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WhatsApp Number Migration: A How-to Guide

Román Filgueira
July 5, 2023

If you're looking to seamlessly migrate your existing WhatsApp phone number to, you've come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of WhatsApp Business migration to, as well as the requirements. Finally, you’ll also find a summary of how to carry out the migration of your WhatsApp number.

WhatsApp Number Migration to Benefits

Businesses typically get WhatsApp API access from a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP). There are two types of BSP: Those that just provide access to the WhatsApp API — which doesn’t have an interface — and those that offer the WhatsApp API with a messaging inbox and a variety of features.

When unsatisfied with their current WhatsApp BSP, businesses often migrate their WhatsApp phone number to a new BSP.

Businesses migrate their WhatsApp phone number for a number of reasons, the most popular ones being reliability, pricing and customer support quality. Sometimes, they are looking for a BSP with specific features like flexible integrations, an automation builder or a comprehensive reports module.

Whether you are a WhatsApp Cloud API user or you’re getting WhatsApp API access through a BSP, migrating your WhatsApp phone number to the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) is the right choice. We discuss why in this section.

Higher Reliability

To provide a satisfactory customer experience, it is essential to choose a BSP with high platform uptime. Because has been purpose-built to handle high conversation volumes, platform uptime is famously high when compared to other BSPs.

Uninterrupted service ensures that customer-facing agents can give customers get the attention they need.

If your customer messaging platform is frequently down, it will have a negative impact on your customer conversations. For example, you won’t be able to reply to leads immediately, causing them to lose interest in your business.

This image shows why migrate phone number to for higher reliability
WhatsApp number migration to Higher reliability

Additionally, not being able to send essential updates on time can be problematic for customers with pressing issues and can affect your customer retention. WhatsApp Business API is hosted in Meta’s cloud servers. Thanks to that, new WhatsApp updates and features reflect instantly in and users also enjoy fast message delivery rates.

Now that we have discussed reliability, let’s see how competitive is in terms of cost.

High-value Proposition

When migrating your WhatsApp phone number to another WhatsApp BSP, choose one that makes the most of your budget. For starters, keep in mind that you’ll also need a WhatsApp API messaging inbox. includes an omnichannel inbox for convenience and great value.

Beware of certain WhatsApp BSP pricing practices. Some BSPs act as barely more than brokers, providing little value on top of WhatsApp API access while adding their own charges.

This image shows why carry out migration of WhatsApp Business to Beware of certain WhatsApp BSP pricing practices. Some BSPs act as barely more than brokers, providing little value on top of WhatsApp API access while adding their own charges. offers a high-value proposition, as it doesn't apply its own charges, only WhatsApp fees.
WhatsApp business migration to High-value proposition

Some of these charges include WhatsApp API setup, hosting or per-message fees. None of these charges apply to Businesses will only incur WhatsApp conversation charges.

While pricing is important, you might face blockers when migrating your WhatsApp phone number or using WhatsApp later on if your BSP does not provide proper customer support.

Excellent Customer Support

Understanding WhatsApp API to its fullest is challenging, and it's likely that your company’s teams may encounter situations where they need assistance. To make things smooth, select a WhatsApp BSP with high-quality customer support that can escalate issues directly to Meta on your behalf if necessary.’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Arabic and simplified Chinese. The support team has direct access to Meta’s customer support, and can liaise with them on your behalf for more complex issues.

This image shows why start WhatsApp chat migration to’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday in multiple languages including English, Arabic and simplified Mandarin Chinese. The support team has direct access to Meta’s customer support, guaranteeing that there’s a solution for more complex issues.
WhatsApp Business API number migration to Excellent customer support

Plus, the Enterprise plan comes with a dedicated customer success manager to help you meet your business goals and ensure you have a smooth WhatsApp API experience. Migrating to another BSP does not have to disrupt your business operations. We explain why in the next point.

WhatsApp Number Migration: Zero Impact on Your Conversations, Workflows and Broadcasts

One of the reasons why businesses are reluctant to migrate their WhatsApp phone numbers is the potential loss of their ongoing conversations, Workflows automation and broadcasts.

This is not an issue for existing users who are merely switching their WhatsApp BSPs to After migrating your phone number to the WhatsApp Business Platform (API), you can retain any open conversation windows.

For instance, if you had an ongoing conversation with a contact while using WhatsApp 360dialog, the window will remain accessible when you transition to
Migrating your number will not reset the 24-hour customer service window, so the remaining time will continue to apply.

This image shows what is the use of number migration to One of the reasons is convenience — After migrating your phone number to the WhatsApp Business Platform (API), you can retain any open conversation windows.
WhatsApp number migration to Convenience

Similarly, the broadcasts and automation previously configured for your former BSPs will be automatically reconfigured to function with your newly connected WhatsApp Channel. This applies to BSPs supported by and any other BSP.

Next, we’ll introduce you to the main features businesses are looking for when migrating to

Advanced Features for WhatsApp Business API

Among others, these are the main reasons why businesses migrate their WhatsApp phone number to An omnichannel inbox, automation builder, Reports Module and flexible WhatsApp integrations.

