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LINE Broadcast: How to Broadcast LINE Messages

George Wong
Content Writer,
August 10, 2022

Planning to use LINE broadcast messages to reach thousands of customers? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll explore broadcasting, the benefits of using a LINE Official Account and sending a broadcast message with LINE Official Account Manager and!

What is Broadcast Messaging?

Broadcast messaging or bulk messaging is a method of delivering information to many recipients simultaneously. Businesses use broadcast messages to keep their contacts updated about store closures, unexpected delays, upcoming promotions and more.

Broadcasting was primarily carried out on channels like email and SMS but these days, bulk messaging via instant messaging is becoming more popular.

SMS messages have limited characters, no rich media and geographical restrictions, while emails tend to be ignored or sent to spam. Instant messaging channels like LINE Official Account, Telegram or Viber solve these issues and provide added benefits.

Messaging apps on everyone’s phones and push notifications mean businesses get their contacts’ attention immediately. With video and image support making messages more engaging, it’s easy to see why their open rates are a 600% improvement over emails!

Next, we’ll go over the reasons why we would use LINE Official Accounts over other channels for broadcasting.

LINE Broadcast Message: Why Use LINE Official Account?

With so many instant messaging channels in the market to choose from, what makes LINE Official Account stand out?

An image showing why you should send broadcast with LINE. Popular in ID, JP, TW and TH, message contacts any time, and supports rich content.
Why you should send LINE bulk messages

Here are the benefits of using a LINE Official Account to broadcast:

  • With over 182 million monthly active users globally, LINE has high usage in certain regions such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. If your audience uses LINE as their primary messenger, it would be the wisest choice.
  • LINE lets businesses of any size create LINE Official Accounts to communicate with their contacts
  • You can send broadcast messages at any time to contacts who have added you as a friend on your LINE Official Account
  • Broadcast messages can have different types of content such as images, videos and more. Interesting content is better at capturing your audience’s attention while increasing the chances of them responding or taking action.

Next up, let’s go over some things you should know about the channel before you start using it to send broadcasts.

What You Should Know About LINE Broadcast Message

Like other business messaging channels, you won’t be able to import existing contacts to your LINE Official Account. You will need to build up your contact list by getting contacts to add you as a friend and send you the first message.

Fortunately, LINE has tools and features like chat links, QR codes, website buttons, in-app search and LINE ads to make getting new contacts easier. QR codes are great for physical locations like retail stores, while chat links can be used on online platforms.

When a contact scans your QR code or clicks on a chat link with their phone, they are brought to your LINE Official Account inside the LINE app. On desktop, chat links send them to a page with a QR code which they can scan with the LINE app on their phone.

A table showing the different LINE Official Account subscription plans in different regions
The different LINE Official Account subscription plans according to region

Likewise, website buttons work exactly like chat links, with the added benefit of the familiar LINE green branding. In-app search allows customers to find you from within the app, and LINE ads put you on the feeds of your target audiences.

While it’s free to create a LINE Official Account, the accounts have different limits based on the region they are created in. Each account has a set amount of free messages that are renewed monthly.

Free plan accounts have to strictly adhere to this messaging limit since they don’t have the option of paying for additional messages without upgrading to a higher tier. Paid plan accounts can exceed their limits with fees imposed for each extra message sent.

Different Ways to Send a LINE Broadcast Message

There are two ways for businesses to send a LINE broadcast — through the LINE Official Account Manager or by connecting their LINE Official Account Messaging API to a central inboxing service like

Here’s a quick table showing the differences between the two. We’ll elaborate further below:

A table showing the difference between LINE Official Account manager vs LINE Official Account messaging API
LINE Official Account Manager vs LINE Official Account Messaging API

There are pros and cons to using either method, depending on your business and use cases. However, using one doesn’t prevent you from using the other, so you can use either method based on your needs.

Sending LINE Broadcasts with LINE Official Account Manager

LINE Official Account Manager is the most straightforward way to send broadcasts and it is suitable for small businesses that don’t have large teams or need advanced automation for everyday processes.

It allows you to send all LINE-supported content as a broadcast message, including coupons, stickers, card messages, rich messages and surveys, in addition to the standard text, video, image and sound.

LINE also provides read receipts inside the LINE Official Account Chat Console, so you know when your customers have opened and read your messages. Additionally, it is free to use, excluding the fees you pay for your upgraded LINE Official Account plan.

Sending LINE Broadcasts with LINE Official Account Messaging API on

LINE Official Account Messaging API on is the best way to send broadcasts for bigger businesses with large teams. provides you with additional tools beyond the typical permissions settings found in the LINE Official Account Manager.

With, you can route and assign contacts who respond to your broadcasts. During times when agent responsiveness is crucial, like right after an important update, agent performance can be tracked to show how fast chats are responded to and resolved. also has versatile Workflow support to help free up manpower and resources for your business. Repetitive and menial tasks such as greeting customers or displaying menus for them to select how to proceed can be accomplished automatically.

The contact tagging feature lets you segment audiences according to any criteria, so you can be as granular as you like when sending targeted broadcasts. For instance, tag contacts who speak a particular language so you know to message them in that language.

