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Telegram Link Generator: How to Get a Link [Jan 2024]

George Wong
September 28, 2022

Looking for ways to get new customers talking to you on Telegram? You’ve come to the right place. In this first-hand guide, we’ll show you how to generate a Telegram Link (also known as a link) using our Telegram link generator and explore its benefits.

In addition, we’ll go over some of the effective ways you can utilize Telegram links and why you should connect your Telegram account to an AI-powered customer conversation management software like Ready? Read on!

Use's Telegram Link Generator to create your Telegram Link

What is a Telegram Link

Telegram links let people contact your business without knowing your phone number. It comprises your username and a link. Like Facebook Messenger links, a Telegram link is the shortest official URL you can get for your profile.

The links open a Telegram page with buttons to initiate a chat session with your business, depending on the user’s Telegram Web logged-in state.

an image showing what telegram links are. use them to launch conversations quickly, they're the shortest official url for your profile, and they work on mobile or desktop
Telegram URL link: Why you should generate Telegram link or link

If the user is not logged into Telegram Web, the webpage will show a single Send Message button. Additionally, this button opens a chat window with your business in the Telegram app as long as it’s installed on their phone or computer.

If the user is logged into Telegram Web, an additional Open In Web button will be present. This button opens a chat window with your business on Telegram Web. Either way, both buttons launch a chat window with your business for the user to message you.

What is a telegram link? an image showing how to use Telegram links
How to use Telegram links

Do note that if Telegram is not installed on the user’s device, clicking the Send Message button will do nothing and if the user isn’t logged in to Telegram Web, the Open in Web won’t appear.

Next, we’ll discuss the benefits of the Telegram link.

Benefits of the Telegram Link

Telegram links prevent issues that may occur when contacts look for you on the channel. For example, if your business name is different from your username or other businesses have names similar to yours, Telegram links eliminate any confusion in finding you.

Embed these Telegram links anywhere! Since they’re regular URLs, you can place them on your website, in blogs, PDFs and social media posts that support links.

You can share Telegram links on other channels like email, SMS and WhatsApp. For example, by sending a Telegram link via email to a contact, you can move the conversation to Telegram for faster or more informal interactions. To convert offline traffic into Telegram contacts, generate a Telegram QR code.

Here are some benefits of using Telegram Link
Generate Telegram link or link for the following benefits

When the conversation is on Telegram, you can chat via the Telegram app, Telegram Web or a central messaging inbox like, the best solution for large teams to carry out sales and support conversations.

Turn Telegram links into QR codes and print them on posters, flyers and other physical media. Users may then scan the QR code with their phone’s camera to reach your business.

In the following section, we’ll explain how you can obtain a Telegram link.

How to Generate Telegram Link

There are two ways for you to get a Telegram link, manually or by using's convenient Telegram link generator.

Generate Telegram Link Manually

The first method requires you to manually add your Telegram bot’s username to the address.

how to get link - simply insert your username after
How to get link manually

1. Find your Telegram username, which is in your profile settings, or your bot’s username by using the BotFather.

2. Copy and paste the username of your profile or your bot after For example

3. Display this link in convenient locations.

If you’re not a fan of the URL, you can generate your Telegram link with one of the following addresses. These links function identically with the only difference being the addresses themselves. Simply replace username with your own:


Next, we’ll go over’s convenient Telegram link generator.

Telegram Link Generator by

Generating a Telegram link from is a straightforward process with minimal steps involved.

To get started, navigate to Settings > Growth Widgets. Then, select QR Code and click Create Widget.’s Telegram link generator’s Telegram link generator

Under QR code type, select the channel which you would like to generate the link for, in this case Telegram. Then, select the account you’d like to use. This is especially useful if you have multiple Telegram accounts connected to

Use's Telegram Link Generator
Telegram link generator: Generate a Telegram link

A Telegram link will be displayed under the generated QR code. Click the copy icon next to the URL to store it in your clipboard. Paste this link wherever you wish to share it.

Like with the manually generated link, you can replace the link with one of the following addresses. These links function identically with the only difference being the addresses themselves. Simply replace username with your own:


In the following section, we’ll go over getting Telegram links for your Group or Channel.

