the next section, we’ll explore these features.

Using LINE with

In addition to being able to generate LINE links, offers many features to elevate your sales and support experience on LINE, especially if you have a large business and teams of agents to handle customer messages.

An image showing the features you get when you link line official account to
Features gained when you link LINE Official Account with

Let’s go over the features you gain when your LINE account is connected to

Multichannel Communication

If customers in your business region are also on other popular channels such as Telegram or Facebook, or traditional channels like email and webchat, you can reply to all of them from one platform.

With Contact Merge, your customer details and chat history can be consolidated, ensuring you don’t miss any key information from your conversations, even if they take place across different channels.

An image showing how Contact Merge works
How Contact Merge works

If you don’t want to exceed your LINE message quota for the month, you can contact customers on another channel like Telegram, if you have their contact details.

Automation, Workflows and API Integrations

Workflows can be used to automate repetitive tasks such as routing to the right team and assigning your customers to available agents.

An image showing workflows and API integrations in action
Use Workflows and API Integrations to qualify your customers

Use API Integrations with other apps and platforms to exchange information, therefore giving users a better sales or support experience.

Reduce the number of errors that can be introduced when reentering data and improve your agents’ efficiency since there’s no need to leave to utilize other tools.

Observation and Reporting Tools

Monitor your agents’ performance and answer queries with the Comments feature to step in when necessary.

An image showing’s Reports Module’s Reports Module in action

Using the Reports Module, you can track agent performance to see how fast they are responding to and resolving customer conversations.


Now you know all about LINE links and how to get one, it’s time to put it out there for your customers to get in touch with you. If you don’t have a account yet, be sure to sign up for a free trial!

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