An image showing why you should use LINE API broadcast on
Why you should use LINE Official Account Messaging API

Another way to use Tags is to tag contacts according to their area of residence. This way, you can send them messages with information specific to their location, such as unexpected store closures in their neighborhood.’s killer feature is its multi-channel support. In countries where your contacts are spread across different instant messaging apps, broadcast to them on one or more channels from a single platform.

If those sound like features that your business can take advantage of, by all means, try them out on with our free 14-day trial!

How to Send Broadcasts with a LINE Official Account

Since we know the uses and limitations of broadcasting from the Official Account Manager and the Messaging API with the platform, let’s learn how to send broadcast messages.

How to Send a LINE Broadcast Message with LINE Official Account Manager

The LINE Official Account Manager is the platform you want to use when you need to send LINE-exclusive content like stickers and coupons. While you have limited options when it comes to automation and multi-user support, it’s straightforward to use.

First, log in to your LINE Official Account. Once you’ve logged in, choose the account you want to broadcast from.

1. Click Home, then New broadcast.

How to Broadcast Message in LINE
Select New broadcast from the Home tab

2. Select your recipients. Take note this feature is only available to accounts from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan or Indonesia with over 100 followers.

How to Broadcast in LINE
Choose your recipients to broadcast to

3. Select the Send now option or input the date and time if you want to schedule your broadcast.

how to send bulk messages in LINE
Select a date and time for the broadcast

4. Select publish to LINE VOOM (a timeline for your official account), set the maximum broadcast volume (if you don’t want to hit your message limit) or use A/B testing (to figure out which type of message will do better) if you wish.

how to create broadcast message in LINE

5. Insert up to three types of content into your message. Choose from text, sticker, photo, coupon, rich message, rich video message, video, voice message, surveys or card-based message.

how to create broadcast in LINE
Enter the contents of your broadcast

6. Inspect the preview on the bottom right to see how the message will appear on your audience’s devices.

sending a bulk message
Choose to Send or Schedule the broadcast once it’s complete

7. Save the message as a draft, send it as a test message, or send the broadcast.

bulk message line with the LINE Official Account Manager
Check the status of your messages here

If you choose the scheduling option in Step 3, the button text changes to Schedule broadcast. Clicking the button will add the message to the Broadcast list, where it will be sent out at the scheduled date or time. You can also delete or unschedule messages here.

How to Send a LINE Broadcast Message with Line Official Account Messaging API on

Before you can broadcast with the LINE Official Account Messaging API on, you’ll have to create a LINE Official Account and connect your LINE Official Account Messaging API to Next, from the Broadcast Module, do the following:

1. Click on Add Broadcast.

Using line bot broadcast
Locate the Add Broadcast button on the top left of the Broadcast Module

2. Select your LINE Official Account for Broadcast Channel in the window that pops up.

line bot bulk message with
Choose your LINE Official Account from the Broadcast Channel list

3. Fill in the Broadcast Name. Use something meaningful since it will be for identification purposes.

line API broadcast. select line broadcast channel
Enter the name of your broadcast

4. Select your target audience.

send line broadcast with
Select your target audience

5. Click Add Content. You can add multiple types of content to a single broadcast: Text Message, Multiple Choice and File or Image.

Select the type of content for your message

6. Enter the name of a test account in the Test Broadcast field then click Send Test Broadcast. This allows you to see what the message will look like before disseminating it. Repeat the above steps to edit and test the message until you are satisfied.

use as a bulk sender line
Test your broadcast before sending it out

7. Select Send Now to broadcast the message immediately or Send Later to schedule it for a later date or time.

Select the date and time if you’re scheduling your broadcast

8. Click Send Broadcast or Schedule Broadcast once you confirm the message and schedule.

Hit Send Broadcast to send it out

You now know how to send a LINE Official Account broadcast! Next, the following section will cover the remaining feature of the Broadcast Module, statuses.

How to Check the Status of Your LINE Broadcast Message On

You can check the status of your broadcast messages from the Broadcast Module. By default, it is on the Calendar view, which gives you an overview of all broadcasts that have been sent or scheduled so far.

Click the left and right arrows to scroll through the months, while clicking on a broadcast name will show you its details and give you the option to clone it.

A scheduled view is a list view of any upcoming broadcast messages. From here, you can edit, clone or delete broadcasts before they are sent out.

an image showing broadcast schedule on
Clockwise from Left - Calendar view, Scheduled view, History view

The History view lists all broadcast messages that have been sent out. On this page, you can view previous broadcasts in addition to cloning them for modification or sending them out again.

Now that we’ve gone through all of LINE Official Account’s broadcasting capabilities on, you can disseminate bulk messages to your contacts with ease. If you haven’t signed up for a account yet, we have a free trial for you to start off with. also supports handling multiple channels from the same platform, so if you want to broadcast on other instant messengers, check out our Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp broadcast guides!

Further reading

Finally, if this article was useful to you and you’d like to learn more about the LINE Official Account, here are some additional resources:

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