Telegram Group and Channel Links

In addition to linking to your personal or bot Telegram account, Telegram links can point your contacts to any groups or channels you may have. Follow these instructions to get your Telegram Group or Channel links.

Generate a Telegram Group Link

In order to get a personalized Telegram link for your group, you need to change it to a public group. Since groups are private by default, use the following steps.

An image showing how to generate Telegram group link
Telegram link generator: How to get a Telegram group link

1. Open the group you wish to generate a link for.

2. Click the group name.

3. Click the edit icon.

4. Select Group Type.

5. Select Public Group.

6. Enter a name for your group after, for example, GrubNGoGroup will be

7. Use this link to invite new members to your group.

Obtaining a channel link is a very similar process.

Generate a Telegram Channel Link

Like Telegram groups, your channel needs to be public to get a custom Telegram link.

An image showing how to Generate Telegram Channel Link
How to get a Telegram channel link

1. Open the channel you wish to generate a link for.

2. Click the channel name.

3. Click the edit icon.

4. Click Channel Type.

5. Select Public Channel.

6. Enter a name for your channel after, for example, GrubNGoChannel will be

7. Use this link to invite new members to your channel.

Next, we’ll go over the benefits of connecting your Telegram bot to

Benefits of Using Telegram with

For businesses with a high volume of conversations, there will be a point when a few employees aren’t enough to handle all the incoming messages. You’ll want teams of agents in charge of responding to your customers.

an image showing the benefits of using telegram with - multiple channel support, automation, and monitor agent performance
Telegram link generator: Benefits of connecting Telegram to

By using a Telegram bot and an inboxing service like, you can do the above and more. is a platform that offers multi-channel support, automation and agent-monitoring tools to increase the efficiency of your sales and support teams.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can accomplish using the platform.

Multi-Channel Support: Reach Contacts on All Connected Channels

With's multichannel support, you’ll be able to respond to all your customers from one platform, regardless if they contact you from Telegram or other connected channels.

Using Contact Merge, consolidate customer details and conversation history to remove duplicates from your contact list. This way, you won’t have to deal with separate contact profiles for the same person with different usernames or emails across various channels.

a demonstration of Contact Merge’s Contact Merge feature

If your merged contacts have messaged you on Telegram before, you can message them anytime afterward since Telegram has no messaging window. This is handy when messaging windows for other channels have closed before a chat is resolved.

Since you’ll have their combined chat histories in chronological order, you won’t miss any key information.

Workflows and API Integration: Automate Your Interactions

If you have a lot of contacts reaching out to your business on Telegram, Workflows can be used to automate repetitive tasks. Beyond the usual greeting or away messages, automatically route your contacts to the right team and assign them an available Agent.

Are Contacts looking to chat with customer support or sales? Send them to the right department before your Agents are involved. This way, your Contacts are immediately connected to someone who can address their needs.

an example of customer qualification
Qualifying contacts using Workflows and API integrations also has API integrations with other apps and platforms to allow information exchange between them, expanding its sales and support capabilities. For example, you can carry out the following:

  • Qualify contacts with data enrichment tools such as Clearbit
  • Calculate the price quotations for a custom plan during client consultations
  • Generate sales deals in a CRM such as Hubspot or Salesforce
  • Set up a customer escalation process
  • Measure CSAT scores using Workflows

By utilizing integrations, you reduce the number of errors that are introduced when reentering data. You also improve the efficiency of your Agents since there’s no need for them to leave the platform to use another tool.

Reports: Monitor Agent Performance

It’s one thing to have all the tools at your disposal but are they being used effectively?’s Reports Module provides you with insights into how well your Agents are communicating with your Contacts.

improve how your teams work by monitoring their performance using
Monitor Agent performance on

Lastly, using the Reports Module, evaluate the efficiency of your Agents by tracking their first response time, resolution time and more. With these metrics, you can analyze and improve both individual and team performance.

You also have the option to observe your agents’ conversations and step in at any time if needed. Don’t leave your customers waiting for a reply!

Generate a link by connecting your Telegram account to

To sum up, now that you know the benefits of Telegram links and connecting your Telegram account to, it’s time to take your conversations to the next level. Don’t have a account yet? Sign up for a free trial.

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