This image shows why start migration of WhatsApp business to Omnichannel inbox, an automation builder, Reports Module and flexible integrations among others.
WhatsApp Business migration to Access to advanced features

Let’s go through all of them and see how they benefit your business.

Consolidate All Messaging Channels in One Platform

By migrating to, you can manage all your WhatsApp conversations and accounts in one platform. This includes managing your WhatsApp fees.

While WhatsApp is widely used globally, your customers probably use other messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, Google Business Messages or traditional channels like SMS and email.

To provide consistent customer experience and increase agent efficiency, bring all your customer communication channels under a single omnichannel messaging inbox.

With’s omnichannel inbox and its ability to recognize returning contacts on any channel, you can consolidate all customer interactions across Channels into a single profile and conversation thread.

Simplify Operations with an Automation Builder

One of the main advantages of using WhatsApp API is the possibility to build automation to reduce human input on business operations. However, you’ll need to rely on a third-party automation builder, as by default, WhatsApp API does not include one.

With’s Workflows, you can build WhatsApp API automation to reduce agent load, increase efficiency and minimize human error. Workflows are highly customizable and can be used for multiple purposes such as:

And more! To get an easy start on Workflows, consider using Workflow templates.

Gain Valuable Insights with the Reports Module

Analyzing conversational data is key to better understanding your business’s strengths and shortcomings. With the right analytics tool, you’ll be able to identify areas for improvement and design effective strategies to give customers the best assistance through WhatsApp.

The Reports Module features nine tabs with metrics, tabs and listings displayed in a user-friendly way. That’s not all: Each tab has its own set of filters for in-depth analyses. Finally, you can download reports as CSV files for later reference.

Integrate with Other Popular Apps

To manage WhatsApp contacts and conversations at scale, you probably rely on WhatsApp CRMs, data banks and other third-party software designed for medium and large companies. facilitates the integration of WhatsApp API with your customer platforms of choice. For example, use Workflows to create HTTP requests that create or update WhatsApp contacts on HubSpot.

If you’re a Zapier or user, know that has native integration with both platforms. Use them to integrate with thousands of apps without coding. Now that you’re familiar with the benefits that brings as a BSP, let’s see how WhatsApp phone number migration works.

WhatsApp Number Migration to How Does it Work?

In this section, we’ll cover three important topics to get you started with WhatsApp phone number migration.

We’ll start by explaining what WhatsApp Business Account attributes will be migrated. Then, we’ll cover the migration requirements. Finally, we’ll give you a rundown of the migration process.

WhatsApp Business Migration to What Will Be Migrated?

Migrations don’t happen on a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) level, but a phone number level. If you have two phone numbers under your WhatsApp Business Account, you can migrate just one phone number to at a time.

To manage all your WhatsApp conversations and accounts in one place, just migrate all phone numbers in your WABA to

This image shows the WhatsApp attributes you can migrate to with WhatsApp migration: Display name, phone number quality rating, messaging limit, WhatsApp business account status and high-quality message templates.
Migration of WhatsApp Business number: Attributes you can migrate

Besides the WhatsApp phone number, there are some other WhatsApp attributes you can transfer from your current BSP to WhatsApp Business Platform (API).

These attributes are display name, phone number quality rating, messaging limit, Official Business Account status and approved high-quality message templates. You won’t be able to migrate low-quality, rejected or pending message templates.

The following section is especially important, as we’ll establish the groundwork for a successful migration process.

WhatsApp Business Migration to Prerequisites

To make the migration process as smooth as possible, be aware of the WhatsApp and requirements before starting.

  • You must have admin access to your Meta Business Manager account
  • Your WhatsApp number two-step verification is turned off in Meta Business Manager
  • You’ve disabled interactive voice responses and other automatic greetings on the phone number you are migrating
  • Finally, your browser pop-ups are enabled

You can migrate your phone number to WhatsApp Business Platform (API) from any other WhatsApp BSP, regardless of whether it is listed as a WhatsApp Channel on

WhatsApp business migration to Prerequisites

While you also need a WhatsApp Business Account connected to, you’ll have the choice to create one during the migration process. If you don’t own one, just make sure you don’t skip that step to guarantee a successful migration.

If you meet these requirements, you can migrate your WhatsApp phone number to WhatsApp Business API in minutes.

WhatsApp Business Migration to An Overview

To get started, open, click the Settings Module and then the Channels Setting. Next, find the WhatsApp API Channel you want to migrate and click the blue button that says Migrate to A series of pop-ups will guide you through the whole process.

WhatsApp phone number migration can be summarized in three general steps. Firstly, select or create a new WhatsApp Business Account. Secondly, provide the phone number you want to migrate. Lastly, verify the phone number with a one-time password.

Migration can be summarized in three steps: Select a Business Account, provide the phone number to migrate and verify your phone number.
Migration of WhatsApp business number to step-by-step

For additional information, visit’s Help Center to get a detailed guide on how to migrate your WhatsApp phone number.

That’s all you need to know about WhatsApp phone number migration to If you don’t have a WhatsApp API account yet, try for free and get a WhatsApp API account in minutes.

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